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Lee County Iowa


Lee County Cemeteries

Acklan Cemetery Alley Cemetery Ambrosia Cemetery
Argyle Memorial Cemetery Bayles Cemetery Beebe Cemetery
Beeler Cemetery Bentler Farm Cemetery Blacksmith Cemetery
Bonnell Cemetery Bowman Cemetery Box Groves Cemetery
Boyd and Peevler Cemetery Brockway Cemetery Buena Vista Mound Cemetery
Burton Farm Grounds Cemetery Butler Cemetery Calvary Cemetery
Charleston Cemetery Cherry Hill Cemetery Clark Cemetery
Clay Grove Cemetery Claypoole Cemetery Colvin Cemetery
Cook Cemetery Cook Cemetery Cottonwood Cemetery
Creamer Cemetery Creel Cemetery Croton Cemetery
Denmark Cemetery Donnell Cemetery Dudley Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery Embury Cemetery Emerson Plot
Enslow Cemetery Evangelical Cemetery Everhardt Cemetery
F Simonin Grounds Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Fort Madison City Cemetery
Franklin Cemetery Friends Cemetery Frost Grove Cemetery
Galland Cemetery Gethsemans Cemetery Goldsmith Cemetery
Graner Cemetery H Banla Grounds Cemetery Half Breed Cemetery
Hauck Cemetery Hickory Cemetery Hillcrest Memorial Park
Hoffmeister Cemetery Hoover Cemetery Hyde Grounds Cemetery
Indian Princess Grave Iowa State Prison Cemetery J A Davis Grounds Cemetery
John Box Grounds Cemetery Johnson Cemetery Jones Cemetery
Kennedy Farm Cemetery Keokuk National Cemetery Lauther Grounds Cemetery
Little Mound Cemetery Lost Creek Cemetery McCulloch Cemetery
McKeehan Cemetery Mennonite Cemetery Montrose Cemetery
Moon Cemetery Mothershed Cemetery National Cemetery
New Boston Cemetery Oakland Cemetery Oiler Family Cemetery
Old Pilot Grove Cemetery Pioneer Cemetery Pitman Cemetery
Pitman Chapel Cemetery Primrose Cemetery Reid Farm Cemetery
Rudd Cemetery Sacred Heart Cemetery Saint Barnabas Cemetery
Saint James Cemetery Saint John Cemetery Saint Marys Cemetery
Saint Peters Cemetery Sand Cemetery Sandinavian Cemetery
Sandusky Cemetery Sax Cemetery Scandinavian Cemetery
Sharon Cemetery Slack Cemetery South Cemetery
Sunset Memorial Gardens Terney Cemetery The Yellow Banks Cemetery
Turner Plot Cemetery Van Hyning Cemetery Viele Cemetery
West Point Cemetery Whorton Cemetery Williamson Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery

* Note: GNIS Map Location is the name of the 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic map on which the feature is located.
(If you can provide a better location such as nearest town, township or section please let us know)

Source: GNIS


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