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ALBRIGHT - November 2012

I'm looking for the maiden name of Jessica Albright, married to Frederick Albright, he was born December 1881. I think they were farmers in Polk County and moved to Jackson county in the 1920s. One of their sons was Frank. Any info on this family would be very useful. Thank you, Jerry.

UPDATE FROM JERRY: Thanks to distant cousin Marilyn, my tree is growing, Frederick and Jessica's children are Ellis (Jessica's maiden name), Forbes, Roy, James, Francois, and Milo.


Seeking the burial locations of Lyman Ballard (1798-1886) and his wife Lucy (Mears) Ballard (1802-1883), who died in Maquoketa, Jackson Co, Iowa. Thank you, C. Kunz email at treetracer@charter.net

Harriet Jane Bender
I am researching a Harriet Jane Bender, born 21 January, 1867, in Sabula, Iowa. Her parents were Henry and Sarah Harriman Bender.
Would like to find any documentation of Harriet's birth or of her parents presence during that time frame.
[G.K. 06/28/2018]

BLEZEK - March 2015

I'm looking for the obits for Josph Blezek (maybe Blizek), died 8 January, 1880 and his wife, Rose (or Rosa), who died after Josph but before the 1885 census. It is believed Josph was buried in the Holy Trinity Church Cemetery. I was told to contact the Sacred Heart Church but they said their records went back only to 1913. The Archives Dept. at the Dubuque Archdiocese said they didn't have any Holy Trinity records. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jon.


BOWLING - March 2013

Looking to find info of the farm George Bowling lived on in Otter Creek Township. He was born in 1870 in Iowa, he was on the 1910 1915 and 1920 cenus, he was a farmer but I can't find him on a plat map, was he a renter? Which farm did he live on? (J.R.) Please send response to Jackson County host.

Hiram Brisbin
Looking for information on Hiram Brisbin, came to Iowa in a covered wagon, settled in Jackson County.
[I.K. 06/12/2018]

BROWN - July 2014

Looking for Brown family settled in Lowell/Maqouketa in 1840's. Brown family members included: Philemon, Betsey, Joshua, Lydia, Roda, John. Other related families were Metcalfs, Johnsons, Woods and Blue. Moved to Kansas in mid 1850's.
Query from M.T.

REPLY: August 2014. From census records which aren't always accurate, Philemon was born around 1810 in Kentucky, his wife Elizabeth was born in Ohio around 1814. In 1840 they were living in Lewis, Brown County, Ohio with four children.
- The earliest record from Jackson County was their land office transaction on March 1, 1848. Both husband and wife were included in their purchase of 40 acres - Philemon and Elizabeth Brown. Philemon died during the late 1840's, leaving Elizabeth with a 40 acre plot of land and small children. She married Enoch Blue who was born in Pennsylvania circa 1792. They had a son Uriah Blue, born in Iowa around 1854.
- As of the 1850 census, nine people were living in the Blue household, Elizabeth apparently sold the land since their real estate value was only $50. 1850 census: Enoch Blue (a Cooper), age 58, born Pa.; Elizabeth Blue (Betsey), age 36, born Ohio; Sarah Brown, age 16, born Ohio [married Andrew Woods Aug 27, 1857]; Joshua Brown, age 15, born Ohio [married Susan, died in Oregon]; Roda Brown, age 13, born Ohio; John Brown, age 11, born Ohio, [married Sarah, died in Oregon]; Francis Brown, age 9; Lydia Brown, age 6; John Blue (a Cooper), age 18; Enoch died before 1860 leaving Elizabeth a widow again.
- In 1860 Elizabeth was living next door to daughter Sarah and husband Anderson Woods who was also born in Brown County, Ohio (farmer). In 1865 in Kansas, Elizabeth was living with daughter Sarah, household of 13, her new husband, widower James Hicks and his four Hicks children, the children from her marriage to Anderson Woods: James Hicks, age 40, born Indiana; Sarah Hicks age 31 born Ohio; Mary Hicks, age 12 born Illinois; Lucy Hicks, age 11 born Illinois; Benjamin Hicks, age 7, born Kansas; Louisa Hicks, age 5, born Kansas; Elizabeth Woods, age 11, born Iowa; Rhoda Woods, age 9, born Kansas; Catherine Woods, age 7, born Kansas; Elisabeth Blue age 49, born Ohio; Uriah Blue, age 11, born Iowa; Wesley Brown, age 6, born Kansas, Francis Brown, age 3, born Kansas [the last two may have been sons of Joshua . . . Civil War soldier?].
By 1900 Elizabeth had relocated to Nebraska, living next to her son Uriah.

Dittoe - McKenna
Searching for information on Louis Dittoe and Annie McKenna, lived in Jackson County circa 1855-1865, then it appears they moved to Idaho. Thank you for any help.
[G.M. 07/11/2018]

ELDRIDGE - March 2013

If anyone has in-depth information on Wade Eldredge (listed on this site's biographies) and his descendants. Does this branch have any living descendants? Thank you in advance.
(B.J.E.) Please send response to Jackson County host.


Looking for the history of the Stephen Frank home in St. Donatus. Who owned it? Who was Stephen Frank?
Query from R. C., please email info to Jackson County host.

UPDATE: The house was built in 1859 by Luxembourger John Beckius. Stephen Frank immigrated around 1894 from Luxembourg, his father was Theodore. After arriving in America Stephen married Louisa, daughter of John Beckius, according to census records, their children were John 1902, William 1903, Loretta, Albert, Alfred, Aloysius, Anastasia and possilbly more.

FOSTER - May 2015

Henry Foster died in 1883, his obituary was in a Sabula newspaper. Looking for information or obituary on his wife Sarah [Sanderson] Foster, who died June 5, 1893 in Sabula. I don't have an exact date, unfortunately, and have not been able to find it. Anyone with added details on Sarah Foster, please post. Thanks. D.F.

GIBSON - Sept 2016

I'm hoping to find an individual that could do an obituary lookup for Douglas Samuel Gibson who died Mar. 7, 1906 in Maquoketa, Iowa. He is buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Maquoketa.

Also I would like to connect with anyone who may be related to Douglas Samuel Gibson and his wife Missouri Amanda Harp. They were married July 31, 1870 in Jackson County, Iowa. Their children are: Jessie Adelle, Edna E., Wesley B., Lesley A., Bert Eugene, Earl, Pearl and Carolyn Belle. bahila1@msn.com

GLADE - June 2014

I found a diary in the Antique Mall in Dyersville, IA that had belonged to Charles N. Sisler (1859-Nov. 25, 1900) His wife was Sara Marie Sisler. They are buried in the Andrew Cemetery. I would like to mail this diary to a descendent of Mr. Sisler, but I have no idea how to locate one.
Thanks, K.C. from Winthrop.
(His wife was Sarah Marie Glade).

UPDATE: The diary was re-united with family July 2015!

HAXMEIER / HOXMEIER - December 2012

Anybody know if there is a connection between the Haxmeier family in Jackson county and the Hoxmeier family in western Iowa?
Question submitted by Alfred Welch.

UPDATE: Some of the children of both Theodore and Henry Haxmeier of Jackson County relocated to Sioux County, Iowa, some of their surnames took the spelling of Hoxmeier. Siblings in the same family had surnames that were not spelled the same.


Hans Jessen (or Jensen) from Denmark, husband born 1857, married to Ane Marie (Mary) Adams, also a native of Denmark/or the part of Denmark that became Germany born in 1854 or 1855, emigration circa 1880, children Hans P, Jens J, 1885 Iowa Census giving their residence as Clinton, Eagle River Twp. A son named Jordan George (later called Johnson) born circa Jan 16, 1883-4 in Sabula, A Daughter Tillie Mae (also later called Johnson) born Jan 8, 1884 in Sabula.

Then Hans, the father drowned tragically on the river in Sabula. His body was recovered on July 11 (a Sunday), 1886 while at a picnic. July 4th was also on a Sunday, The wife, Ane Marie, was pregnant with another child, Ane Marie could not care for her children and put them in the care of others-- the three boys got 'farmed out' but were not adopted legally; the daughter Tillie may have been partially raised by relatives in or near Clinton, as she goes back there to live in the 1930's, according to the census. And [the baby] who was given the name Alfredia (Winberg, Wineberg, Weinberg - her adopted family's records) who apparently took possession of her in Chicago between 1888 and 1889. We do not know if there was a legal adoption or if she was a foster child, but Freda's (Freda was the name everyone called her) mother only cared for her about 13 months after she was born the year of her husband's death.
(Inquiry from V.V.) ANY information on what happened to this family, please contact the Jackson County Host.

UPDATE: JULY 2013 newspaper articles submitted by 2 individuals, see Obituaries.


I am looking for obits or wills listing the families together or any other information that might be available. Lyman Leland, b. 1806-1809 in Shrewsbury, Rutland, VT. M Irene Perry 5 Sp 1831 also in Shrewsbury. Died 2 Sep 1863 in Jackson County, Iowa and is buried at Buckhorn Waterford Cemetery, Lot 169. He lived at South Fork Township, Maquoketa Waterford Post Office, Jackson, Ia in the 1860 Census with 2 children, Davis 16 yrs and Margaret 12 yrs. His occupation is listed as a farmer. He is also listed in the 1850 Census, same location as well as the Iowa Census.

Davis M. Leland was a member of the 24th Regiment, Company I for the Civil War Joining 4 Aug 1862. He was wounded at Champion Hill, Mississippi, recuperated at Memphis, TN and rejoined his Company after that. He mustered out on 17 Jul 1865 at Savanah, GA and returned to Maquoketa, He was married to Phoebe Zook at Maquoketa on 2 Jul 1868 by J. S. Darling, County Judge.

In 1870, Davis and Phoebe were living in Maquoketa Ward 1 with Davis' widowed mother, Irene. In 1880, Davis and Phoebe were in Franklin County, Iowa. Thank you, CP 09/2015.

McCARD - April 2015

I am looking for any information on a McCard family. Thomas and Hattie Gregory McCard had 4 children: Hazel born Sep 1896, Leafy born May 16, 1899, Ruth born Oct 5, 1902 and Fred born July 13, 1804. They lived in Maquoketa around 1900. Anon.

MEARS - July 2015, revised January 2016

Seeking the obituaries and burial locations of Elijah C. Mears (1806-1878) and his wife Caroline (Averill) Balcomb Mears (1804-1879), who died in Maquoketa, Jackson Co, Iowa.
Thank you,
C. Kunz (treetracer@charter.net)

NIMS - December 2012

Looks like there are lots of Nims in Iowa, anyone find connections to Massachusetts Nims?
Thanks . . .I'll check back for responses. Missy J.

O'CONNOR - July 2014

Searching for information on the Patrick O'Connor family, a farm family from Richland township. One of the daughters, Katharine married Christian Weber and moved to Nebraska, after her death Christian married her older sister Ellen. Another sister Anna was a long-time teacher in Jackson County. Thanks for any information!

PLATO - July 2013

Would like any information on Nancy Plato buried at the East Iron Hill Cemetery. Head stone reads: Nancy, wife of Walton Plato, Died Sept 22, 1845.
Grateful for you help, JP

SISLER - June 2014

I found a diary in the Antique Mall in Dyersville, IA that had belonged to Charles N. Sisler (1859-Nov. 25, 1900) His wife was Sara Marie Sisler. They are buried in the Andrew Cemetery. I would like to mail this diary to a descendent of Mr. Sisler, but I have no idea how to locate one.
Thanks, K.C. from Winthrop.

SPARKS - May 2015

William Sparks was born in Maquoketa in 1857. In 1862 his father Jessee J Sparks died by accident in Brandon township at age 37. He is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery. It is a mystery as to how he died. Jessee's wife Eliza Palmer left her family, the David Miller family, living nearby and took the four young children to Wisconsin and settled there. Looking for cause of death or obituary. Thank you. Please respond to Jackson County Host.

WARREN - July 2014

Looking for information on the following people:
Anson Warren (b. 1818 in NY, died 1877 in Lancaster, Nebraska. He had two wives:
Sophia M. Bannister (b. 1821 NY -1857) and Jane Lockwood (b. 1830 NY, d. 1865 in Clinton Cty, Iowa)
Anson and Jane had 3 children together:
Frank Anson Warren (b. Jackson Cty, Iowa 1860- d. 1940 CA), Tina Warren (b. 1861 Jackson Cty, Iowa - d. 1888 in CA), Geno Warren (b. 7 Jul 1863 in Maquoketa, Jackson Cty, Iowa - d. 22 Oct. 1864 in same place). Especially interested in finding information on the burial place of Geno. Thank you. SM

WEBER - July 2014

I am seeking information about the family of Phillip Weber. Philip left Hessen Nassau (Germany) about 1858 with his wife (Anna) and his children (7 or 8) of varying ages. His oldest son was named Mathias, who farmed with his father in Jackson County. What I am looking for is information about [his brother] Christ Weber's younger years. Christ's wife was Catherine O'Connor. Thank you. DW.

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