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Jasper County Iowa


Marriages from Jasper County, Iowa

Anderson, Mary J. married Sheaner, Daniel N. on 24 Jan 1850
Cook, John married Lagsdan, Unis on 04 Aug 1850
Davis, Alexander married Shoemaker, Mary on 14 Oct 1849
Delany, William married Hill, Susan A. on 31 Dec 1850
Dooly, Sillas married Prouty, Mariah on 19 Feb 1850
Fice, Amanda married McCollon, Allexander on 16 Aug 1849
Fricna, Elizabeth Jane married Stephens, William on 03 Nov 1850
Howell, Calista married Mees, Thomas on 13 Jan 1850
Morgan, Joseph H. married Springer, Elizabeth E. on 16 Jun 1850
Prunty, Ash married Sheaner, Mary on 05 Dec 1850
Trulingler, Jacob married Wen, Catharine on 08 Nov 1849

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