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APRIL 2018
CHURCHES: News- Latter Day Saints
OBITS: David G. Bates, Frances Beck

MARCH 2018
MARRIAGES: News Nemmers-Beringer
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Mrs. W. W. McGinnis, John Morris, Mrs. S. F. Gray

OBITS: George Larkey
PEOPLE: Louie Koos, Mrs. Joseph Clissold
NEWS-BIRTHDAY: Salina Wilkins
NEWS-ILLNESS: Mrs. Ralph Hicks, Arch Keaney, Mrs. Samuel McClellan, George Haywood

PEOPLE: Hiram Dunham, Manilla Thomas, Marie Teeple, Charles Trout
CEMETERIES: Sterling Cemetery, Dunham burials - submitted by Blake Patterson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1895-Deadly Ham-submitted by Kim Torp, 1886-Discovery at Quarry, 1859-Miscreants at Bellevue
NEWS-DEATHS: April 1881 Deaths Reported

OBITS: Edward Sammons, Mary Schiltz, Peter Schiltz, Angelina Schartz, Louis Summer
PEOPLE: Angelina Teeples
MILITARY: Pension changes - James H. Sutton, Ludwig Heidt, Thomas Morgan, Martin J. Esry, Lewis Y. Foster, Lucius Davenport
COURT: L. H. Stein
NEWS-CRIME: W. R. Williams, Seeley killed by Horin, Morehead Murder Trial

OBITS: Mrs. W. P. Dunlap
FAMILIES: Claus Klindt Family
NEWS-MARRIAGES: Briggs-Carpenter
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1850-Immigrants from Pennsylvania
MILITARY: Soldiers - Frederick Dixon

OBITS: Harry Ingalls, James M. Lowry, Alma Lawrence, A. D. Lawrence, Nancy Liston
PEOPLE: Thomas Dougherty, G. Mortimer Dunlap, W. P. Dunlap, Robert L. Dawson

BIRTHS: Marguerite Monica Rogers
OBITS: Lucy Brady Foster, Henry Shocker, Albert Rush Simpson, Daniel Stephens, Benjamin C. Sears, Willard Buchanan Swigart, Diana E. Allshouse Simpson, Sewell M. Shattuck, W. M. Stephens
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-Discovery at Quarry
NEWS-FIRE: 1910 Big Fire at La Motte

OBITS: M. Angeline Smith Crane, Cephas Clark, John Smith Campbell, Nelson Current
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1868-Soul-Sleepers, 1849-Trappers Fight Sioux War Party

JULY 2017
OBITS: John Wesley Nims, Aravilla Chamberlain Hutchins, H. S. Heberling, Samuel Todd Holmes, William Hockley
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1848-Andrew Paper-A. Kersecher, Wm. A. Skinner
NEWS-CRIME: Hanging-Mr. Jackson

JUNE 2017
CEMETERIES: East Iron Hill Cemetery
OBITS: Hiram Robbins, A. J. Riggs, Sarah Jane Rea, Sarah Ripple, Rosina Rapp, Lawrence Russell, Harry Reigart, Reid Daughter, George Roberts, Jerusha Kettle Reynolds

MAY 2017
OBITS: B. F. Ogden, Lemuel C. Owens, Mrs. E. Osborne, John Odgers, Christena Anderson Bertelsen, James P. Brown, W. H. Bodkin, Seth L. Baker, Calvin Blanchard, Louisa Granby Blanchard, Betsy Ann (Walrod) Brown
NEWS-SICK: Sadie Kirby, Alfred Peters, Mrs. McClellan
NEWS-MARRIAGES: Gilkey-Hansen, Barasel-Giesel, Freeze-Curtis, Kenney-Clinton, Dennis-Dennis
TOWNSHIPS: History of Fairfield Township
NEWS-CRIME: Guy Wilford confessed to murder of wife.

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Laura J. Nims, Mrs. John Zitterell, Amos Hanson, I. P. Hinman, James Hamilton
BIOS: James M. Carrington
PEOPLE: A. Kersecher, T. D. Kelsey
NEWS-VISIT: C. S. Harris, John Berdge, Catherin Snyder, Mrs. B. F. Bowman, Ella Poff, Mrs. L. L. Westridge, George Ryan
COURT: Legal Cases - Murray vs. Taylor

MARCH 2017
NEWS-MARRIAGES: Priaulx-Stevens, Robinson-Hurst, Rice-Stoughton, Swanson-Davis
OBITS: Mrs. John Stephen, C. M. Sanborn, Riley Struble, Alice Struble, Mrs. Ellen Snoddy, J. E. Squiers
OBITS: Hattie Oberman, Mrs. Peter A. P. Beck - submitted by M. Weigandt
PEOPLE: A.E. Rodskier, Eddie Rice, J. T. Ritter, Ed Rich, Ella Ritter, Roswell Ryan
MILITARY-PENSIONS: Marshall E. Finton, Jacob Glaser, Jefferson Bentley, Jacob Guenther, Charles Young, Charles C. Northrup, Samuel Brundage, Mary E. Snyder

OBITS: Thomas E. Elwood, Miles Eaton, Mary Ann Edleman, Edortha Edwards
NEWS-SICK: Mrs. Richard Wing, Mrs. Ralph Hicks, Opal Slattery

OBITS: Celia P. Hench, G. A. Hess, Sarah Hockley
MILITARY-NEWS: 1921 Funerals
NEWS-SICK: Mrs. W. W. Meginnis
NEWS-VISIT: H. Bolte, Anna Littlefield, Adolph Rommert

OBITS: Nancy Jameson, Danvers Jenkins, George H. Jenkins, Jessie Kennedy Joiner, Elizabeth Houston Jacobs, Jameison Boy, James H. Jordan, J. W. Jenkins, Peter Jerman, Mrs. Jane June
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Glenna Bliss, E. Y. Rowland, D. F. Boomershine

OBITS: John P. Simon, Martha P. Swigart, William Salter, Diantha I. Sargent, Daniel Sackrider, Sarah A. Scott
NEWS-SICK: Bertha Remakel, Gertrude O'Niel, Henry Luett
NEWS-TEMPERANCE: 1878 temperance in Preston

OBITS: Julia Warren, Daniel Wagoner, N. Seymour Weed, Elizabeth Ritchie Williams, Mary M. Wilder Williams, Ellen M. Truax Wright, Julia Livermore Wendell, Hannah Louisa Weed, James R. Wyrick
NEWS-MARRIAGES: Nelson-Slattery
PEOPLE: Henry Francois, John Fox, Math Abent, Justice Cartwright
QUERIES: Douglas Samuel Gibson
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. & Mrs. Drekman, William Light, Joe Ross, Hobart Beresford, Maud Jenkins, Anna Hingtgen, Mrs. Henry Goodsell

OBITS: Thomas Thompkins, Kate Trumbo, Mrs. B. F. Thomas, Emily D. Taylor, E. Taubman, Rebecca Tubbs, Nicholas Tracy, Morgan Tubbs, Amasa Wilson Tompkins, Susan Sutton Trimble, Hannah M. Trimble, Benjamin F. Thomas
NEWS-VISIT: Edwin Bradway, Clara Hoelzner, Mrs. Charles Pleiser, Bertha Lynch, Mrs. A. S. Blakely, Clyde Wing, Ed. Lowe, Carolina Zook, Martha Beck, William Schalekamp
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1921-Streets Oiled, 1873-Bridge Out, 1872-Shoo Fly
BUSINESS NEWS: Bank of J. Kelso, Jackson State Savings Bank

OBITS: Gotleb Keiser, George Kelchner, Celia J. Kidder, Geo. E. Kegley, Elmer F. Knode, Tom Kennedy
TRANSPORTATION: Building of Bridge Across the Mississippi - Photo Contributed by Dwight Furleigh, News Articles, building beginning, in progress and completion, Death of Thomas Guy.
TOWNS-SABULA: Photo Contributed by Dwight Furleigh

JULY 2016
OBITS: William Dennison, Fred O. Davis, Mary J. Davis, William Shanahan, Dennis Donovan, Ava DeFratis, Fred J. DeGrush, James L. Dodd, Henry Dunne, Sullivan Dell, Gridley Warren Dye, M. S. Dunn, Lydia C. Decker
PEOPLE: Myer Peskovitz, Joe Palmer, Jane Parker
DIVORCE: George and Velma Butt

JUNE 2016
OBITS: Rachael Griggs, Mrs. George F. Green, Robert C. Gibson, Royal Goodenow, Henry Graham, Luke Goodenow, George M. Graul, Albert Gee, Mary E. Chandler Grant, Joseph Nelson Gibson, Jane Watrous Gee, S. M. Gibson, Mrs. J. E. Goodenow, Grizzle Brothers, David M. Gilmore, Bowman Goldin, Rachel Griggs, J. E. Goodenow

MAY 2016
OBITS: Lydia A. (Wright) Martin, Perkins Morse, James Martin, Edna M. Mathews, Mandana Maskery, Sarah T. McCarron, Eli D. Moulton, James S. Mayes, Jannus McPeak, Sarah E. (Allison) Morgan, Emma A. Morey, Mary Ann Burkey Metheney, Martha J. Pence Mischler, Elizabeth Morehead, Harris P. Morse, John H. Morris, Margaret Metheney, James McAllister, John Wesley R. McPeek, Robert B. Mabry
NEWS-REAL ESTATE: Dale Easton, William McGiffney, Louis Schnoor
HISTORY: Memories of 60 years ago (1912) by J. W. Ellis
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1906-Baseball Team
CHURCHES: 1921-New Memorial Windows for Methodist Church
PEOPLE: Victor Hintgen, Loretta Hoffman, Helen Hurst

APRIL 2016
MILITARY: Civil War Bios - Anderson, Applegate, Baker, Barrows, Battlett, Battles, Borget, Bradway, Burnap, Clarke, Clark, Davis, Downer, Eastman, Eaton, Farrington, Graves, Hawkins, Kidd, Klinker, Larkey, Leech, Lias, Mayne, Michael, Miller, Scott, Shaner, Shedeck, Simpson, Skinner, Sorber (2), Sweeny, Waterman, Wicker, Widel, Widel, Wilson (2)
OBITS: Mary E. Luse, Ellen LaDoit, Charles A. Littell, Harriet (Bentley) Lockwood, Phoebe Anderson Lias, Hannah Langridge, John Larkey, Martin Lockwood, Amanda Summers Little, D. G. Lynch, Mrs. William Lease, Susan Landis, Levi Lovelee
NEWS-VISIT: George Meyer, Glen Stockton, George Haight, Mrs. J. H. Shannon, Nan Johnson, Albert Wackerli, Ruby Allen, Thomas Hayes

MARCH 2016
OBITS: Jared Prindle, Diantha Patterson, James Palmer, Andrew Peters, Daniel Page, Mary Wilcox Prindle, D. D. Priaulx, John Parmer, W. H. Palmer, E. S. Piper, Asmus Peterson, R. A. Pence, Howard Phillips, Heinrich Piepgrass, O. J. Prine
TOWNS: Other Populated Areas - Postmasters of Canton
HISTORY: Evolution of Farm Machinery
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1878-Greenback Club
NEWS-CLUBS: 1921-Federation of Women's Societies Election, 1921-Tuesday Club Officers

OBITS: Mary Ann Herrig, Ida Herrig, William Huff, Minnie Hams, Emma Hershberger, Harry H. Hall, Clara Hoelzner
BIRTHS: Michael Daughter, Babcock Girl, Miller Daughter, Dillon Kenneth Doneilson, Mildred Jeanette Sommers
PEOPLE: Agnes Burke, Pearl Bennett Broxam, H. Gale Buchner, Hi Beedle
NEWS-MARRIAGES: Wirtz-Coakley, Pancratz-Weaver, Adair-Hardin, Burnett-Weber, Barnett-Lucas, Hipschen-Scholtes, Stoecken-Speigel
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1921 Electric Rates, 1921-Electric Power Notification

OBITS: Contributed by Ken Wright - Samuel Bedford, Francis Lee, Thomas Green, Peter Franzen, Mary Adams, Charley Reppert
OBITS: Mary French, Alvin Fairbrother, Herman Felderman
MILITARY-NEWS: 1918-Navy Collier Cyclops Lost Over a Month, 1917-Ernest Clarke
FAMILIES: Summers Family
HISTORY: Brandon and Farmers Creek Townships to 1850

MILITARY: Bios/Memorials - George Young, Lemuel Manley, Allison Young, Patrick Hannon, John S. Billups, John R. Roe, Fritz Vollbehr, Joseph W. Savitz, William Simpson, Archibald T. Lambertson, Edgar A. Tolman, Elizabeth Teters, Jacob Teters, Rachael Hawkins Turno
OBITS: E. L. Cooley, Polina Clary, Elizabeth Miller Collins, Salina Conery, A. B. Correll, Mrs. A. B. Correll, Margaret Ann Case Carrol, Robert Chandler, Emma Connery, Abigail Reed Crane, Calvin S. Clary, Barbara Charpiot
OBITS: Contributed by Ken Wright - John Wall, Cynthia Clement, Franky Bowen, Elizabeth Wise, Charles Flombsly, D. J. Watkins, J. C. Tietjens
OBITS: Heinrich "Henry" Christian Carl Durkop, Mamie Louella Roush, Mary Jane Bright, submitted by Debora Holm
DIRECTORIES: Old Settlers' Reunion Attendees 1905 thru 1913, includes birth dates, locations, arrival in Iowa. Over 1700 entries.
QUERIES: Lyman Leland, Irene Perry, Davis Leland

OBITS: John Streets
DIVORCE: Jennie Mae Springer Bremmer and Arthur H. Bremmer
HISTORY: Reminiscences - Old Log Houses
NEWS-BIRTHS: Warren Harding Redmond, Mary Magdeline Schulte, Cecilia Bickford Schmidt, Homer Moore, Jr.
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. J. W. Mack, J. T. Ayres, A. B. Bowen, Mildred Poole, Julia Truax, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bean
NEWS-CRIME: George Patterson, 1923-Joseph Kelso Indicted, Chester Correll Shoots Former Wife

OBITS: Contributed by Ken Wright - Henry Collinson, Philip Albery, Patrick Brennan, Mary L. G. Barker, Sophia Becker
OBITS: Mrs. John Said, Pheobe Sweesey, Mrs. S. A. Shattuck, Ansel P. Simpson
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. M. Barker, Mrs. B. J. McDonald, Addison Drake, Fred Gurius, Marion Erb

DIRECTORIES: 1908-Maquoketa Residents Aged 70 and Up
MILITARY: 1909-Veteran Reunion, bio for Andrew Clark
OBITS: William Orr - Contributed by Ken Wright
OBITS: Mary E. Briggs, Adelia Barnes, Fredrick C. Bauman, H. W. Beidler, Chas. Becker, Isaac Barrett, Alfred Barrows, Anna E. Benjamin, W. E. Richardson, F. N. Rhodes, Eliza Reeves, Calvin L. Ripple, Sarah J. Ripperton, William Richardson, Harvey Reid (2), John Cook, Mary E. Carnahan, John Abrams, Mrs. Chas. Follett, George W. Vine
HISTORY: Reminiscences of Anna Wilson, Charles Wyckoff
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1868-Sheriff and deputy killed at Alma Iowa, 1860-Two girls hang themselves
NEWS-VISITS: Eben B. Allen, Curtain Landis, Florence Lovejoy, Ruby Lovejoy, Sterling Lovejoy, Mrs. M. Majors, Walter Purling, Burr Van Schrader, Jessie Scott, Joseph Glanant Morgan
NEWS-BIRTHS: Frances Joseph Thomas Wall, Lester William Meyers, John Peter Sprank, Kathleen Fern Stuart, Edward William Marburger
PEOPLE E. H. Levsen, A. D. Lawrence, P. L. Lake, John Leslie
TOWNSHIPS The Settlement of Brandon Township
CRIME Jack Preston, Elam Rulston, Fred Kelsal
COURT Fletcher vs. McCarron, Leonard D. Wherry, 1921-New Cases Court, 1874-Saloon Lawsuit

OBITS: George C. Heberling, Catherine Campbell, Florian Schmidt, Clara Catharine Whitley, John Carter, Mary E. Seamonds, Anita Maxine Sutton, Abraham Degear, Triatje De Fries, Joseph Friedmann, Malachi Gleason, Anita M. Schmidt, Mary Rhodes, M. W. Rhodes, Fannie M. Haight, Olinda Hackman, Nancy Porter, Dennis Pool, Emma Bohnson, Alvina Broderson, George Watters, Sr., H. A. Warren, J. C. Murray, Michael Mahony - contributed by Ken Wright.
QUERIES: Elijah Clark Mears and Sally "Caroline" (Averill) Balcomb Mears
MILITARY-PENSIONS: German S. Wright, Joseph Anderson, Jacob Lay, Martin J. Esty, Isaac B. Smith, John Niblock, Mary-Mother of Harrison W. Day, Jacob Babcock, Frederick Miller, T. W. Morgan, S. J. Palmer, F. Tionan, S. Atherton, W. C. Morden
OBITS: Mabel Miller, Dee V. Miller, Margaret Morrow, Leroy Manderscheid, Elizabeth Manders, Veronica Manders, Erich Manders, Raymond Markus, Frank C. Montgomery, Edith Majors, Mrs. Miller, Frank P. Mitchell, Hugh Means, W. B. Hunter, Susanna Buchner Martin, Mrs. Eliza McMeans, Emma P. Sisler Miller, Thomas McMurray
PEOPLE: J. E. Shannon (2), Myrl Sizer, J. T. Sargent, R. M. Stockey, Mrs. Frank Sears, George F. Sexton, H. B. Sessions, W. M. Stephens, William N. McClintock, Lulu Moulton, J. B. Murray With Howard Phillips, Mrs. Murray & Eleanor Mathias, The Chester Turney Saga from imprisonment to release and more.
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1882-Train Fares
MARRIAGES: Woods-Richardson, Levsen-French, Cavin-Rowley, Morton-Edwards, Wilcox-Longman, Lambert-Seidlinger, Lawrence-Stewart, Lovejoy-Wherry

JULY 2015
OBITS: Nicholas Kieffer, Mrs. J. P. Davis, Benjamin B. Wynkoop, John Moran - contributed by Ken Wright.
OBITS: Walter Kerns
WILLS & PROBATE: S. M. Shattuck
NEWS-TEMPERANCE: Elizabeth Eugelker
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1894-Robbers Arrested, 1906-Oil Excitement, 1876-Plenty of saloons
CHURCHES: 1910-Methodist Revival, 1906 M.E. Conference
NEWS-ILLNESS: Monroe Shoup, Harriet Raab, Gertrude O'Niel, Henry Hoerschlman, Fred Giesel, Schaefer Boy, Cecilia Schmidt, Mrs. John Loewen
BIRTHS: Helen Maria Shrig

JUNE 2015
CEMETERIES: Codfish Hollow Cemetery-25 burials
NEWS-VISITS: Hattie Grant, W. W. Tannery, A. D. Lawrence, Mrs. Dr. Loose, Kate Covell, B. F. Thomas, Laura Smith, Mrs. W. S. Goodenow, C. Gallagher, Anderson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1905-Storks High Record, 1883 Religion and Politics . . .
OBITS: Chris Wurster, Edward Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Hugo White, Wynkoop Son, Alfred Wright, C. Wynkoop, Mrs. Charles Wyckoff, Josiah Wittemore, Philip Potter, Mary Weber
OBITS: Henry W. Foster contributed by Dwight Furleigh
NEWS-BIRTHDAYS ETC.: Raymond Family, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lawrence
BIO: Harrison Holt
MILITARY: Civil War Bios - Michael Malony, George William Macomber, DeForest B. Marikle, George W. Pate, John A. Wright, George Prussia
MARRIAGES: Harrison-Lutz, Dell-Priaux, Bailey-Cunningham, Pease-Edwards
NEWS-PEOPLE: Annie R. Avery, Jerome Allen, Archie Banks, Otto Breeden, John W. Campbell, John Coverdale
BIRTH-NEWS: Burleson, Ernest, Till, Babcock, Newcomer
QUERIES: Sarah Foster, Jessee Sparks

MAY 2015
OBITS: A. B. Dobson, Jacob Vicks, John T. Nicholson, Melvin Meloy, Hannah Burns, John C. Werden, Mrs. John Seimmers, G. E. Seeber, Mary O'Donnell, O. E. Elithorpe, Viola Charlene Duhme, Patrick Dwyer, Margaret Wacker, Charles Weede, Aaron Hute, Esther Doty Hoovler, John Heath, Nicholas Remakel - submitted by Ken Wright
OBITS: Nathan Balch, Gladys Banghart, Dwight Comstock, Mary Jane Twiss, Mary E. Ames Rigby, Lavina Listen Roush, Theodore Roorick, Mrs. George Rathbun, Eva Green Ryan; George A. Smith, Willis A. Rice, L. M. Rice
MILITARY: WWI News of John J. Ingalls
MARRIAGES: Graaff-Clark, Klein-Deyen
NEWS-VISITS: James Tilton, Glen Ponsler, Flora Streets, J. Prindle, Mrs. W. T. Smith, Mrs. W. S. Graham
NEWS-CRIME: Chester Correll Jailed.
CHURCHES: 1909 Congregational News
QUERIES: Sisler Diary has been reunited with Sisler relatives!!! McCard Query.

APRIL 2015
OBITS: Eliza Wilson, Napolean E. Austin, Lillian Spoo, Rev. Robert Holzhammer, John Welsh - Submitted by Ken Wright.
OBITS: Frank C. Alling, Catherine Herrig, John Herrig, Clara Hoffmann, Sidney Hobbs, Mary Victoria Horan, Henry Hodges, E. A. Huff, Bert House, R. W. Henry, Henry Bull Hammond, M. Hoffman
NEWS-VISITING RELATIVES: Harry Reigart, W. P. Nims, Helen Hurst, Verna Walter, Ross Williams, Robert Davenport, Henry Atzen, Mrs. John Applegate, Earl Eminger, John H. Meyer, Ruth Morey, Oscea Goodnow, Curtis Landis, Christa Pence, W. T. Pence, Mrs. J. M. Swikart, W. B. Swigart, Clyde Tilton, George Walker, Catherine Wilms, F. L. Huff
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-Iowa Firemen's Tournament, 1903-Town Flooded, 1901-Death Threatened, 1912-Flood Receding, 1870-Too Many Potatoes, 1912-Higher Saloon License
MARRIAGES: Campbell-Swigart, Emerson-Dixon, Smith-Suthers, Miley-Pence, Wells-Haight
NEWS-CRIME: 1926-War on Bootleggers - submitted by Ken Wright

MARCH 2015
BIOS: Eben W. Martin, William Trout
OBITS: Sarah Cort, Nathan E. Corbett, Sophia Moltzen, Keeney Family, Ida E. Hull, Eva Hall, Homer V. Butt, Mabel Chrest, Jerry Downey, Mary B. Goucher, Stephen Schwager, Carrie Wilke - Submitted by Ken Wright.
OBITS: Henry Corbisler, W. F. Comer, Lena Cowing, Mrs. Thomas Dow, A. J. Dougherty, Tom Dinnen, Thomas Dow
PEOPLE: Jesse Franklin Perkins, Mrs. E. W. Pfeiffer, Benjamin Phelps, Elizabeth Manders, J. P. Manders, Charles Nigg
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1866-Jackson County Republican Convention, 1895-Jackson County Republicans, 1895-party changes
NEWS-VISITING RELATIVES: Mrs. W. D. Hiner, Hugh Barnes, H. R. Crawford, J. W. Ellis, A. J. House, W. H. Keeley, Mrs. W. T. Lushbaugh, G. L. Mitchell, Virginia Mann, Mrs. Helen Sleigh, Dee Struthers, A. S. Chase
NEWS-FIRES: 1920-L.B. McDonald Fire Scare, 1920-Clarence Sackrider Fire

BIOS: Frank Brown, Norris Brown, Thomas W. Allshouse
BIRTHS: Sims, Ross, Risinger Twins, Mohr, Hardin, Phillips, Scoby, Yeager, Holtz (2), Nissen, Wilson, Lund, Hommer, Irwin, Risinger
NEWS - VISIT: Streets, Graaff, Cundill, Anderson, Stickley, Pierett
BUSINESSES: Spencer & Knittle, Reeves and McCarron, Decker House Opening-1877, The New Thought
NEWS-: Divorce-Howard and Helen Johnson
HISTORY: The Cottonville Tragedy
SCHOOLS: 1921 Jackson County Graduates From the U. of I.
MARRIAGES: Mallard-Cox
MILITARY: Civil War News-Levi Wagner Recollections
OBITS: George Taylor, Daniel Tubbs
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright James Reed, M.D., John V. Dunne, Adam Baker
PEOPLE: Carrie Wendell, Mrs. Ben Van Steinburg, L. W. Usher
FIRE NEWS: 1896-Burned by Robbers
COMMUNITY NEWS: Fossilized Fly-1896, Hanging Tree-1877, 1876 lead mine discovered, 1873-County Safe Robbed; 1874 Maquoketa Mis-spelled

BIOS: George Cubbage, John Foley, Ansel Briggs
NEWS - VISIT: Covell, Finton, Jarvis, Lawrence, Smith, Tubbs, Covell, Morey, Davies, Carpenter, Lowe, Swigart (2), Dobson, Lawrence, Henderson (3)
CHURCHES: Great Religious Excitement in Jackson County
MARRIAGES: Littell-Wright, Glenn-Allen, Wherry-Decker
OBITS: P. N. Kimball, Mary Anna Flammang
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright S. Trumbo, Joseph Forner, R. W. Dyas
PEOPLE: Jerome Allen, Ethan B. Allen, Nancy Allen, Hattie Brush, Andrew Clark, E. E. Craig, A. B. Dobson, Charles Gallagher, John R. Griffin
TEMPERANCE NEWS: Temperance Suit – 1871, Temperance 1878, Prohibition-1890, Voting on Prohibition, Prohibition Government
FIRE NEWS: Mat Ales Home Burns, Davis Reynolds Home Burns, Raines Carriage Factory Burns, Decker House Burns, 1878 Fire, 1879 Fire, Maquoketa Fire 1882, 1882 Mill Fire, Forest Fire-1886
TOWNS: Old Towns-Washington Mills, Bellevue Saloon Count-1877
COMMUNITY NEWS: Pro-slavery rally ends with anti slavery attendees, Governor Boles visits Maquoketa-1891

BIOS: Jacob Donndelinger, B. B. Breeden, Wallace Pence, Joseph Skinner, Joshua Beer, David Scott and more on Anson Wilson
NEWS-: Real Estate-M. W. Stephens
FAMILIES: The William Phillips Family
SCHOOLS: Early Schools of Maquoketa, Country Schools-Old Sod Schoolhouse, 1869 Teacher fined for trollopping a scholar
OBITS: Rose (Manders) Wieseler, David Whitmore Family, Miss Warren, John J. Smola, Lydia A. Wagoner Sinkey, Isabell Tracy Snodgrass, Vashti Blakely Summers, James D. Scholl, H. A. Sisler, Simmons Son, Alexander Organ, Ellen McKinney Ogden Jaynes, Carlos B. Prosser, Jacob Van Meter, Julius Petram, Jacob Putnam
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright Downing, Hatfield, Nims, LaFayette, Shaw, Skinner
PEOPLE: Peter Moriarty, Wilber F. McCarron, John Raymond McMullin, J. C. Murray (2), Christopher Murphy
TOWNS: Crabbtown, Ozark
COMMUNITY NEWS: Grasshopper plague-1874
WILLS & PROBATE: Amaziah Phillips, Ephraim Towner, Ransom Jenkins, Joshua L. Larkins

CENSUS: 1850, 4 pages Bellevue Twsp., 4 pages Tete Des Morts Twsp.
NEWS-CRIME: Killing Michael Reating by Calvin Edgar, Patrick McArdle Murdered by Wife
HISTORY: The Cottonville Tragedy
MARRIAGES: Mallard-Cox
TOWNSHIPS: Van Buren Township History
OBITS: Mary A. Hull, S. Johnson, Louis Anderson, John Nemmers, George W. Sacket, Mrs. John Steichen, Thomas W. Cassin, Kate Cavens
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright James J. Allen, Leland F. Dodds, Luella Sweesy McCau, Peter Koos, Peter Friedmann, Ray A. Casteel, Rose Farr, Anthony J. Till, Henry Schulte, Sr., Kenneth Bailey, Wilmer J. Kieffer, Harriet Dice
OBITS: Contributed by - Alice Horner Harvey Sisler
TEMPERANCE NEWS: Temperance Movement-1878, Prohibition Poll-1882, Temperance Revival-1878
FIRE NEWS: Furniture Factory Burned-1876; Furniture Store Burns-1878; Carters Block Burns-1882; Nickerson's Mills Burns-1882
TOWNS: Sabula Historical Article
QUERIES: Christ Weber, Geno Warren

BIOS: Andrew William Drips, Daniel Court, Fayette and Joseph Mallard, James Simpson, Jr., John Wilcox, Sr., Truman N. A. Walker, Ramey Kindred
CENSUS: 1850 Census, 4 Pages Prairie Springs Twsp.
CHURCHES: Congregational Church News-1883 and 1875
CAVE NEWS: Jackson County Cave Discovered; Mummies found in cave
OBITS: Julia Ann Call Atherton, Sarah Vine Bennett, Charles R. Bell, Chas Burleson, Sr., Mrs. Frances Tower Brown, Ebenezer H. Battles, Mrs. Daniel Black, Mary Isabella Boardman, Mary B. Boardman, Otis Bowers, Harvey L. Benjamin, John H. Crane, Jerome Collamer, C. C. Dudley, Mrs. Frank Elsner, Elmira E. Goodenow, Inez Collins Harrington, M. J. Hammond, Martha Elizabeth Parnell Hicks, Margaret Rachel Jones Hute, Pauline Heldt, Perkins Hatfield
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright A. B. Chandler
PEOPLE: W. L. Anderson, William C. Boardman, John Cotton, Mary Ann Cleveland, Addison S. Carter, Edna and Josephine Filter, L. S. Lovelace, Thomas Lott
COMMUNITY NEWS: Gold in Jackson County-1858; Maquoketa Farmers-1878

BIOS: George Tompkins, Frank E. Tripp, Douglas Taylor, C. B. Tozer, Sidney J. Tubbs, Herman Thiede, Anthony Thoma, Antone Tebben, Anton Till, Jonas Taplin, Thomas Taplin, Ernest Hermann Toedt, Robert E. Walker, Alfred E. Wyrick, James R. Wyrick, L. H. Wink, Jr., R. B. Wyckoff, J. P. Wagner, Charles Westphal, F. H. Wilcke, John A. Wherry, Edward C. Wing, Fred Orr White, Theodore Westphal, James Waddell, Clinton C. Woods, John Weis, Samuel Walters, Christian Weyhgandt, George H. Webb, Frank Wells, Charles Wyckoff
BIRTHS: Dierks Boy, L. H. Steen
CENSUS: 1850 Census, 3 Pages Richland Twsp.
CHURCHES: Popular Baptist Lecture Series on Satan
HISTORY: Early recollections of A. J. Phillips, Early Counterfeiters and Other Lawlessness.
OBITS: Hulda C. Abbey, Thomas Boyd, Aquilla J. Daugherty, J. E. Goodenow, Henry M. Joiner, Mrs. Jessie Kennedy Joiner, Elnora Kivett, Mrs. S. Lowy, A. J. Leffingwell, Mrs. James Lepper, Joseph McElroy, C. M. Mishler, Alfred Merrick, Peter Moriarty, Martha Raff, William Sullivan, John L. Sloane, Dale Woods
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright Franklin Reyner, Alaska McCumber, Andrew B. Lake
TOWNS: New Law-No public Sport in La Motte on Memorial Day

BIOS: P. C. Noonan, John T. Nicholson, Creon L. Nims, John W. Nims, Owen W. Nims, W. G. Newsome, Walter E. Newsome, William Royal Oake, John Otten, Thomas F. Orr, Charles L. Olmsted, Ebenezer Osburn, Matt Pinnell, Robert Powers, Baptiste Petesch, Jens Petersen, J. D. Pool, Azariah C. Prusia, Azariah Prusia, Daniel Page, D. C. Propst, Detlef Petersen, Henry Peters, Henry W. Ploeger, John F. Ritter, M. D., Henry Rickert, Jr. Lindus La Rell Riggs, William John Rowe, Frederick H. Rodewald, Andrew Jackson Riggs, Albert Winfield Richardson, Michael Regan, Martin Rickers, Benjamin A. Reiling, Thomas Sweeney, Joseph Schaefer, F. Struve, Marx Henry Schultz, August L. and John Schocker, John Stodler, Daniel Sullivan, Charles Franklin Shaffer, William J. Schmadeke, George F. Schenk, Frederick Schmidt, Charles Stoltz, William F. Schirmer, George Schlecht, H. C. Straub, William Sodemann, John J. Schaefer, August and Frank Seeberger, Henry Schlemma, Joseph B. Smith, Douglas B. Staggs, M. D., Eugene A. Stoddard, Martin Skoff, Oliver C. Stoughton, Abraham A. Suthers, Fred J. Swift, M. D., Fred A. Stoddard, John H. Stoecken, William G. Stuart
BIRTHDAY-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. Nickerson-63rd Anniversary, M/M J.H. Parkinson married 60 years.
HISTORY: The last of the Native Americans in Jackson County.
REAL ESTATE: Charles R. Campbell
MARRIAGES: Kemp-Ohlmeyer, Corrick-Gras, Broxam-Bennett, Ringlep-Culbertson, Rapp-Grant, Barns-Packard, Cerjan-Herrig, Clarke-Jessup, Doyne-Kenyon,
MILITARY: Civil War News-Peter Moriarty Supporting General McClellan
OBITS: John Littell, Permelia Jenkins Wright, Caroline Henry Wilcox, James Shattuck, Philena Rebecca Reel, Isaac McPeak, Sarah Haight Hamley, Mary Newby DeGrush, Mary Jane Simpson Jenkins, Carl Romer
OBITS: Contributed by - Ken Wright Blanche Alta Cartee
PATENTS: Patents Issued to Jackson County Residents (400+)

JULY 2014
CENSUS: 1850 Census, 2 Pages, Richland Township.
NEWS - BUSINESSES: Harris Opera House, D. O. Shaw, Northrup & Glaser, B. G. Haskell
LANDOWNERS: Over 3,400 Landowners in 1878 from Jackson County Gazetteer.
OBITS: George Dyas
QUERIES: Charles N. Sisler's diary discovered at an antique store.

JUNE 2014
BIOS: O. W. Joiner, George O. Johnson, M. D., August Kahler, G. E. Kegley, Walter C. Kelso, Arthur Kucheman, Gasper William Knapstein, O. C. Kucheman, George F. Kranz, Frank P. Kirk, John Krumvieda, William S. Keeley, Joseph Kueter, J. N. Kieffer, Winfield S. Kellogg, Hans Koll, John and Michael Kilburg, John H. Krumvieda, Henry Krabbenhoft, Nicholas Kass, John F. Kunau, Lucius T. Kimball, Detlef Kirchhoff, John Kurt, Nick G. Kilburg, Charles F.Kukkuck, Louis Kunkel, John Kilmo, Henry Klemme, William Laing, Thomas J. Lambe, Perry Lamborn, Frank Laffey, L. L. Littlefield, John Lundin, John Lenz, Thomas Lambert, William L. Mangler, H. R. Miller, Mike J. McLaughlin, W. C. Martin, Hans Mohr, John N. Manderscheid, William Moran, Milo W. Moulton, M. D., John H. Miller, Samuel McNeil, John Merkle, Francis Thomas McGovern, Xavier Mueller, George Meyer, George H. McClellan, Frederick Mohr, James McKitterick, Henry Mildenstein, Robert McVey, Charles W. Miller
DEATHS: Over 1400 Death Records from 1931 through 1937.
TOWNS: La Motte History, Maquoketa News - barber request.

MAY 2014
BIOS: Orson F. Osburn; C. H. Patterson, Jr.; Lyman Bradley Parshall; Sherman Paup; A. M. Phillips; Henry Prusia; Kim Robinson; Michael Regenwether; J. M. Ryan; John Reistroffer; William Reel; Claus Ringen; Mortimer Rice; John D. Streets; William M. Schoop; Willard Buchanan Swigart; G. A. Otto Schmidt; Floyd L. Sunderlin; Ralph Stinton; John H. Schroder; Fritz Staemmele; Henry Schaper; Asa Struble; A. F. Schmidt; H. W. Sanger; Edward Sommers; Frederick H. Storm; Robert Swan; Riley Struble; Isaac B. Smith; E. M. Stoll
NEWS - BUSINESSES: Field & Sutherland, John Whitfield, Spencer & Knittle, N. A. Hamley, W. M. Stephens, T. E. Cannell, C. M. Sandborn, G. S. Martin, H. B. French, A. Hurst, M. Majors, Trout & Munger, S. Williams, William Sears, John Dostol, C. C. Young, M. Rice, A. Fellows, King Steear, Louis Cohn, Arthur Nott, Poff & Nickerson, S. T Holmes, Tinker Bros., Gurius Bros., N. F. Bechtel, R. N. Blair, G. W. Barrett, Mott Watson, D. P. Smith, H. H. Griffin, Dalzel & Calverwell, G. F. Bradley, P. N. Kimball, Henry & Wynkoop, A. J. Dorchester & Co., J. G. Wilson, W. W. Wilson, J. P. Roche, J. P. Mann, Dierkes & Rolling, Ambrose Breese, A. W. Weber, Kegler & Weinschenk, W. O. Evans, F. C. Young & Co., R. A. Schroeder, C. E. Chandler, P. G. Stiles, J. C. Day, Harvey Reid, O. W. Heynen, Legg & Allen, G. W. Kelsall, U. V. Atkinson, D. A. Waterman, W. A. McCarty, Mrs. D. C. Mishler, A. B. Lake, Barnes & Brundage, James Scholl, Day & Hobart, Henry Specht, Henry Thill, John Peters, J. S. Prior
CHURCHES: St Paul's - La Motte
OBITS: Contributed by Jim Dezotell - - Asa T. Hunt
OBITS: Contributed by Ken Wright - - Helen Head, Mary Anna Kirsch, Henry Hagedorn, George Cooper, Sr., A. W. Kegler, Clyde L. Van Patten, Hannah Barrows Lyman, Carlton Harford, Louis Hoerschelman, George Krumviede, Lotus Schwartz, Sr., Basil Tracy, Cora Evans, Matthias Goetz, Sr., Reuben P. Conery, Milo J. Doyle, W. P. Markland
TOWNS: Old Towns – Histories Canton, Fulton, Ozark and Van Buren. 1878 Histories of each Jackson County town.

APRIL 2014
BIOS: Ed Farley, Rev. John H. Friedmann, Charles W. Farr, John Frahm, John T. Fitzpatrick, Benjamin F. Felderman, Ernest H. Frahm, D. A. Fletcher, Philip Fablinger, James M. Fonda, Robert Fratus, John William Golding , Edward Frank Gollobith, M. D., B. F. Griswold, John Goepfert, Loyal Godard, Jacob Goetz, Claus Godes, Nicholas Godes, Rev. John M. Garland, F. L. Griffin, M. D., John Lincoln Giddings, Adeline Goodenow, Royal L. Goodenow, William and Joseph J. Gerlach, F. E. Glade, I. M. Gibson, John Giddings, Mathias Goetz, John Gray, Gerard A. Gage, Alfred W. Giddings, William Graham, Harold J. Giddings, Hon. John Hilsinger, William Horst, Martin C. Harmsen, Sylvester Hunter, Alfred Hurst, William K. Hurst, Diedrich Hinke, William Hannahs, Nicholas A. Hoffmann, Hiram S. Heberling, Edward Albert Hanske, M. D., John Henningsen, Joseph Hayes, Carl Hinkleman, Adam Heckelsmiller, Marcie Ann Hubbard, Rev. L. Hayes, Abraham S. Hershberger, Cornelius Howard; Paul Herter; William Hancock; E. D. Hansen; Henry F. Martin; Hiram Merrick; Charles A. Menneke; George Murray, M. D.; L. G. McCarron; Walter H. Myatt; Forrest M. Miles; Hon. Fred W. Myatt
CENSUS: 1878 Jackson County Directory - 1,400 residents and businesses.
CRIME: Submitted by Ken Wright - August Pickett (Victim)
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright John H. W. Berner, J. C. Dennison, Martin Dunne, Carroll Eads, Anne Tubbs, Andrew P. Bertelsen, Grace Belle Butterworth, William J. Campbell, Mathias Even, Ellen Fayram, Hiram J. Follett, Mary Holstein, Hiram T. Jonas, Lewis Jungjohann, Peter Mertz, Gesine Mohlenhoff, Margaret Hurlburt Morrow, Lois T. Roling, Mrs. Ben Schumacher, Richard Twiss, John L. Smola
PEOPLE: Jacob Harp

MARCH 2014
BIOS: John Henry Anderson, E. D. Armstrong, Jacob Andersen, William K. Burkert, Albert L. Bartholomew, George E. Bartholomew, John Beck, Fred Balster, F. H. Budde, Asa B. Bowen, John Boehmer, Silas Barkley, J. M. Brandt, Peter A. P. Beck, Claus L. Beeck, Henry Brammerlo, Edward Butler, R. W. Brown, R. H. Buchner, W. E. Benton, Henry Beggs, Nicholas C. Bisdorf, Louis Bittner, Luther Earl Bliss, F. A. Brandfas, Anthony Brandt, John Burmahl, Samuel Campbell, Florence J. Coakley, Warren S. Clark, Samuel Clark, James K. Crawford, Charles A. Cliff, John S. Cotter, Dennis Collins, Louis Ferdinand Clausen, William L. Carter, Valentine Denick, John P. Dresch, Albert Foster Dawson, William P. Dunn, Leonard W. Decker, Patrick F. Dolan, Henry Dickinson, Leo Deichelbohrer, Cornelius C. Daugherty, James Whitcomb Ellis, William Eaton, Henry Ehrensberger, George Edleman, Gideon Ellis, Gideon C. Ellis, Murray Eaton, Nicholas B. Even, William Each
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright Amelia Nieland, Charles Goodenow, Minnie Downer Saunders, Michael Kieffer, George Canfield, Dudley Mosier Hubbell, Catherine Fuller, Agnes Wilson Lias, Mary Taylor Green, Peter C. Nemmers, Timothy Donovan, August Ehrhardt, Ezra Edwards, Ben Flathers, Minnie Goffinet, Henry Graaff, Charles A. Gibson, John W. Gibson, Charles Krolick, Charles F. Kurth, Uriah Ralston, Walter Sutton
OBITS: Richard Ashe, Katie Landenberger-Becker, Ronald M. Beeck, Wilder P. Bowers, Jane Brown, Anna Mary Brakey, Huldah Brakey, Jacob Buchner, J. W. Brown, D. R. Conery, Samuel Cronk, Mrs. Lucea S. Dearborn, Howard Delaney, Thomas Dinnen, Mrs. Fred Fischer, Howard Gilmore, Darwin S. Green, James Harvey, Emma Harrington, Mary Healey, Joseph Hunter, A. J. Leffingwell, Mary Longman, James A. Merritt, W. J. Pendray, Emily Cushing Porter, N. W. Potter, Mary E. J. Reeves, Harriet Shrigley, John S. Sessions, Mrs. Ellis Taylor, Infant Weede, Sarah Wilson

BIOS: Moses M. Bean; J. A. Buchner; Christian Berner; Theodore Fischer, Sr.; Michael Farley; Marshal E. Finton; Frederick B. Goodenow; Charles Galles; George W. Gibson; Henry Heneke; Thomas Harvey; Henry Herkes; James Illingsworth; William F. Jones; A. L. Justman; John F. Kaiser; David W. Kitts; W. M. Lane; Samuel M. Littlefield, M. D.; Peter Lauters; Henry Lehmkuhl; H. J. Lehmkuhl;
MILITARY: Spanish-American War, 49th Regiment Roster
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright Henry Davis, James Gilroy, W. G. Taft; Lester Ripple; James Leroy Edwards; Anna Kalmes; Sarah Jane Ripple

NEWS - BUSINESSES: Eagle Cigar Factory
MARRIAGE/ANNIVERSARY NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Anderson Anniversary, Baker-Robinson, Briley-Abbey, Brothers-Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Shade Burleson Golden Wedding Anniversary, Edwards-Burwell, Floyd-Keeney, Fulsang-Roden, Finn-Donovan, Glaser-Taft, Johnson-Edwards, Kilburg-Koos, Klemme –Reid, Lee-Smith, Merrill-Fairbrother, Pontsler-Welch, Schroeder-Boysen, Schmidt-Parmer, Swigart-Mariam, Sisler-Kidder, Wirtz-Coakley, Woods-Ripple
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright John Brown, Sr.; Martena Marburger; Amanda Ballard Tompkins

CRIME: Samuel Cronk, Victim; Samuel Watkins; Henry Brown, Victim; Absolom Montgomery; Henry Weston, Hiram Hoover Murder Victim; Grifford’s accomplices; Eli Grifford, John Ingalls (Victim), Mr. Piser
DIVORCE: Mr. and Mrs. William Barger; Paul E. and Betty Person, Kenneth and Betty Rankin, George C. and Margaret A. Prindle, Robert and Mary Ann Coomber, James K. and Margaret Mahnke, M. L. and F. E. Tichenor, Jack and Ruth Riebsamen, Donald C. and Betty Lou Emerson, Nelson J. and Frances G. Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Redfern, Old Edgerton, Early Divorce Laws in Iowa
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright George Butt, Harry Butt, Maggie Coakley, August Elsner, Michael English, Sr., Ruth Illingworth, Rev. William G. McLaughlin, Frank Van Patten
QUERIES: Stephen Frank House

BIOS: M. A. Araah, Frank E. Beaton, A. V. Bormann, John Bormann, James Carel, Thomas E. Cannell, James A. Carson, M. D., Albert Durant, William Elrick, Robert George Grant, A.H. Grover
BIRTHS: (News Items) Louisa Melatta, Louis Melvin Hendricks, Harlin Harris Peters, Rodney Meinert Soenkson
DIVORCE: Benjamin C. and Lottie Horton; Austin R. and Grace M. James
MILITARY NEWS: Civil War Veteran Deaths 1919-1920
NEWS: Temperance News - Whiskey War in Maquoketa, Mrs. Samuel Warren has saloon keeper fined, Temperance speaker assaulted

MARRIAGES: 4,000 + Early Marriages Added
MILITARY: 1883 Pensioners, transcribed by Glenda Stevens
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright Robay Webster, Ruth Stockham, Harry McPhearson, Sylvia McKinley, Louisa Granby Blanchard, Ethel Streets

OBITS: (submitted by - Ken Wright) Marie Dell, Portia Davis
PEOPLE: James Anderson; John Beck; Mrs. Ben Bowman; J. D. Bowman; Grace B. Boston; S. H. Bowman; John Walter Campbell; John Cook; Capt. John Downing; Chas. Gundlefinger; Louis Gotsch; Louis Gronwalt; Mrs. William Greenwood; Sylvester Hayes; Paul Hindal; Otto E. Hinrichs; N. E. Hoyt; Ruth P. Kidder; William Markus; Harriet Mitchell; John J. Miller; J. N. Pence; Julius Petram; Harry Reichling; Hugo Reipe; Mrs. A. H. Seaver; Mrs. C. L. Sawdy; Will Stephens; Thomas Sullivan; Mrs. W. H. Williamson

CRIME: Samuel Hicks (Shooting Affray), John Hinton, L. M. Edwards; Riot and Murder in Bellevue (1840); Daughter Kills Liquor Crazed Father; Maquoketa Whiskey War, William Barger (Murder of Wife, then Lynched by Mob); William H. Hayes, Walter Hayes, Theodore Mootz, Mike Scholtes
NEWS: Fire-Herman Felderman barn 1920, Al Brunson House Fire-1921
OBITS: Mrs. David Cairy, Mina Alta Dye, Clifford S. Eddy, Bethel S. Farr, Gladys Harmsen, Harry LeRoy Hubbard, Joseph Kelso, H. Knowles, Deborah Littell, Augusta Lampe, Minnie Guenther, Dora Mau, Harriet Mitchell, L. B. McDonald, James W. Mitchell, William Wallace Meginnis, Henry Merrick, Florence B. McDonald, George Peters, O. B. Prior, Aloise Seda, William Shrigley, John M. Struzzel, John F. Wanichek, Mrs. Ward, Jesse Wilson, Mary Wright, Olive L. Wright, Mary Elizabeth Wyckoff, Martha Young
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright Charles Edward Fox; Fred Repphun; Ellison Taylor; Emilie Daudel; Mabel McGowan

NEWS - BUSINESSES: Frank Menneke
CHURCHES: Holy Rosary High School Opens
MARRIAGES: 500+ Early Marriages Added
SCHOOLS: 1920 Maquoketa Public Schools - teachers and their new salaries.
OBITS: Howard Lubben
TOWNS: 1887 La Motte News

NEWS: Maquoketa Caves Stories (6)
MARRIAGE NEWS: Bullerdick-Fablinger; Campbelle-Miller; Curtis-Davis; Dunbar-Fisk; Daudel-Jacobs; Dunlap-Detwiler; Fletcher-VonSchrader; Heasty-French; Halley-Prendergast; Keeley Anniversary; Krabbenhoft-Miner; Mackey-Tremain; Paulsen-Echelbert; Peck-Carpenter; Monkton-Carsten; Romer-Crowley; Scott-Klema; Schumacher-Schlemma; Westridge-Meginnis;
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright Melvin Decker, John Duffy, Polly Fairbrother, John Watson, Agnes Wood, John Whitfield, Henning D. Skrivseth, Louise Swift, Mary Seiler, Mary Wilson Flathers, Charles Frederick Meyer

BIOS: George W. Blake, A. L. Broxam, Wales C. Butterworth, George Cooper, Sr., Frank Coverdale, H. L. Grosskruger, Adolf W. Meyer, Henry Meyer, J. F. Moellenhof, John C. Nissen, Mrs. Catherine O’Connor, Mrs. Celesta Parkinson, William T. Pence, Lawrence Powers, Edgar R. Stoddard, George W. Taft, Andrew J. York
OBITS: Silas Barkley; Lou Black, Mrs. John Burcheding, Martha Chapman, James Fremont Dickson, Josephine Reistroffer Erdman, John Riley Halley, Laura J. Huff, Lucy S. Hunter, Mary Etta Doty-Howes; William Michael Rhodes; Mrs. C. E. Rantz; Leon Round; Jessie Reames; Asher Riley, Sr.
OBITS: submitted by - Ken Wright Thomas E. Cannell, Mary Matilda Riland, James Green, Hans Jensen, Eliza Chapman
OBITS: submitted by LaVonn VanDan - Hans Jensen
GLOSSARY: New additions to the glossary include Mania a potu, Cucumber Pump, Cassimere, Relict, Bilious Fever and Drugget.
QUERIES: Jessen/Jensen Query posted, responses received shortly thereafter also posted. Query for info on Nancy Plato.

BIOS: Peter Arens; M. W. Clark; Wellington Current; William Lange; Eveline Prosser; Harvey Reid; John L. Ripple; James Oscar Ristine, M. D.; J. S. Tracy; George Young, Jr.; Joseph Albert Young; J. G. Young
CRIME: Gilbert Hayes; Charles Fuller
CHURCHES: Iowa Methodist Conference in Maquoketa
NEWS: Run on La Motte Bank
OBITS: Julia Flannery; James Hickson; Simon Hughes; Mrs. Patrick Mahoney; Michael Sullivan,
PEOPLE: M. D. Barrows; Dr. Stewart Bowman; Carlyle Brown; Mrs. Walt Martin; Mabel Prussia; Dora Risden; Mrs. F. L. Roach; Ira Wise;

PEOPLE: “Cap” Baker, J. P. Broderson; Henry Bollinger; Marie (Swigart) Campbell; W. F. Comer, Frank Cundill, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Drum, Earl Drury, Mrs. James Gibson, H. J. Godwin, Walter Gregory, H. Hayes, Carl Jessen, Frederick Joiner; Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Kidder, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moeller; H. W. Miller, Virginia Bernice Miller, Horace Moulton, John Murray, Mrs. J. O. Ristine, Clarence Romer, M. S. Round Family, John Smola, Frank Wilson, Mrs. Miles Wright

BUSINESS NEWS: Decker House; Harris Opera House; Cannell Shoe Store
MILITARY NEWS: 1920/1921 Adjutant's Memorial report. J. Y. Buchanan; Warren Wait; Andrew J. Copp; T. J. Hayes; Dr. H. V. Hicks; Harry W. Lee; John Gibson; John Franklin Van Doren; James H. Geer; John Speigel; George Edleman; J. W. Bell, W. H. Gnest;
OBITS: Henry Felderman
OBITS: submitted by Ken Wright - Hattie Hall
PEOPLE: John Alderick; Edward Assmussen; M. D. Barrows; Dr. Stewart Bowman; Carlyle Brown; Mrs. A. Broxam; Clarence P. Denkmann; Paula DueMong; Lillian Krauser; Mabel E. Prussia; Dora Risden; Mrs. F. L. Roach; Natalie Cathryn Scott; John Steins; Lloyd Suthers; Mrs. Jonas Taplin; Ira W. Wise

CRIME: Mrs. Elizabeth McKitrick Murder - 6 articles
MILITARY: (WWII) Major Walter McGowan
NEWS: Maquoketa fire 1882, Maquoketa fire 1915, Maquoketa Fire 1876, Fire in Monmouth
OBITS: Grandma Earles; Elise Taubman; Mrs. James Sutton
OBITS: Submitted by Kim Mohler - Dr. Croesus Bradley

BIOS: Er. Atherton; Rev. N. J. Bies; Barney D. Ely; Joseph Kelso; Henry W. Kruse; John Maher; John March; J. C. Ripperton; Morris S. Round; H. P. Ryan; Paul H. Skov; George W. Taylor; George W. Tabor; John S. Thompson; James Young
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Lottie Dudley; Ida Mae Liston Elliott; P. C. Henry; L. F. Manning; Anna Hayward Simon; John G. Smith; Mary Orr Williams; Anson B. Wright
PEOPLE: Harry Maloney; Mott Watson; Edward Louis Harder; Stephen Haynes; Edith Holmes; Mrs. A. A. Hurst; Christiana Sophia Jessen; George Pain; Gertrude Schaub

BIOS: Henry Dunn; Emery Nabb; Robert E. Watts
NEWS: Fire in Bellevue
OBITS: W. F. Boomershine; Mrs. M. P. Drake; Mrs. Thomas Flathers; Emma Zoa Smola Hicks; Infant Rapp
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Harlan Crane; Lawrence Duffy; James Fannon; Bert Goodenow; Edward T. Kedley; Rev. John B. Newville; Charles Northrop; Cecilia Schmidt; Carrie Mae Varner; Abisha B. Welch;
PEOPLE: Jennie Barnes; James Betts; Rev. Bies; Mrs. Walter Bowman;
Added "Cordwainer" and "Prothonotary" to the glossary.

CRIME: Jeff Bentley
OBITS: Hayes McCarty; (child) Nabb; and contributed by an Anonymous Genealogist was John Gollobith
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Alvin C. Beedle; Robert Chase; Rev. Joseph J. Donahue; Jennie Fields; Ida Hammerstein; Albert Hicks; Gilman L. Johnson; Robert Lancaster; Addie (Gibson) Lee; Harriet Reddin; Philipa Rowe Williams
PEOPLE: W. R. Beggs; Henry Manning; Ada Truax

BIOS: Thomas J. Pearce
NEWS: Giant Pigeon Roost
OBITS: H. L. Peck; Paul Struve
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Walter T Ahern; Julia Ann Baker; Lyman Buchner; John W. Burkey; Ellen Doherty; James Eppingham; John F. Gordon; Ella Harrington; Alcinda Herryman; Patrick McCarthy; Bridget McKillip; Hannah Nickerson; Margaret O'Connell; Arnold Reiling; Carl Risinger; Earl Risinger; Elizabet Romanop; James H. Said; Obediah Sawtell; Sarah Degan Slattery; Byron Spencer; James Swift; Aurelia Taylor; Polly Ward; Susan Weber; Enoch Franklin Wickersham; Minnie Wright
PEOPLE: A. C. Blair; Mrs. Fritz Schmitz

BIOS: George Davis, M. D.; John M. Gollobith; William C. Post, M. D.
DIRECTORIES: Heavy tax payers from 1892 Assessment
OBITS: Earl Gilmore; Mrs. G. G. Jackson; Gilbert Nims; Joanna French DeMoss
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Mary Ahern; Thomas E. Berkley; Paul Boyle; Daniel Collins; Hon. Daniel Cort; Christopher Cox; Mary Ellen Cox; John Curoe; Phillip Devine; Elizabeth Driscoll; Michael English, Sr.; John W. Hawkins; Timothy Horan; Thomas Howard; Volkert Jacobsen; Henry Knittle; John Leonard of Garry Owen; Johannah Lynch; Rose Ann Lynch; Sarah Martin; Bridget Long McDonnell; Mary C. McMullen; Mary F. Melloy; Jane Noonan; James O'Connell; Thomas Reddin; James Riley Reynolds; Sarah Sheehan; Leonard Stokesberry; Robay (Mandigo) Webster; Matt Williams
PEOPLE: Vernon (Buckley) Buckles; Curtis V. Correll; Louise Swigert Ellis; Mrs. F. H. French; Mrs. Roy Grant; Hoot Family Reunion; George Rutledge; Mrs. Henry Starr; John Whitley
TOWNS: Maquoketa - Unlawful to keep hogs within city limits.

BIOS: Henry Graaff; J. Frank Cass; John Cavanaugh; Louis B. Carson, M. D.; Edward Foster; Michael Moran; Dr. M. J. Belden; Edgar Farr; Thomas Lambert; George E. Hilsinger;
NEWS: Mrs. Bert Glade; Aloysius Sprank; Mrs. J. Giesel; Mrs. Harry Griffin; Marion Menold
OBITS: Mary (Sauer) Lane; Thomas Dawson; C. W. Reynolds; Mike J. Nelson; Peter S. Williams;
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Lorinda Bentley; Harold Bowling; Berniece A. Brandt; David Burke, Sr.; Mary Kennedy; Honora Nicoll; Richard Noonan; Hanora O'Brien; Elizabeth J. Olmstead; Walter Patterson; Letitia Phillips; Thomas Early; Jeremiah Shanahan; John Ronek; Kyle Pool; John Penney; Anastasia McLees; Mary Ellen Finton; Lorena Fonda; Erlo Furrow; Elmer E. Meloy; Catherine McCarthy; William Matthews; Patrick C. Donovan; Lawrence C. Donovan; Johanna (Sullivan) Donovan; Johannah (Kennedy) Donovan; Cornelius F. Donovan; Katie Drummy; Annie Hawkes; Henry Burke; Jeremiah Callaghan; George A. Cook; Frank Curran; J. D. Dickinson; Elizabeth Reddin; Michael Ryan; Michael Slattery; Henry Smith; Agnes Stanton; Nicholas Streff; Mary Ann Williams; Eugene Tierney
TOWNS: Prairie Springs Township & La Motte

NEWS: Helen Benita Laird; Amelia Madlan Heneke; Willard Paul Bradley; Dale Sagers; Mrs. H. A. McIntire; Maxine Hainer; Verva Hainer; Mrs. Tom Nims; Douglas Hambell; Donald Kinyon; Lloyd Kinyon;
OBITS: Submitted by Ken Wright - Margaret McCarthy Lynch; Jessie Mary Gilmore; Walter K. Allen; Ellen Kenneally; Margorie McCarron DeGear; Michael Donovan; Mary Donovan
OBITS: Emma Felderman; Tony Tebben; Douglas Hambell; Maude Lovelee; Daniel Paup; Julia Phelps; Mrs. Henry Seitz;
SCHOOLS: Maquoketa High School Graduates 1879 through 1904 and their residence in 1904; Maquoketa Junior College

OBITS: Mary (Clark) Wilbur; Ira Shinkle
CHURCHES: United Church of Christ - Maquoketa; St. John's - Bellevue; St. Joseph's - Bellevue
TOWNS: Newspaper articles on Sabula and Preston
NEWS: Mrs. E. S. McCord; Mrs. C. Brown; Albert Franklin; Carl Jessen;

BIOS: Samuel Sutton; C. Speith; William H. Slipper; Washington Simpson; J. W. Said; Washington Snodgrass; John Sheets; Henry W. Sims; Thaddeus C. Seamands; Enoch Seamands; A. B. Smith; Radcliffe M. Smith; Thomas Sly; J. W. Scott; William M Sisler; William M. Sisler; H. A. Sisler; Robert L. Stewart; John Storm; George Storm; James Swift; Thomas Sweesy; Cinons Sweesy; David Swaney; George Scarborough; Thomas Scarborough; Andrew Smith; Catherine Swaney; Charles Shaffer; John Swaney; J. F. H. Sugg; Henry Specht; Otto Schmidt; J. H. Sinkey

OBITS: T. J. Gibson; D. D. Waite; Ralph W. Laird; Geo. Wendling; Mrs. Clifford Groon
NEWS: Ed Tubbs; Frank Haight;
OBITS:Submitted by Ken Wright - James Millwright


OBITS: Tom Carrigan; Ellen Dunlavey; Florence Earle; Delphine Burleson; Ruth M. Andersen-Olson; Mrs. Casel; Isidore Herrig
CEMETERY: 60 Burials at Bridgeport Cemetery.
DIRECTORIES: OES Officers 1921; 520 Former Residents Return Home with Birth Dates Etc. in 1907
NEWS: Frank Gibson, Paul Myatt; Leon Round
SCHOOLS: Maquoketa, Class of 1921

OBITS: William Rathie; Max Dose; Geo. W. Russell;
BIOS: Stephen L. Taylor; Tebo Tebbins; B. F. Thomas; James Thompson; John S. Thompson; Isaac Thompson; E. H. Turner; Washington Teter; William P. Taylor; Basil Tracy; Henry F. Tracy; James G. Tracy; J. S. Tracy; Florien Altfullifs; Amasa Ballou; W. H. Barrows; Calvin Breeden; B. B. Breeden; F. T. Burnett; Frederick C. Bauman; John Black; M. J. Belden; Truman Brown; A. W. Buck; John Bowen; P. C. Burke; James W. Bell; A. P. Boyd; James K. Blakely; Rebecca Blakely; Jefferson Bixler; William J. Conklin; George Cooper; Thomas Cairy; James Courtney; Shepard Cavin; Samuel S. Clark; Nickolas Capues; Thomas W. Cassin; Edward Cain; James Conway; Juliett Carman; George Zediker; James Dunne; T. Y. Dupuy; William Dick; Thomas Dowling; John De Graw; James Dunham; James W. Eckles; Bernhard Eisentraut; Edward Ebner; George Edleman; Jeremiah Ryle; Charles Wager; Seymour Wells; Borden T. Whipple; E. Burke Wylie; W. P. Ward; Jesse Wilson; Daniel Wagoner; James Binns;
CHURCHES: Andrew Iowa Lutheran and Presbyterian
NEWS: Mrs. Charles Boyles, Henry Bush, Jake Francois; Elizabeth Gilles Haxmeier; Hugo Stack; Joe Stender; Eaton Family; Henry Haxmeier; Gladace Marcia Hayes; Bernard Jensen; Mike Miesburg; Frank O'Connell; Frank Anthony Roth;
OBITS: Charles Rich, Jr. submitted by Ken Wright

OBITS: Nancy Gruver Porter; Lydia Rice; Ethel Streets; Edward Carson; George W. Tabor; Julian N. Manderscheid, all submitted by Ken Wright. Baby Raymond Barrows;
BIOS: Alfred Miller; Michael M. Mayers; John Martin; Peter McPool; John McCaw; James Moles; H. C. Morris; William Miller; Eli Metheny; John McLurg; W. C. Morden; James McDonald; Henry McDonald; Jonas Moyer; John E. Morgan; W. H. Moler; David Miller; J. H. Merritt; H. W. Mechener; James McMeans; J. W. Miles; John K. Miller; Justin Miles; John Martin; Henry S. McNeil; Alva McLaughlin; Bernard McNally; Hiram A. Miles; John Milgrove; Bridget McGovern; William John Mooney; William Mangeler; Benjamin Nocks; Elizabeth O'Neal; J. H. Ottens; Thomas Oliver; Winnie Ann Perkins; Thomas Pearson; I. N. Pollans; Oliver B. Prior; Willard H. Palmer; Adelbert M. Phillips; Stephen J. Palmer; Daniel Paup; M. H. Pierce; W. A. Quigley; B. F. Van Horn; Jonas Vansteenburg; Benjamin Vansteenburg; John N. Viall; Mary Vandolah; Alexander Reed; William H. Reed; John Roe; I. G. Rembold; David Rhea; Anthony Raab; Warren Rockwell; Levi Roush; John E. Rugger; Isaac Reed; Henry C. Reyner; G. E. Reyner; S. A. Richardson; Mathew Riley;
CHURCHES: St. Donatus Catholic Church; Springbrook Catholic Church
DIRECTORIES: 1854 Jackson Sentinel Subscribers

OBITS: Michael Nemmers;
BIOS: Thomas Frahm; Albert C. Ferguson; James Farley; Henry Flemming; John M. Fitzgerald; William C. Fenton; A. G. Fisher; Henry Gosch; James D. Gage; Alfred Giddings; Henry F. Graham; James A. Gray; George F. Green; William H. Ganoung; Alexander Galloway; William Gillett; Robert M. Gibson; S. M. Gibson; William R. Gibson, Sr.; Thomas J. Gibson; William Hasson; A. C. Heynen; O. W. Heynen; Henry Hagedom; John Hazen; Blythe Hopper; James Jackson Hopper; James Hopper; Claus Harms; John Harrington; Jay Hatheway; John Heberling; Levi Holroyd; Harrison Hamilton; J. S. Hamilton; Milo Hamilton; Thomas M. Hamilton; Adolph Heinrich; W. F. Hoyt; James Hickson; John Hutchins; L. C. Irwin; P. B. Jameson; Joathan Jaynes; Dominique Joannin; Elizabeth Jenkins; Lucius T. Kimball; William Krumwiede; Christopher Kyle; Matthew Kennedy; Marinus King; E. F. Kearney; Daniel Kemerer; Edmund Kelsall; George W. Kelsall; Christian Kegler; Christian M. Kegler; George W. Keister; Edwin E. G. Koon; H. Kukkuck; William Jones; J. D. Levan; Samuel Littlefield; Perry Lamborn; Joshua Leran, Sr.; George Lingle; Edward Larkey; P. Larkey; Joseph Larkins; Patrick Laughlin; D. N. Loose; John C. Leffert; W. H. Luckey; James Feeny; James Flyn; John Forrette; Justice O. Legg; Lydia A. Legg; James Horen; John Haylock; William Haylock, Sr.; E. H. Hoovler; B. F. Hull; Eliza Goodenow; Orzo Gardner; James Gilmore; Peter Gahnon; Joseph Gilmore; James Johnson; William Fowler;
CHURCHES: Christian Science Church - Maquoketa, Iowa
TOWNS: Circa 1910 Postcard Photo - La Motte, Iowa


BIOS: Mark Erichson; John Esmay; Francis Esmay; Wade H. Eldredge; Charles G. Eldredge; Isaac W. Dickinson; Henry Dickinson; William B. Davis; Israel Davis; Mrs. A. R. Darling; Sarah M. Dittoe; John W. Davis; John Dickinson; J. C. Day; Eugene S. Day; Aaron W. Day; William Bryant; Herbert B. Bryant; A. L. Bartholomew; Nelson Banning; A. Alexander; John Durant; Z. De Groat; James L. Dodd; D. H. Daudel; Wales C. Butterworth; O. P. Butterworth; Nathaniel Butterworth; N.B. Butterworth; J. Y. Buchanan; Philip B. Bradley; John Christoph Blessing; William R. Beggs; Abram Beesley; August H. Benner; Henry Braase; George Bryant; Jehu Bryant; William W. Applegate; William M. Amos, M.D.; Thomas J. Allen; M. S. Allen; Joseph Chafer; William Crawford; Lewis Carman; Henry Carratt; William Beattey; Sarah Burnett; George Caldwell; Morgan Cavanagh; Ann Clarke; Henry Clausen; George Canfield; George W. Confare; James Crawford; A. S. Carnahan; A. J. Cheney; George Collipriest;
MILITARY NEWS: Adrian Till, Casualty Article
MILITARY: Balance of Jackson County Civil War Rosters.

17-Nov-12 :
OBITS : Isaac Overholt; William L. Burt; Anna C. Petersen; Herman Arthur Parker; C. E. Benadom; Nellie Cornell Orcutt; Plus 4 contributed by Ken Wright, A. G. Henderson; Ferrol Reynolds; Warren D. Roberts; Walter D. "Mac" McCausland
BIOS : James Murphy; Daniel McAllister; William Malone; John Manderschied; Jake Marso; Peter Mark; Henry Meyer; John McQueen; J. D. Millman; Michael O'Connor; John Ortman; Daniel Page; Allen Parmely; A. H. Potter; A. L. Potter; F. M. Purdy; P. E. Purdy; Henry Rogers; Harvey Reid; Sarah A. Sawtell; John S. Sawtell; Peter Scheltz; Peter Schilling; W. H. Stover; E. W. Smith; Robert A. Schroeder; Frederick Scramling; Peter Seeman; Peter W. Spring; Perley G. Stiles; Luther H. Steen; John G. Sugg; Simeon Tebbens; Peter Ternes; Benjamin Thompson; William H. Virgil; John P. H. Wohlenberg; Robert C. Westbrook; Enoch A. Wood;
MILITARY NEWS : Vietnam 1967, Alan Stuckel Casualty Article, William Kuhlman Casualty Article
CHURCHES : Methodist Episcopal in Baldwin, Iowa

9-Nov-12 :
OBITS : Charley Wheeler; Nick Clasen; Nic Forette; Angeline Justman; Dwane A. Bristol;
BIOS : Matthias Gohlmann; Jerry Goos; John J. Gray; Thomas Gibbs; Malachi Gleason; Ashley Griffin; George Gifford; Sarah M. Hockley; James Hayes; Nick Hoffman; M. M. Hood; John A. Hunter; Joseph Hunter, Sr.; A. Hurd; Laura A. Hurd; Frank B. Hand; Martin Hein; John Hilsinger; John J. Hofstetter; Reuben Kaufman; John Krear; P. B. Jameson; James E. Leonard; J. G. Leonard; Enoch Long
TOWNS : La Motte, Iowa – 1910 Review
HISTORY : Early History & Settlers
BIRTHS : 300+ Records Added
BUSINESSES : 49 Records Added from 1893

03 Nov 2012:
BIOS : Charles Bausch; John Bausch; Frank Beimer; Fred Bolte; Michael Brown; Charles Barndas; E. M. Belknap; David Baker; David Barnholt; John Arens; G. C. Abbey; Thomas Abbey; John Ahlers; Pierce Cahill; Edward Conlan; W. P. Dunlap; Asa Delano; Richard Elwood; Joseph Ernst; Fredrick Dietz; Russell A. Fuller; Henry Frost; Alvin Fairbrother; John E. Babbitt;
LANDOWNERS: 1913 Monmouth Township


27 Oct 2012:
OBITS: Mary Rogers Bradley submitted by Ken Wright
BIOS: William T. Pence; Napoleon B. Pence; Nicholas Portz; Antony Pulffer; Henry J. Pfiffner; Frank Pieret; Elbridge Gerry Potter; Frank W. Potter; Lucius Byron Potter; George Ralsten; John Reuter; George Redmond; W. L. Redmond; Jeremiah Regan; William Rooney; Conrad Reeg; J. J. Reed; Herman Rave, Jr.; A. Reiling; Nick Robb; J. P. Roche; James Rheem; Richard Teeple; Albert Tietjen; John Tritz, Sr.; John A. Tritz; William T. Scheib; Joseph E. Shirk; Margaret Sieben; Antone Seylee; F. E. Smith; Bernhard Sanders; Henry Schnier; Nicholas Siren; W. H. Simpson; William Smith; F. J. Sokol; J. H. Sokol; Hon. L. W. Stuart; B. W. Seaward; Jacob Selzer; Frank Schlecht; Adam Schmidt; Asa Simmons; C. C. Simpson; Edward Smith; John F. Snider; John Sporing; Theo. Stampfer; John Stuart; John T. Sublett; Christian Van Den Acker; Hermann Warneke; Lezapshan Veach; John Watson; John Wilson; George W. Wilson; Andrew Woods; Benjamin B. Wynkoop; D. A. Wynkoop; William T. Wynkoop
MILITARY NEWS: WWI Send Off, Korea Casualty - Detlinger; Viet Nam Casualty - Collister.

20 Oct 2012:
BIOS: W. O. Gear; Conrad Gepfert; Nicholas Gilles; James E. Gilmore; Henry Green; Michael Geiger; Frank Hanske; Charles A. Harrington; Richard Harrison; William Hanser; Philip C. Henry; Charles Herron; Dr. James Hollister; Cyrus Huntoon; J. C. Hughey; Mahlon G. Hyler; Charles Hoffman; Dedricht Huneke; Deidrick Huneke; Nicholas Hebler; John Hueneke; W. F. Hanson; A. S. Hershberger; John Hershberger; Martin Gibbs; Anthony Gillespie; George Griswold; Carl Janeke; John Joerger; John Johnson; Jerry Jonas; Charles Justman; Nicholus Kas; John N. Kass; A. G. Kegler; W. M. Keister; Joseph Kelso; G. Kempter; Bernard Kettmann; Nathaniel Kilborn; Richard Kimbel; J. B. Kinsey; J. B. Kleine; Henry Kneif; John H. Kohlanberg; John Kohlenberg; Henry Kolker; Peter Koppes; John D. Koster; John Kraus; John Kraus, Jr.; Nicholas Krier; Henry Kueter; Charles Kunz; S. H. Lamborn; Fred Lampe; William Legge; Michael Ley; John Lintgen; Thomas Long; George Lubberger; Joseph Lucke; John Loewen; Charles J. Millard; Hon. W. A. Maginnis; J. P. Mann; Daniel McLeese; George W. McNulty; A. G. McHendrie; Lawrence Millar; John P. Monsell; James McElroy; Theodore Niemann; Henry Noldurft; Patrick O'Farrell
CEMETERY: Holy Rosary

13 Oct 2012:
TOWNS: Monmouth, Maquoketa
OBITS: Marie L. Dalzell
CHURCHES: First Lutheran, Maquoketa
BIOS: Michael Altfilisch; T. T. Barnes; Clarence Burnap; U. V. Atkinson; Capt. William Anderson; Albert Anning; Mrs. M. A. Barrett; William Becker; John Blush; John Bottgher; Henry Bower; A. Brandt; Ambrose Breese; H. Budde; Peter Butler, Jr. Fredrick Dietz; B. Degitz; A. J. Dorchester; H. G. Dorchester; William Dyas; E. D. Coe; John C. Campbell; Myron Collins; J. C. Coulehan; Anton Earnst; Henry Ernst, Jr.; Henry Ernst, Sr.; Herman Enning; Benj Evans; W. O. Evans; Louis Efferding; F. Etting; Amasa S. Fanning; Ley Foster; Robert Fratus; R. Freese; G. W. Frost; Herman Feldermann; J. H. Feldermann; J. D. Feldermann; Albert Frerichs; Martin Fritz; Frank Frewert;

06 Oct 2012:
SCHOOLS: Maquoketa Class of 1891;
CENSUS: 1840 U.S. Census;
BIOS: S. Burleson; William Burleson; John S. Butters;
CHURCHES: Methodist - Maquoketa; Holy Trinity - Baldwin;
TOWNS: Miles, Preston, Springbrook, Sabula


29 Sep 2012:
OBITUARIES: James Decker
BIOS: S. P. Olmstead; Jason Pangborn; Charles H. Patterson; R. Perham; Abner Reeve; James E. Reiter; N. O. Rhodes; Seymour M. Sadler; C. M. Sanborn; J. T. Sargent; James D. Scholl; Leonard Seaver; A. L. Shaw; Josiah Sheffield; Charles Shirey; Samuel Southwell; B. A. Spencer; William Struble; Caleb Summers; William C. Swigart; J. R. Van Evera; Dr. Otto Von Schrader; Henry Taubman; William Thomas; J. R. Tobias; Sidney J. Tubbs; Seymour M. Sadler; C. M. Sanborn; J. T. Sargent; James D. Scholl; Leonard Seaver; A. L. Shaw; Josiah Sheffield; Charles Shirey; Samuel Southwell; B. A. Spencer; William Struble; Caleb Summers; William C. Swigart;
SCHOOLS: Maquoketa 1885, 1884 and 1881 high school graduating classes
LAND PATENTS: 1842 through 1850

22 Sep 2012:
OBITUARIES: Elizabeth Heneke, Lydia P. Rice;
TOWNS: Zwingle;
BIOS: Thomas H. Laird, William H. Lockwood, W. H. Loofbourow, S. D. Lyman, O. W. Joiner, John Jones, Michel Lamey, Charles A. Littell, Henry Lubben, Isaiah Crane, F. W. Crane, Hezekiah R. Cornell, William Current, M. Majors, Eli Marlow, G. S. Martin, Joseph McCloy, James McPeak, J. K. Millard, W. C. Moffatt, H. P. Morse, Andrew M. Morey, Eli Moulton, Mrs. Lucena Moulton, T. Nickerson, Truman K. Nickerson, Calvin E. Northrop
CIVIL WAR:9th Infantry, Company A, Jackson County Roster.

15 Sep 2012:
OBITS: Charles Palmer submitted by Ken Wright and John Gibson, Laura Grace Bolt;
TOWNS: La Motte;
CHURCHES: Sacred Heart;
BIOS: Daniel T. Farr; A. Fellows; Dexter Field; Dr. D. L. I. Flanders; Adam W. Flanders; D.A. Fletcher; George W. Foltz; F. M. Fort; W. H. Fort; B. B. Frase; H. B. French
SCHOOLS: 1920 Country School 8th Grade Diplomas

09 Sep 2012:
OBITUARIES: Three contributed by Ken Wright - Charles Manning, David C. Shaw and Michael Donovan;
TOWNS: Baldwin;
CHURCHES: St. Mark's;
TOWNSHIPS: History, Towns & Cemeteries of each township;
LAND PATENTS: 1841 Land Patents;
CIVIL WAR ROSTER: 5th Infantry, Company I;
BIOS: Milton Godard, K. Gohlmann, John E. Goodenow, Charles P. Gordon, Erastus C. Gordon, Samuel C. Grant, W. C. Gregory, H. B. Griffin, John R. Griffin, P. H. Griffin, J . C. Guilfoil, Fred Gurius, William Gurius

01 Sep 2012:
TOWNS - Bellevue;
CHURCHES - Holy Rosary;
MILITARY - Civil War Roster, Ninth Infantry, Company H.


24 Aug 2012:
OBITS: Sophie Breede;
BIOS - Lyman Ballard, Lyman Bates, W. Scott Belden, T. E. Blanchard, Robert L. Blesh, William C. Boardman, DR. A. B. Bowen, Jacob Bowman, William Bowman, Henry Broockman, Silas F. Brown

18 Aug 2012:
BIOS: J. C. Harris, Charles H. Haskell, A. G. Henderson, L. S. Hill, A. S. Hodge, August Hoffmann. D. M. Hubbell;
CHURCHES - St. John's Lutheran - St. Donatus;
TOWNS - Andrew

11 Aug 2012:
BIOS: George Dahling; J.C. Day; John Dostal; Charles M. Dunbar; Hon. Lewis B. Dunham and Lewis H. Dunham

05 Aug 2012:
OBITS: Judge A.J. House;
BIOS - J. H. Allen; D. H. Anderson; Truman Chapman; D. C. Clary and Abandoned Towns

11 Aug 2012:
BIOS: George Dahling; J.C. Day; John Dostal; Charles M. Dunbar; Hon. Lewis B. Dunham and Lewis H. Dunham

05 Aug 2012:
OBITS: Judge A.J. House;
BIOS - J. H. Allen; D. H. Anderson; Truman Chapman; D. C. Clary;
TOWNS - Abandonded Towns and Post Offices of Jackson County


29 Jul 2012:
OBITS: Peter House;
BIOS Nicholas Flammang; Deidrick Feldermann; Henry Feldermann

25 Jul 2012:
OBITS: Mary Martha Grover; Herbert Manders; Mathew Manders; Mary Manderscheid; Martha Wathier

28 May 2012: Obit - Wanda Naresha Smith
26 May 2012: Obit - Michael Regan
24 May 2012: Obits - Robert W. Meyer; Military Obit - Schuyler Atherton
22 May 2012: Obit - Conrad Nigg
20 May 2012: Obit - James Prosser
19 May 2012: Obit - J. H. Schroeder
16 May 2012: Obit - Mathew Hodson
15 May 2012: Obit - Dr. Charles A. Bradley
14 May 2012: Obit - Stephen D. Lyman
08 May 2012: Obit - Mary Brumbaugh Nodle

14 Apr 2012: Historical Info - 1850 Post Offices & Post Masters; 1851 Lawyers
05 Apr 2012: Obit - Ezra Edwards
01 Apr 2012: Bio - Frank F. Hanson Obits - David Rhea

24 Mar 2012: Obits - Warren Roush; Harry Wagner
18 Mar 2012: Obits - Maude Crawford; Melvin McCloy; William Schoolman; Mary Spencer Bio - Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout
16 Mar 2012: Bio - William P. Kennedy Obit - Jane Welch
14 Mar 2012: Obits - Dillman Benton; Mary Efferding; Henry Fens; Mrs. W. C. Livermore, Henry A. Longschwager; William Trimble
13 Mar 2012: Obit - James L. Kingsley
12 Mar 2012: Obit - Susan Spaulding
10 Mar 2012: Obits - A. S. Carter; John W. Dunlap; Mollie Heeney; George Kimball; William D. Kitts; Frank B. Parkinson; Ignatius Poll
07 Mar 2012: Obits - R. J. Gardner; Emily C. Grant Tubbs
04 Mar 2012: Obit - Darius F. Morgan

20 Feb 2012: Obits - Isaac Beck; Nicholas Hilbert; William S. Teters; News - Lt. Col. Floyd Thomas
17 Feb 2012: Obit - James G. Summers
16 Feb 2012: Obits - Martha McMeans; John Sagers; Leonard Wright

25 Jan 2012: Obit - Allen L. Donielson
24 Jan 2012: Obit - Thomas Lee Berkley
08 Jan 2012: Bio - Norris Brown
02 Jan 2012: Bio - Wilber I. Cram

2011 Updates
29 Dec 2011: Obit - Charles Kurth
04 Dec 2011: Obit - Emeline Angel McCarty
12 Nov 2011: Obits - Albert Cort, Mattie Doty Crane, W. W. Groat, John Heberling, Ellen Lambe, Charles H. Patterson, Sr.
02 Nov 2011: Obit - William H. Watters
20 Oct 2011: Obit - Max L. Wright
14 Oct 2011: Obit - Francesca Gerlach
09 Sep 2011: Obits - Sophia (Krumviede) Beesley, Charles Broxam, Samuel Ely, John Peters
26 Aug 2011: Obit - Hannah Efferding
09 July 2011: Obit - William Royal Oake
22 June 2011: Obit - Mrs. John Gibson
10 June 2011: Obits - Will W. Bower, Harriet C. Hall, Mary Jane (Smith) Sublett
28 May 2011: Obit - Capt. Martin Kross
18 May 2011: Obits - Eugene A. Barnes, N. T. Wynkoop
06 May 2011: Obit - Jennie B. (Aldrich) Hooper
05 May 2011: Obits - Mrs. Allen Parmelee, Clara Sisler
04 May 2011: Obits - Michael Lamey/Lames, Carolyn Pendray
26 Apr 2011: Obits - John Rogers, Alice May Wade
23 Apr 2011: Obit - John Reyner, Hulda Sanborn, Gideon Wells
20 Apr 2011: Obit - Sam Jonas
17 Apr 2011: Obit - Mary Estella Dell
24 Mar 2011: Obit - Robert McKean Hughey
23 Mar 2011: Obits - Martha Celia (Brown) Eaton, Marietta (Carter) Teter
22 Mar 2011: Obit - Richard Jones
21 Mar 2011: Obits - Azelia (Granger) Center, Louisa (Fischer)Trout
20 Mar 2011: Obits - Mata Blanch Billups, Herman Brown Sr., William Each, Salina (Haviland) Goodenow, Thomas E. Hershberger
18 Mar 2011: Obit - Chauncey Bradley, Samuel P. Kelley
15 Mar 2011: Obits - Cyril Kim Barrows, Mrs. J. D. Burnap, Nancy Caroline (Edwards) Carter, Nancy Ann (Waddle) Diele, Flora (Von Eschen) Rhoades
13 Mar 2011: Obits - Jesse Busch, Allie (Goodenow) Holcomb, Dr. Christian Matthias Kegler
12 Mar 2011: Obit - Jack Garrier
11 Mar 2011: Obit - Hiram W. McCarron, Mary Tinker
10 Mar 2011: Obits - Carrie Ella Rose Farr, Lydia Hinman, Clifford L. Jacobs, Lily (Chamberlain) McQueen
09 Mar 2011: Obits - Charley Hinke, Mary Jane Rhodes Wade McCallum
08 Mar 2011: Obits - Lydia Brewster, John Gonner, Rev. George W. Jenkins, Clayton Morehead, Eliza Antoinette (Meeker) Northrop
06 Mar 2011: Obits - Homer Upton Bowman, Bertha Dahling, S. W. Hazard
04 Mar 2011: Obits - Marie (Marvin) Machek Belcher, Edwin C. Weed
03 Mar 2011: Obits - Thadeus Hasner, Margaret Taylor, Anna Whitley
02 Mar 2011: Obit - Mary (Doyle) O'Donnell
01 Mar 2011: Obits - David H. Carter, Mathilda Hayward
27 Feb 2011: Obit - Ruth (Seelye) Burleson, Calvin Edward Matthews, Esther Smith Towner
26 Feb 2011: Obits - Dr. W. H. Davies, Lucy (Downer) Dolph, Aden Richardson, Bessie Florence Whitmore
24 Feb 2011: Obit - Jefferson B. Bentley
22 Feb 2011: Obits - Margaret G. Cowden, George Jonas, Archie Reed, Hon. W. H. Reed, Cornelia A. Watkins
20 Feb 2011: Obit - Mary Jane Potter, Aaron Truax
17 Feb 2011: Obits - J. G. Fuller, Matilda Graul, Nick L. Kilburg
16 Feb 2011: Obits - Joseph Beck, Patsy Cook, Reiff Maskery
Probates & Wills - Will of Mary G. Hancock
13 Feb 2011: Obit - William Mason
12 Feb 2011: Obit - Arthur Mullen
11 Feb 2011: Obits - Adaline (Scholl) Brady, Ben F. Helferich, Jay M. Johnson, Lawrence R. Nicholson
09 Feb 2011: Obits - Nathan M. Balch, Mrs. George Benton, Douglas J. Burris, Charles Petersen, Dora Siegel, Elizabeth (Capesius) Sprank
07 Feb 2011: Obits - Alice May (Miller) Blake, Martin Fox, Capt. J. Murray Hoag, Anna Cubbage Organ
06 Feb 2011: Obits - Eugene Joel Higgins, Diana Kingsley
05 Feb 2011: Obits - Ira Copp, Jacob Guenther Lambert, Thomas Lambert, Sylvester Shattuck
04 Feb 2011: Obits - Emma (Gold) Joiner, Jason Pangborn
03 Feb 2011: Obits - Hastings Harrison, Jeremiah Roach
31 Jan 2011: Obit - Ira Brown
30 Jan 2011: Obit - Elizabeth (Stoltz) Willman
29 Jan 2011: Obits - Jessena Wage Peters, O. G. Prime, John P. Steil, Harold Tietjen, William W. Wentworth
26 Jan 2011: Obit - A. B. Chandler
23 Jan 2011: Obits - Harry G. French, Robert W. Wallace
18 Jan 2011: Obit - James Malone, Matthias Tebbe
Military: Civil War - Amasa O. Allen
17 Jan 2011: Obit - Blanch (Faber) Poole
16 Jan 2011: Obits - Conrad Goepfert, Frances L. (Deen) [Hamilton] Romer
15 Jan 2011: Obit - Agnes (Rhodes) Eads
14 Jan 2011: Obit - David Wright
13 Jan 2011: Obits - Caddy (Goodenow) Butterworth, Henry Mohlenhoff

2010 Updates
20 Dec 2010: Obits - Bennie Becker, Mary E. DeGrush, George W. Haylock, Hiram Liston, Andrew J. Woods
17 Dec 2010: Obits - Enid King, Margaret Noonan
13 Dec 2010: Obits - Aylmer Martin Mosle, Fergus O'Connor, Margaret Sheehan
11 Dec 2010: Obit - Peter Roeder
10 Dec 2010: Obits - John Altfillisch, Dale Denlinger, Jr., John Gregorich, Bertrand Kirk, PFC Richard J. McKenna, Kenneth McLaughlin, Bridget (Hickson) Ryan
09 Dec 2010: Obit - Will G. Riland
08 Dec 2010: Obit - Joseph Henri
06 Dec 2010: Obits - Florence P. Coakley, Johnny Carroll Cole
05 Dec 2010: Obits - Martin Lockwood, Margaret Metheney
03 Dec 2010: Obit - Carrie Sokol
02 Dec 2010: Obits - Eli Edwards, Peter Kirpes, Thomas McCard, Bridget Norcott, Martha Norcott, Caroline Call Sutton
28 Nov 2010: Obit - Mrs. Robert Kennedy
27 Nov 2010: Obits - Mrs. T. J. Lambe, Mathew Lynch, John Regenwether
22 Nov 2010: Obit - Hon. Joseph Kelso
19 Nov 2010: Obits - Alworth Baker, Charles Burnett, Adam Streets
News - Brown’s Hotel Torn Down
13 Nov 2010: Obits - Juliet Westerfield Seaward Brewer, Ella Mandigo McPeak, Lora Weeks
01 Nov 2010: Obit - Mrs. Rex (Vashti) Hainstock
26 Oct 2010: Obits - Jack L. Collins, Josephine Merritt, Dr. Douglas B. Staggs
27 Sep 2010: Obit - Benjamin Broxam
25 Sep 2010: Obit - Charles G. Jones
17 Sep 2010: Obit - Samuel C. Sanderson
15 Sep 2010: Obits - Edgar J. Easton, Sarah French, Catherine Botilda Graeger, Amanda Trump McComb, Leila Palmer, Malinda J. Anderson Parnell, Florence Pfeiffer, Esther Baty Streets Prindle
08 Sep 2010: Obit - Reyner
06 Sep 2010: Obit - Owen McCaffrey
04 Sep 2010: Obits - George W. Albright, William N. Alden, Eleanor Shrigley Bailey, Emma Geisler, R. L. Harrison, Michael Hartnett, Richard R. Kendall
17 Aug 2010: Obits - Davis Schultz, Rev. Whiting
16 Aug 2010: Obits - Albert Scholl, Barbara Ann Scholl
15 Aug 2010: Obit - John Henry Scholl
11 Aug 2010: Obit - George Arthur Potter
07 Aug 2010: Obit - David Robinson
01 Aug 2010: Obits - Forrest M. Miles, Malissa Mann Sagers
18 July 2010: Obits - Catherine Kinser, Peter McDougall, Charlotte Perham, Arthur Quick, William Reel, Staff Sgt. Ronald Sagers, Henry Schultz, Teeple Child
12 July 2010: Obit - Floyd Miller
07 July 2010: Obits - Dr. Coleman Amos, Susie Jonas
05 July 2010: Obit - John B. Wilmes
03 July 2010: Obit - John H. Scholl
30 June 2010: Obits - Daniel Donovan, Clement Shanahan (2nd Obit)
24 June 2010: Obit - John P. Foley
23 June 2010: Obit - Ann Hopper
17 June 2010: Obits - Elijah Edwards, Cordelia Allen Gibson, Vernon Staples, Reasen Willison
12 June 2010: Obits - Chris Duhme, Inse W. Kuper, Henry Schultz
10 June 2010: Obits - Hazel Dunham, James Lambe
09 June 2010: Obit - Anna Kulga, John Laughlin, Frederick von Schrader
05 June 2010: Obit - J. S. Billups
04 June 2010: Obit - Frances Bluel
02 June 2010: Obit - Howard Black
01 June 2010: Obit - Infant Cotton, Luemma E. Gibson
17 May 2010: Obits - Clement Shanahan, Allen Woods
16 May 2010: Obit - Craig Donald Chase
News - Son Charged in Slaying
14 May 2010: Obit - Robert Lee Jessen
12 May 2010: Obit - Menzo Widel
11 May 2010: Obits - Hannah Smith Langridge, Anna Moulton, Daniel D. Priaulx
10 May 2010: Obits - Anna Clark Benjamin, Joseph Osburn Wentworth
07 May 2010: Obits - Eli Edwards, Alois Flammang, Warren Gleason, William A. Scholl
05 May 2010: Obit - Roy J. O'Connor
03 May 2010: Obit - Gladys Marr, Clara Bittner Prandy, Joseph Marion Shinkle
01 May 2010: Obit - Dr. Joseph Cowden, Jr.
30 Apr 2010: Obits - James Coulehan, George Sizer, Byron Spencer
27 Apr 2010: Obit - Carl Keeney
25 Apr 2010: Obits - Cathryn Kelly Rash, Lee Ryman
23 Apr 2010: Obits - Donald Fay Bowling, Cpl. Theodore Chase, Pvt. Gene Haight, Frank Smith
Newspaper Articles - Two Maquoketans were killed in action
20 Apr 2010: Obit - Dr. E. M. Westbrook
17 Apr 2010: Obits - Pvt. Henry A. Schuster, Kate DeGrush Tuller
16 Apr 2010: Obit - Dr. Henry Burke
13 Apr 2010: Obits - Herbert Anderson, Dr. John Carter, Elmer Densmore, Lemuel Hood, William H. Winegar
12 Apr 2010: Obits - Carl Jensen, Burdette Nary, William Conrad Nigg, Mrs. F. E. Pike, Corp. Alvin Schroeder
08 Apr 2010: Obits - R. J. Carlot, Frederick Lohmeier, Augusta Theide
29 Mar 2010: Obits - Mary Cowger Bodkin, Nick Regenwether, Richard B. Wing
25 Mar 2010: Obits - Thomas Houston, PFC Daniel Moeller
24 Mar 2010: Obits - Jason Bailey, Milo Culver, Pvt. Nick Medinger, Elva L. Roush Pickett, William Rowe
23 Mar 2010: Obits - Anna Carter, J. C. Day, Johanna Becker Loitz
22 Mar 2010: Obits - Otto Heneke, Louisa Sheppard Myatt, Charles Wyckoff
20 Mar 2010: Obits - George Wesley Bagley, Ben Campbell, John Head, George Hyde, Anna Helena Staackman Krabbenhoft, John Emmett Morgan, Daniel Whitson
19 Mar 2010: Obits - Cornelia Chamberlain, Pvt. Thomas E. Edwards, Dan Noonan, Smn. Clifton Robinson, John Ryan, Agnes Campbell Simpson, Pvt. Harry Thomas
17 Mar 2010: Obits - Dr. James A. Carson, Mary Krumviede Seeman
16 Mar 2010: Obit - Charles Kukkuck
15 Mar 2010: Obits - Corp. Howard Jenkins, Nick Regenwether
13 Mar 2010: Obits - May Crane Hamley, Sgt. Evard Magruder
Military - Military Related Obituaries
12 Mar 2010: Obit - Fred McNamee, Fred Wray
11 Mar 2010: Obits - Sgt. Onie Butt, William Gibson, Pvt. Edward Kilburg, Lt. Russell Ruff, Laria Wathier
10 Mar 2010: Obits - Capt. James Corbett, John Feltis
09 Mar 2010: Obit - Mathilda Maler Keiser
07 Mar 2010: Bio - Willard H. Palmer
Obits - Jennie Carr, Sarah Jane Rogers Dye, George Fitzgibbons, Mrs. M. A. Gaffney, Alda Lucretia Potter, John Schrader
05 Mar 2010: Obit - Eva Nabb Barrows
04 Mar 2010: Obit - Dr. Milo W. Moulton
03 Mar 2010: Obit - Catherine Floyd Correll
02 Mar 2010: Obits - James Esmay, Anna Kuckkuck, John Perham
01 Mar 2010: Obits - John Bennett, Carrie Wendel Edwards, John Francis Mullen
28 Feb 2010: Obits - James Ehl, John Leonard
27 Feb 2010: Obits - Mary J. Brown Gibson, John Nelson
24 Feb 2010: Obits - Benjamin J. Anderson, William G. Haun
19 Feb 2010: Obits - Dr. A. Crawford, Andrew Schmidt, Sr.
15 Feb 2010: Obits - George E. Delavan, James Leonard, Libbie A. Derby Rich
13 Feb 2010: Obits - Eugene McGonegle, Robert Denzil Taylor, Dr. Henry Timpe
12 Feb 2010: Obot - Hon. George Foster Green
11 Feb 2010: Obits - Rev. James Anderson, Hannah Gibson Bickford, Maud Irene Hicks
10 Feb 2010: Obits - Jessie (Gregg) Boomershine, Getty Maria Elwood Clark, George F. Laing
09 Feb 2010: Obits - Harry Bausch, Arnold Evans, Dale McPeak, Milton C. Scofield, Joseph Cox Burke
08 Feb 2010: Historical Info - Early History of Jackson County and the Maquoketa Valley
07 Feb 2010: Obits - Mrs. Corpron, Rozella Geiger, Fayette Mallard, Jessie Delevan Reynolds, Lillie Stowers
05 Feb 2010: Obits - Fred Burmeister, George Cornell, Salinda Graul Lewis
03 Feb 2010: Obits - Ray Conkling, Louis Hankammer, Sgt. Major Orion M. Keil
02 Feb 2010: Obits - Robert L. Armstrong, Robert Cavnaugh, Donald Cheney, Norma Johnson Hurd, Elmer H. Schumacher
01 Feb 2010: Obits - Andreas Ehl, Susan Hoff Medinger
31 Jan 2010: Obits - Theodore Fischer, John Joseph Kettmann
29 Jan 2010: Obits - George Webb, William T. Wynkoop
28 Jan 2010: Obit - Elizabeth Buckham Markle
26 Jan 2010: Obit - James Wallace
22 Jan 2010: Obit - Mrs. LaFayette Pierce
21 Jan 2010: Obits - William Chaplin Boardman, Anna Viola Munger, Henry Seeman, Marx C. Seeman, Frederick Asmus Seeman, Marium Hansen Wilson
19 Jan 2010: Obits - William Henry Hand, Phoebe Dell Paul, Oral V. Sinkey
18 Jan 2010: News - R. W. HENRY
Obits - Harriet Tridel Ballengee, Bridget Marr, Elizabeth Morehead
17 Jan 2010: Obits - Charles Bradway, Sr., Harlow Downer, E. M. Franks, Nancy McDonald, Millard F. McKinsey, Minnie Conley Putman, Jeremiah Reagan, Enoch Simmons, Capt. W. A. Warren
12 Jan 2010: Obits - Mrs. W. C. Boardman (Second obit for Mary Benton Boardman), Mary Hunter Peters, James Watkins
11 Jan 2010: Obits - M. S. Dunn, Darla Goepfert, Pvt. Richard Heiar, Lenora Coop Mereness, Elmer Clayton Seeley, Sinkey child, George Watry
10 Jan 2010: Obits - Harold Ortell, Pfc. Marvin P. Roeder
08 Jan 2010: Obits - Eliza Ann Dyer Trumbo, S. O. H. Trumbo
07 Jan 2010: Obit - Ralph Belden Trout

2009 Updates
30 Dec 2009: Obits - Walter Doe, Susanna Sturm
10 Dec 2009: Obits - William Martin, Ella Teeple, Benjamin Thompson, Mrs. J. N. Wood
08 Dec 2009: Obits - Edice Brittell, Ashley P. Field, James K. Moss, Mary Reiling Murphy, Elsie Seeber
06 Dec 2009: Historical Info - Greenback Party Convention
News - William Martin, Was He Murdered
05 Dec 2009: Obit - Dan J. Dunn
03 Dec 2009: Death - William Horan
Obit - William Marshall Davis
02 Dec 2009: Obits - Rev. Fisher, Emma Simmons
01 Dec 2009: Updated Cemetery List
20 Nov 2009: Obits - Elma Griffin, Myrta A. Keck, John Sagers, George M. Schlatter & Beulah May Hoover Watters
19 Nov 2009: Obits William Prope & Alexander Reed
Military - Alabama Jim
18 Nov 2009: Obits - Catherine Cahill & Ansel P. Simpson
16 Nov 2009: Obits - Shadrach Spurr Burleson, Elizabeth Moriarty, Comfort K. Rice & John Shaw
History - Bellevue Hook and Ladder Company
Marriages - Glenn/Allen & Maginnis/Woods
12 Nov 2009: Obit - James C. Smith
08 Nov 2009: Obit - Ralph Pershing Stevenson
01 Nov 2009: News - Michael Cavanah
29 Oct 2009: News - Lawyer Arrested in Maquoketa, Rev. S. F. Millikan & Charles E. Rich, Jr. Suicide
Documents - Mary E. (McVey) Chick Affidavit Explanatory of Title
Bio - John B. Reistroffer
Obits - Isaac Benjamin, Mary Benton Boardman, Benjamin Bryant, Mrs Ir Corpron, Tasso C Ernst, Erlo Furrow, Albert Glaser, Will Haley, Elizabeth Anna Haney, William Madison Haney, Asa Hunt, Dagny Johnson, Fayette Mallard, John McClurg, Mrs. Anna Orcutt, Thomas Scarborough, John Slack, Carlyle Swigart & Charles von Schrader
9 Oct 2009:
Obits - Lucius Herbert Atherton, Hugh Campbell & Colonel Fred Scarborough
6 Oct 2009:
Obit - Mrs. Francis Luckey
3 Oct 2009:
Obits - C. S. Ferguson, Dr. Milo W. Moulton & Erven H. Palmer
Probates & Wills - Dr. M. M. Moulton
1 Oct 2009:
Probates & Wills - Wills of W. Henry Haylock & Isaac Overholt
Obits - Asa Hunt, John McClurg & Mrs. Anna Orcutt
30 Sep 2009: Obit - Marian E. Vinton

29 Sep 2009: Obit - Laura Gibson
News - Stabbing Affray
26 Sep 2009: Obits - John Dudley Elwood & Nick A. Portz
25 Sept 2009: Obits - John McKeggan, Rev. H. N. Millard & Mrs. A. R. Darling
24 Sep 2009: Obits - Elizabeth Millard, C. A. Miller & Grandma Morehead
News - MURDER CHARGE - Clayton Clark
23 Sep 2009: Obits - Daniel Ball, Jacob Goller, Charley King, Henry Kucheman & J. L. “Squire” Taylor
Sep 2009: Probates & Wills - Last Will and Testament of William C. Boardman
Obits - Wilson Barnes, Benjamin Bryant, Conrad Buxler, Donna Cairy Collingsworth, Thomas Dow, Mathias Fretz, Althea Stimson Gilruth, Squire James Hayes, William Kivis, Timothy Madden, Morgan Maloney, Burr I. Mitchell, M. H. Pierce, Mott Watson, William H. Ward, Captain William Wilson
Aug 2009: Obits - Mrs. Harriet Pinkerton, Dr. Otto von Schrader, Charles J. Smith, Mary Stewart Webster von Schrader;
Added News Article THE KEIL MURDER;
Links to submit Obits & Cemetery Records;
News - Hon. Phillip Bradley;
Bios - Phillip Bradley;
Military - World War II Army & Air Force Casualties
Jun 2009: Obits: Peter Stuhlman & Abby Anna Terry
Feb 2009: Elijah Tompkins obit

2008 Updates
Oct 2008: McCaffrey obit
Sep 2008: PETERSON obit
Aug 2008: HAYES obituaries
14 Jan 2008: BALCH biography; Marriages

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