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Linn County
1878 County History Biographies

Ammerman, Adolphus, marble dealer.

Alderman, E. B., dealer in farm machinery and seeds. Marion; born in West Springfield, Mass., April 5, 1826; removed to Chenango, Broome Co., N. Y., with his parents, in 1828; in 1843, went to Suffield, Hartford Co., Conn.; lived there until 1848, and then returned to Chenango, N. Y.; remained there until 1850, when he came to Brown Tp., Linn Co., Iowa, and located land in that township; lived in Anamosa, until the Spring of 1851, when he went on his farm in Brown Tp., and resided there until February, 1856; then went East and spent a few months, and returned to Iowa and located near Anamosa, in Jones Co.; engaged in farming there until the Spring of 1860, when he commenced mercantile business at Anamosa. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. E, 31st I. V. I.; he raised that company of 106 men in three days, and was commissioned Captain of the company when it was first organized; on account of ill health, he resigned Feb. 13, 1863. Returned to Anamosa, where his partner had continued their mercantile business during his absence; although broken down in health for several years, he continued his business, and in 1869 he engaged in farm machinery trade exclusively; carried on that business at Anamosa until 1875; was engaged in the lumber business in 1876; Jan. 1, 1877, he engaged in his present business at Marion. Married Lydia A. Osborn in January, 1848; she was born in Westfield. Mass., April 25, 1826; they have had eight children - Louis E., died aged 2 years 4 months and 8 days; Amaret L., died aged 19 years ; the living are Mary Imogene, Fannie E., Ada M., Edwin G., Ettie and Jennie V. Mr. and Mrs. Alderman and their four oldest children are members of the Baptist Church.

Alexander, J. S., dealer in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, etc., Marion; born in Franklin Tp., Linn Co., Iowa, May 21, 1842; engaged in farming until Aug. 16, 1862, when he enlisted as a private in Co. A, 31st I. V. I.; promoted to Second Lieutenant March 19, 1863; promoted to Captaincy of the same company July 29, 1864; he was in all the engagements the regiment participated in, and was mustered out June 27, 1865. Came to Marion, Iowa, and engaged in the lumber business Aug. 23, 1866. He was City Councilman in 1876 and 1877. Married Anna C. Giffin in January, 1875; she was born in Northumberland Co., Penn., in June, 1852; they have two children - Jay Giffen, born Nov. 1, 1875, and Jeremiah S., born March 28, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Allen, M. B., attorney at law and general collection agency, Marion; born at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1813; moved to Addison, Addison Co., Vt., in 1817; when 10 years of age, went to Weybridge, Vt.; lived there one year, then went to Sudbury, Vt.; was there only a few months, then moved to Westport, Essex Co., N. Y.; when 11 years of age, went as cabin boy on a boat on Lake Champlain; run on the lake until he was 15 years old, then he returned to his native place, Saratoga Springs, and served apprenticeship at blacksmith and carriage maker's trades; in 1833, he went to Albany, N. Y.; remained there a few months, then he found employment in Simmons' Edge Tool Factory, at Cohoes Falls, where he worked seven months; worked a short time in Fairbanks' scale factory, at St. Johnsbury, Vt.; worked at Orwell, Rutland Co., Vt., during the Fall and Winter of 1836, and ran an emigrant boat between Whitehall and Buffalo during the Summer of 1837. Jan. 1, 1838, he married Priscilla E. Curtis; lived at Orwell and Whiting, Addison Co., Vt., until 1840, when he moved to Mt. Vernon, Ohio; in 1856, he came to Marion. Served as Deputy Sheriff and Constable about two years; was Justice of the Peace over four years, between 1863 and 1871. Admitted to the bar in January, 1870. Mr. Allen lost one son - Charles H. - in the army; he was a member of Co. A, 18th I. V. I. ; he died at Springfield, Mo., Feb. 9, 1863, aged 21 years. One daughter now living; her name is Eliza Jane.

Ammerman, M., marble dealer, Marion.

Bachner, John, stone mason.

Bailey, H. M., farmer.

Bardwell Bros., job printers, Marion; L. P. Bardwell was born in Marion Oct. 7, 1842; he was engaged in the agricultural implement business from 1865 to 1872; engaged in his present business in 1872. Married Miss F. E. Jewett in December, 1870; they have three children - Jennie A., Lizzie H. and Lucy M. Mrs. Bardwell is a member of the M. E. Church. Leonard W. Bardwell was born in Marion Nov. 15, 1846; commenced working at printers' trade in 1858. Enlisted, in 1863, in Co. F, 20th I. V. I.; mustered out with the 29th I. V. I. in July, 1865.

Bardwell, Thomas S., physician and surgeon, Marion; born in Pendleton, Madison Co., N. Y., May 20, 1827; in 1837, he came with his parents to Rock Island, Ill. His father, Leonard Bardwell, was a physician, and was appointed Contract Surgeon at Rock Island, for the U. S. Government, in 1838; served in that position about a year, then removed to Davenport, Iowa; resided in that vicinity until 1841, then they came to Marion, Thomas S. having commenced the removal of their household goods to this place the year previous. In 1841, Leonard Bardwell purchased for $50 in gold a squatter's claim to Round Grove, situated ten miles north of Marion, in what is now Otter Creek Tp.; he was one of the first physicians of this place. Thomas S. Bardwell commenced making a farm at Round Grove in 1841, and from that time until 1849, he followed farming pursuits, and was prosecuting the study of medicine during the same period, under his father's tuition; he graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Missouri, at St. Louis, class of 1849 and 1850; in 1850, he commenced practice at Marion. In 1863, he entered the U. S. service as Surgeon of the 9th I. V. C.; served in that capacity until the close of the rebellion, then returned to Marion, and has been in practice here ever since. Soon after he left the army he was appointed Postmaster at Marion, and served about three years. The Doctor was editor of the Marion and Linn Co. Democrat several years. The doctor's father was born at Belchertown, Mass., in 1802; he died in 1847.

Beaty & Willits editors and publishers of the Linn County Pilot, Marion.

Bube, H. T.

Bube, Irvin A., grocer.

Beck, John, brick maker.

Benedict, E., retired.

Berry, S. T., County Treasurer.

Berryhill, J. I., fire and life insurance agent and proprietor intelligence office, also Agent and Receiver of the Marion Opera House; he was born in Marion, Aug. 17, 1845; in February, 1863, he enlisted in Co. H, 24th I. V. I.; served until 1865, and was in the following battles: Mansfield, La., April 8, 1864; Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 1864; Fisherhill, Va., Sept. 22, 1864; Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864, and several other engagements; after leaving the United States service he returned to Marion, and was engaged in farming until 1866; then he commenced work as carpenter, which occupation he followed until 1875, when he engaged in his present business. He married Katie Mitchell April 24, 1866; she was born in Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 2, 1849; they have two children - John M., born March 22, 1867, and Archie R., born Nov. 28, 1870. Mr. and Mrs. Berryhill are members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. B. is a member of the City Council; he owns eighty acres of land in Sec. 3, in this township, valued at $2,000.

Bixby, Emory I., tinsmith, Marion: born near Lockport, Niagara Co., N. Y., May 7, 1836; moved with his parents to Knox Co., Ohio; lived there three or four years, then moved to Belleville, Richland Co., Ohio; resided there until he came to Marion, Jan. 17, 1857. Mr. Bixby enlisted in Co. A, 6th I. V. I; was mustered in, July 17, 1861; served as a bugler one year and eight months; was then discharged on account of disability. Married Lydia R. Bardwell March 17, 1864; she was born in Rockingham, Scott Co., Iowa, Sept. 2, 1840; they have three children - Thomas McA., born March 10, 1865; Nahum E., born Nov. 20, 1866, and William W., born June 30, 1872. Mr. and Mrs. Bixby are members of the M. E. Church; he has been a member of the City Council, Township Clerk, member of the School Board, etc.

Bixby, J. C., printer, foreman Register office.

Bixby, Simeon, chair maker.

Billington, Thonas E., bookseller and stationer, Marion; born on a whale ship in South Pacific Ocean, Oct. 19, 1810; from 1811 to 1832 he lived in Providence, R. I.; he then went with the Hudson Bay Fur Co., and was with them until 1835; returned to Rhode Island, in 1837; in 1848, he started for California, arriving there in the Spring of 1849; was there until 1852; from 1853 to 1855 he was in Europe; practiced medicine in Kentucky, from 1856 to 1858; then went to Europe again for the benefit of his health; was in the army as a soldier and connected with U. S. Secret Service Dept. during the late rebellion ; came to Marion in 1875.

Blackmar, Augustus, carpenter.

Booth, J. M., dentist.

Bowdish, Jackson W., Cashier First National Bank.

Breneman, A., carpenter.

Brickley, E. J., cook.

Brinkerhuff, J., Editor Hope of Israel.

Brown, John B., drayman; born in Ross Co., Ohio, Sept. 24, 1839; came to Linn Co. in 1852; occupation since, farming and teaming. His wife's maiden name was Rebecca C. Richards; born in Pennsylvania July 21, 1847; married Nov. 22, 1865; children are Margaret, Leo F., Samuel M., Anna Mary, Fanny R.

Bryant, James, of the firm of Bryant Bros., proprietors of livery stable, Marion; born in Seneca Co., N. Y., Aug. 11, 1847; came to Mechanicsville, Iowa, in 1872; came to Marion in 1876; the Bryant Bros, are owners of the famous stallions, Starlight, Golddust and Trumpeter Goldust; they also own some fine trotting stock, among which may be mentioned "Regent,'' a horse with a record of 2:40.

Bryant, W. C., livery stable proprietor.

Buckman, Harrison, restaurant.

Bullock, J., painter.

Burnight, L. H., hotel porter.

Burns, James, teacher.

Burroughs, N. E., real estate.

Busby, George, dealer in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, paints, building paper, coal, etc., Marion; born in England, Nov. 25, 1832; came to North Adams, Massachusetts, with his parents, when he was about 4 years of age; lived there until April, 1854, when he came to Marion, Linn Co., Iowa; engaged in farming, dairying, etc., until 1857; then went to Waubeck, where he engaged in stock, produce and mercantile business; remained at Waubeck until 1865, then came to Marion; engaged in stock, grain and produce business here until 1873; in that year he added lumber dealing to his other business; in Aug. 1875, he went into the lumber business exclusively. He is now a member of the City Council. He married Lydia J. Williams in December, 1851; she was born in Burlington, Vt.; they have five children - Eva D., Bert C., Nettie A., Irving E. and Roy.

Caldwell, Joseph J., hotel clerk.

Caldwell, Angus, proprietor of the Park Place Hotel and Livery Stable, Marion; born in Greensburg, Decatur Co., Ind., April 17, 1827; came to Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1840; lived there five years, then returned to Indiana; came to Springfield, Illinois, in 1846; went to California in 1852; engaged in freighting, &e., there for six years in the employ of the Union Pacific Ry. Co., a portion of 1868-9; came to Marion, Iowa, in 1869. He has been engaged in the livery business here since 1870; proprietor of the Park Place Hotel since October, 1877. Mr. Caldwell is a member of the City Council. He married Mrs. Barbara J. Van Dyke, May 19, 1870; she was born near Indianapolis. Ind. They have one child - Sadie, born June 5, 1873. Mrs. Caldwell's father, John Miller, is an early settler of Linn Co. Mrs. Caldwell is a member of the Christian Church.

Campbell, Alexander, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Marion; born at Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, Scotland, June 8, 1842; came with his parents in 1845 to South Ely, Shefford Co., Canada East; was educated at St. Francis College, Richmond, Province of Quebec; came to Marion, Iowa, Sept. 9, 1869; was admitted to the bar in Linn Co., Iowa, in July, 1870.

Carman, Geo. P., Capt., merchant tailor, Marion; born at Tyrone Forge, Blair Co., Iowa, June 1, 1832; moved to Marengo, Iowa, in March, 1869; to Davenport in 1872: to DeWitt in 1873, and came to Marion in 1875. He enlisted in Co. K. 51st Penn. V. I., Aug. 28, 1861 (having been in three months service previously, he was promoted to Second Lieutenant Dec. 25, 1861; to First Lieutenant July 25, 1862, and to the Captaincy of his Co. on the battle field of Second Bull Run, Aug. 29, 1862; mustered out July 3, 1865. He married Rachel E. Lyon, May 10, 1853; she was born at Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Penn., Dec. 24, 1835; they have had three children; one son - Orlando Chester, died in April, 1859, aged 3 years and 8 months; the living are Lillie D and Rachel B. The Captain and family are members of the Baptist Church.

Carskaddon, David, Col., Sheriff of Linn Co., Marion; born in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio, July 8, 1825; when he was a small boy he went with his parents to Covington, Fountain Co., Ind.; lived there, until he was 10 years of age; then they moved to St. Joseph Co., Ind., near South Bend; lived there until the Fall of 1854, when he came to Marion, Iowa; engaged for several years in the livery business, dealing in stock, etc.. September, 1861, he enlisted as a private in Co. K, 9th I. V. I.; September, 1861, he was elected Captain of the Company, and Dec. 3, 1862, he was elected Colonel of the 9th Regiment; although he was the Junior Captain of the regiment, he was so popular among the men that he was chosen by them as Colonel in preference to those higher in rank; he was in all the engagements (twenty-seven or twenty-eight) which the regiment participated in; July 28, 1864 he was wounded at Atlanta; his regiment lost during the term of service thirty-seven officers, which was the largest number killed in any Iowa regiment; there was but one other regiment from this State that lost more men; the Colonel was mustered out Jan. 14, 1865. Since his return to Marion he has been engaged in the furniture business and dealing in stock until he was elected Sheriff in 1877; he has held various minor offices in this town. Married Sarah Bates, May 16, 1852; she was born in Clark Co., Ohio, Dec. 23,1830; they have now two children - Alva, born in La Porte Co., Ind., April 11, 1853, and Harmony, (now Mrs. W. S. Twogood), born in Cedar Co., Iowa. Jan. 11, 1855.

Carson, J. S., carpenter.

Chamberlain, L., druggist.

Chatelain, Abmand, proprietor saloon and restaurant, Marion; born in Switzerland, Jan 22,1842; came to St. Louis in 1867; stayed there three months, then went to Elgin, Ill., and worked for the Elgin National Watch Co. two and a half years; then went to Chicago, where he remained one year; came to Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., Iowa, in the Fall of 1870; engaged in jewelry business there until Feb., 1873, when he came to Marion; engaged in the same business here until he was obliged to relinquish it on account of ill health. Mr. C. married Lisa Chopard July 14, 1866; she was born in Switzerland, Jan. 26, 1841; they have had five children, the living are Paul, born Jan. 11, 1868; Mary, May 20, 1869; Armand, Jr., Jan. 4, 1873, and Arthur, March 13, 1878; lost one daughter - Bertha; she was born Feb. 19, 1876, and died Dec. 29, 1877. Mrs. Chatlain is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Cheadle, Dean, of the firm of Cheadle & Keyes, dealers in clothing, gents' furnishing goods, etc., Marion; born in Windsor Tp., Morgan Co., Ohio, Oct. 30, 1821. Came to Marion in 1842; he has been engaged in tailoring and mercantile business ever since he came here. In Oct., 1862, he enlisted in Co. K., 6th Iowa V. C; was Orderly Sergeant of the company from the commencement of service until he was mustered out, Oct. 17, 1865; was in all the engagements his regiment participated in. Mr. Cheadle's first wifewas Ruth Ives; she died Dec. 1, 1860; two children by this marriage now living - Charles R. and Sarah Emma; lost three, who died quite young. Present wife was Marion L. Sartwell; married Feb. 24, 1870; she was born in McKean Co., Ohio; they have two children - Sylvia M. and Dean S..

Clogston, T. P., bridge builder and house mover; born April 16, 1834, in Waterford, Washington Co., Ohio; came to Linn Co. in June, 1869; has been in the bridge-building and house-moving business since. His wife's maiden name was Anna Nickerson; married Feb. 20, 1856; she was born in Morgan Co., Ohio, Dec. 11, 1837; children's names are Mary A., born Dec. 21, 1857; Ada M., born Feb. 23, 1861; Joseph A., born May 29, 1864; Ora F., born Aug. 25, 1866, and Anna B., born April 9, 1876.

Coenen, John, of the firm of Coenen & Schneider, proprietors of Coenen's Brewery, Marion; born in Prussia, Oct. 4, 1829; came to Buffalo, N. Y., in 1853 ; remained there three months, then went to Aurora, N. Y., where he was on a farm about seven months; in the Fall of 1854, he came to Chicago; worked in a planing-mill there two years; came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1857; assisted in starting the first brewery there; in 1858, came to Marion; was in saloon business here from 1858 to 1866; in 1866, he built the brewery which he now carries on. He married Mary Webber Sept. 16, 1858; she was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, July, 1836; they have three children - -Katie (now Mrs. Charles Schneider), born July 9, 1859; Mollie, in Oct., 1860, and Maggie, Dec, 1862.

Coehen, Joseph, proprietor of billiard hall and saloon, Marion; born in Prussia, April 2, 1835; came to Chicago in 1856; lived there about one year and a half, then came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he resided till Aug., 1862, when he enlisted in Co. K, 9th Iowa V. I.; served until July 25, 1865, when he was mustered out; he then returned to Cedar Rapids, where he remained until Aug. 4, 1866, then came to Marion; for five years he was connected with Coenen's Brewery; since then he has been in present business. Married Sophia Bowernecker Aug. 4, 1865; she was born in Saxony, Germany; they have six children - Mary, Frances, Sophia. Joseph, Jr., Willie and Eddie.

Colbert, Dennis, laborer.

Cone, Byron, lather.

Cone, Geo. W., house, sign and ornamental painter, Marion; born in Bertram Tp., Linn Co., Iowa, April 12,1839; he is a son of Morris and Ann Cone, and was the first white child born in Linn Co.; Linn Co. has always been his home. He married Sarah E. Vosburg in Nov., 1862; she was born in Coxsackie, N. Y., April 25, 1844; they have had two children - one daughter, Estella May, died Nov. 2, 1877, aged 8 years; one son, now living, John Sigel, born Jan. 1, 1863. Mr. Cone is a member of the City Council, representing the Second Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Cone are members of the M. E. Church.

Cone, John, house, sign and ornamental painter, Marion; born in this county, Nov. 2, 1841 ; engaged in present business twenty years; enlisted in Co. K, 9th Iowa V. I.; mustered in Sept. 14, 1861; he was in all general engagements his regiment participated in, and was mustered out in July, 1865. Married Caroline Mitchell, March 2, 1864; she is a daughter of Matthew Mitchell, deceased; she was born in Marion, Nov. 9, 1844; they have two children - Maud L., born April 9, 1866, and Lucia M., Aug. 26, 1872. Mr. Cone is a member of the City Council, serving his third term in that position. Mr. and Mrs. Cone are members of the Congregational Church.

Cone, Norms, painter, Marion; born in Guilford, New Haven Co., Conn., Dec. 22, 1808; moved to Wallingford when he was a youth, and lived there until 1837, when he came to Bloomington, Ill.; came to Bertram, Linn Co., Iowa, in February, 1839; lived there ten years; then came to Marion; he lived one year here, then went to farming again in this vicinity, which he continued until 1854; in 1854 he returned to village of Marion again, and has resided here ever since; he has been engaged in the business of carpenter and joiner and painter since he has lived in town. He married Ann Blakeslee Sept. 14, 1831; she was born in Wallingford, Conn., Sept. 24, 1810; they have had seven children; one son, Lucius L., was born April 19, 1848; he died Jan. 10, 1871; those living are Byron, born Dec. 6, 1832; Oliver B., born Nov. 30, 1835; John, born Nov. 2, 1841; George N., born April 12, 1839; Laura A. (now Mrs. Joseph A. Starbuck), born May 15, 1846; Norris R., born Feb. 12, 1850. Mr. and Mrs. Cone are members of the Baptist Church; Mr. C. has been a member of the Board of Supervisors of this county.

Cone, Oliver B., tinner Marion; born in Wallingford, New Haven Co., Conn., Nov. 30, 1835; came to Marion in February, 1839, with his parents. Enlisted in Aug. 1861, in Co. K, 9th I. V. I.; was Corporal; wounded at the battle of Pea Ridge, March 7, 1862, and, on account of disability from these wounds, was discharged in September, 1862. Mr. Cone married Mary A. Smith Nov 12, 1856; she was born in Elmira, N.Y., July 4, 1834; they have three children living - Harry D., born March 12. 1860; Laura B., born Oct, 1866, and Lucius L., born Nov. 2, 1873; lost one child that died in infancy. They are members of the M. E. Church.

Cook, G., furniture mnfr. and dealer.

Cook, Jesse, laborer.

Cooper, Loren, wagon and carriage manufacturer, Marion; born in Morgan Co., Ohio, Nov. 2, 1851 ; came to Marion in 1860; he has worked at present business twelve years. Mr. Cooper married Mary C. Snyder Nov. 2, 1871 ; she was born in Pennsylvania, in 1853; they have two children - Alonzo Grant, born July 3, 1872, and Ettie May, born June 15, 1874.

Cornwell, L. J., MRS., Marion, formerly Miss L. J. Bemis ; was born in New York, in 1830 ; she married Amos C. Cornwell in Nov. 1849; he was born in Connecticut, in 1802, and died in Nov., 1873; they have four children - Alfred H., Frank W., Hannah Lovina, and Ellen Lucy; Ellen Lucy married John Cederberg Sept. 28, 1875; he was born in Sweden, March 12, 1842, and came to America in 1868: learned his trade in Sweden; lived in Princeton, Ill., two and a half years, and in Chicago two and a half years, and in Cedar Rapids three years, and went to Marshalltown, in 1877, where he carries on the business of merchant tailor.

Crawford, John L., Clerk of the Courts, Marion; born in Pleasant Tp., near Mt. Vernon, Ohio, May 29, 1830; lived in Ohio until 1854, when he came to Maine Tp., this county; engaged in farming until he was elected Clerk of the Courts in 1872; re-elected in 1874 and 1876; during his residence in Maine Tp. he held offices of Assessor, Township Clerk, and various other town and district positions; he lived on Sec. 26. Married N. Ann Graham Nov. 24, 1852; she was born in Washington Co., Penn. ; they have five children living - H. Howard, Jeff G., Salome F., Alice M. and Jennings R. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford, with their four eldest children, are members of the Free Will Baptist Church.

Crawford, Jefferson, of the firm of J. L. Crawford & Son, merchant tailors, and dealers in gents' furnishing goods, Marion; born in Maine Tp., Linn Co., Iowa, Sept. 17, 1855; came to Marion, Jan. 2, 1873; he has been engaged in present business one year; previously, was employed about a year and a half in the office of his father, J. L. Crawford, Clerk of the Courts; one year he clerked for a grocery firm here.

Crosby, L., laborer.

Davis. A. K., dealer in agricultural implements.

Daniels, Addison, merchant, Marion; born in Medway, Mass., Nov. 13, 1813; came to Marion in 1840; he has been engaged in mercantile business ever since he came here, although largely interested in real estate, and, at different times, having large milling interests; when Mr. Daniels came here, there was not a house where the town of Marion is now located, although it had been selected as the site for the county seat in 1839, and that fact induced Mr. Daniels to locate here. He was the first Postmaster at this point, also first Recorder.

Daniels, Preston, merchant, Marion; born in North Brookfield, Mass., Dec. 16, 1819; came to Marion in 1846; engaged in mercantile business ever since he came here. He married Mary A. Keyes; she was born in Ohio; they have three children - Addison L., Caroline M. (now Mrs. Benj. F. Metzer) and Adaliza.

Daniels, Samuel, County Auditor, Marion; born near New Alexander, Ohio, May 15, 1839; lived in Ohio until the Spring of 1846, when he came with his parents to Linn Co., Iowa; first located on Indian Creek, near what is now called Bertram; his father, Jeremiah Daniels, is now engaged in the milling business at Bertram. Samuel Daniels enlisted May 5, 1861, as a private, in Co. K, 1st I. V. I.; received wounds which resulted in the loss of his right leg, at the battle of Wilson Creek, Mo., Aug. 10, 1861. He then returned to this county, and for three years was agent for the C., N. & N. W. R'y Co., at Bertram; also Postmaster at the same place for the same period; came to Marion in the Spring of 1865. He held the position of Deputy Recorder for eleven years; was elected County Auditor in 1875, and assumed the duties of that office in January, 1876; he was also Deputy U. S. Revenue Collector for this district for two or three years - from July 19, 1869, until the position was abolished. He married Mary E. Hayzlett Nov. 27, 1873; she is a daughter of John G. Hayzlett, who is one of the early settlers and prominent citizens of this county; they have two sons - Charles E., born Jan. 19, 1875, and one infant.

Davis, J. C., attorney.

Deal, John, gardener.

Downie, Wm. M., of the firm of Twogood & Downie, merchants, Marion; born in Middleton, Mass., Feb. 27, 1850; lived in Portsmouth, N. H., from 1855 to 1864; resided in Boston, Mass., from 1864 to 1866 ; in 1866, he came to Marion, Iowa ; clerked for Silas Merriam seven years; one year a clerk for J. F. Hervey, and partner with Mr. Hervey one year; organized the firm of Twogood & Downie in 1875.

Draper, Eli, retired.

Dunn, Myron, farmer.

Dumont, A. B., manufacturer and dealer in furniture, Marion; born in Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., July 19, 1824; lived in Cayuga Co. and in Onondaga Co., N. Y., several years; came to Marion in the Fall of 1846; was engaged at the carpenter trade until 1858; from 1858 to 1866, in the offices of County Recorder and County Treasurer; also, Justice of the Peace from 1858 to 1864 ; served two years as Councilman; on School Board, Secretary of the Board, several years; has always taken an active interest in educational matters. In April, 1849, Mr. Dumont started for California; stopped about six months in Oregon, and worked as a wheelwright; then went to California, arriving there about the middle of June, 1850; engaged in mining there until June, 1851, when he left for home by steamer, via the Isthmus of Panama and New York. Mr. D. married Julia A. Leffingwell Oct. 13, 1844; she was born in Vermont; they have had five children; one daughter died in infancy, and Lizzie, died in 1868, aged 21 years; the living are James W., born in May, 1849, and John E., born in November, 1852.

Dumont, J. W., wagon maker.

Durham, S. W., surveyor.

Dutton, J. Q. A., blacksmith, Marion; born in Lancaster, Ohio, Aug. 13, 1833; came to Marion, by wagon, in 1852. He married Louisa L. McKnight; they have had five children; one daughter died in infancy; the living are Ellis Ray, Hattie May, Ida K. and Lulu Belle. Mr. and Mrs. Dutton are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Eidaniller, Frederick, merchant.

Elithorp, E., cooper.

Elliot, H. I., photographer and dealer in picture frames and nearly every description of pictures; first-class work a specialty; the firm of Jones & Elliott was formed in 1871, and they carried on the photographic business at Davenport until 1875, when they came here; the firm was dissolved April 1, 1878; Mr. Elliott is now sole proprietor of the gallery; he was born in Fairfield, Westmoreland Co., Penn., Dec. 30, 1850; came to Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa, with his parents, in 1855; lived there until he went to Davenport, in 1871.

Elliott, J., Sr., retired.

Elliott, J., Jr., of the firm of Elliott Bros., grocers; born in Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio, Feb. 21, 1842. Came to Marion in the Spring of 1856; engaged in mercantile business since Aug., 1865. He married Esther Primrose, March 21, 1866; she was born in West Dryden, Tompkins Co., N. Y; they have three children - Nellie, born May 2, 1868; Laverne, Nov. 1, 1871, and George J., Nov. 21, 1875. Mrs. Elliott is a member of the Congresgational Church.

Elliott, M. L., grocer.

Elrod, Jonathan, shoemaker.

Emberson, Andrew, carpenter.

Emberson, John, carpenter.

Flynn, James, farmer.

FAY. W. A., of the firm of C. F. Fay & Co.; dealers in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, etc., Marion; born in Grafton, Worcester Co., Mass., Dec. 13, 1845 ; came to Fond du Lac Co., Wis., in Sept., 1850; lived there until 1858, then went to Marquette Co., Wis.; made that county his home until 1872. He enlisted in Co. G. 32d W. V. I., Dec. 16, 1863; served until May 10, 1865; in 1867, engaged in the lumber business in Northern Wisconsin; came to Oxford, Jones Co., Iowa, in 1872; in 1874, he came to Marion, engaged in the lumber business all the time since he came to Iowa. He married Alice Merrill, Jan. 11, 1876, in Chicago; she was born in New York City, in 1849; they have one child- Maud, born July 10, 1877. Mrs. Fay is a member of the Baptist Church.

Floyd, Geo. W., laborer.

Foster, Heman, money loaner.

Frager, Jacob, laborer.

Gageby, J. A., cabinet maker.

Garrett, Peter C., furniture dealer, Marion; born in Canada West Sept. 14, 1828; removed with parents to Erie Co., N. Y., when he was about 4 years of age; lived there till he was 22 years of age, and in 1852, went to California, where he remained two years and a half, he then returned and located in Genesee Co., N. Y., and lived there until 1859, when he went to California again, lived two and a half years, then came back to Genesee Co., where he lived until he came to Cedar Rapids, in 1868; came to Marion in 1873. His first wife was Frances A. Witwer; she died Oct 8, 1870; they had five children, all now living; their names are Lina M. (now Mrs. Joseph Griswold), Estella A., Charles E., John W. and Frances. Mr. Garrett's present wife was Sarah Mentzer; they were married May 21, 1874; she was born in Pennsylvania. Mr. G. is a member of the Christian Church; his wife is a member of the M. E. Church.

Gibson, J. K., of the firm of Gibson & White, manufacturers and dealers in boots and shoes, opposite Park Place Hotel. Marion; born in Philadelphia, Sept. 29, 1832; lived in Pennsylvania until April, 1826, when he came to Marion. Mr. Gibson was Deputy Clerk of the Courts from 1857 to 1873; he was afterward in the book and stationery business with A. J. McKean two years; engaged in present business in 1877. He married Maria L. Smith April 26, 1864; she was born in Bradford Co., Penn., April 28, 1846; they have two children - Clarence E., born Sept. 14, 1867, and Ida May, May 11, 1869. Mrs. Gibson is a member of the Congregational Church; she has been engaged in the millinery and ladies' furnishing goods business since 1864; she has an elegant store under the Park Place Hotel.

Giffen, James D., attorney and counselor at law, Marion; office over First National Bank; Mr. G. was born in Northumberland Co., Penn., Oct. 2, 1839; lived in that county, Danville, Penn., Muncy and Bellefonte until he came to Brown Tp., this county, April 12, 1856; engaged in farming there several years; he was admitted to the bar in 1867, and has been engaged in the practice of law in Marion since then. He has been Secretary of the School Board eight or ten years, Councilman two years and is City Attorney. He married Helen Keyes, April 17, 1867; she was born in Marion; they have two children living - Josephine C. and Louisa; lost one child, that died in infancy. Mr. and Mrs. Giffen are members of the Congregational Church.

Giffen, Thomas M., retired farmer, Marion; born in Chillisquaque Tp., Northumberland Co., Penn., Nov. 17 1812 ; removed to Lycoming Co., Penn., in 1840; to Center Co., same State, in 1848; in 1856, he came to Brown Tp., Linn Co., Iowa ; resided there until December, 1869, when he came to Marion; during his residence in Brown Tp. he was School Director several years, Secretary of School Board for a number of years, and member of the Board of Supervisors of this county two years. He married Margaret M. Durham in Milton, Northumberland Co., Penn., Jan. 19, 1837; she was born in the same township as Mr. Giffen (Chillisquaque), Feb. 16, 1815 ; they had seven children; the living are Wm. M., born Nov. 1, 1837 ; James D., Oct. 2, 1839; Charlotte Anna (now Mrs. J. S. Alexander, of Marion), June 5, 1850; and Mary Agnes (now Mrs. Wm. Durham, of Northumberland Co., Penn.), March 12, 1852; the deceased children are Sarah E., born Sept. 25, 1841, died Sept. 1, 1843; Clara, born July 21, 1844, died June 18, 1851 ; and Robert A., born June 29, 1847, died June 19, 1851. Mr. and Mrs. Giffen are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Gillian, George D., dry goods merchant, Marion ; born in Mason Co., West Virginia Feb. 11, 1836; came to Brown Tp. in Linn Co., Iowa, in 1849; engaged in farming pursuits Aug. 11, 1862. He then enlisted as a private in Co. F, 20th I. V. I.; served most of the time as Sergeant of his company, and was mustered out in 1865. Returned to Iowa and engaged in the lumber business at Viola, in the Spring of 1866; was in that business about nine months; he then engaged in the mercantile business in the same town, and carried that on about one year; afterward resumed business there and continued about two years, then sold out and was engaged in farming principally until 1873; he was then elected Sheriff of Linn Co., re-elected in 1875, and served until January, 1878. He married Ordelia A. Barret Jan. 12, 1860; she was born in Erie Co., N. Y., Feb. 22, 1839; they had six children, four died in infancy; the living are Frank D., born Oct. 22, 1868, and Floy, born March 24, 1873. Mrs. Gililan is a member of the Congregational Church.

Glover, W. C., teamster.

Goodhue & Woods, real estate agents, Marion; loans negotiated and collections made; complete abstracts of titles in Linn Co. Samuel N. Goodhue was born in Paris, Jennings Co., Ind., July 23, 1836; came to Floyd Co., Iowa, in July, 1855; lived there until the Spring of 1857; then went to Clarksville, Butler Co., Iowa, where he resided until 1862. Enlisted in Co. G, 32d I. V. I., Aug. 11,1862, discharged in December, 1863, on account of disability; he served most of the time as Hospital Steward in the general hospital at Cape Girardeau, Mo.; in February, 1864, he returned to Cape Girardeau and took a position as Clerk in the Quartermaster's department, which position he held until January, 1865; he then went into the commissary department at the same point; in June, 1865, went to Denver, Col., still continuing in the commissary department; in October, 1865, came to Marion; was in the mercantile business for a short time, in grain and produce business from 1866 to 1869; was employed in the county office here from January, 1869 to 1877; Deputy Recorder in 1876 and 1877; in January, 1878, organized the present firm of Goodhue & Woods. Mr. G. married Margaret McRoberts, of Canada; they have one child - Walter S. Mr. and Mrs. G. are members of the Presbyterian Church. Chas. C. Woods is an attorney at law, and was born in Lowell, Mass., Nov. 12, 1850; came to Marion in 1857; admitted to the bar in March, 1877.

Goudy, Wm. M., junk dealer.

Granger, Earl, of the firm of Granger & Howe, proprietors of meat market, Marion; born in Bethel, Windsor Co., Vt., Nov. 7, 1836; came to Marion in October, 1856; engaged in farming two years; engaged in butchering since 1861; he is a member of the City Council; has served in that position several years. He married Clara Lockhart June 22, 1869; she died June 24, 1870. His present wife was Eldora Krouse Feb. 28, 1872; she was born in Germany; they have three children - Mabel A., born Jan. 1, 1873; Earl W., Feb. 16, 1875, and Dora Louisa, Oct. 22, 1877. Mrs. Granger J is a member of the M. E. Church.

Grandy, J. B., laborer.

Grant, Andrew, grain buyer.

Gray, Geo. A., Capt., attorney, surveyor, and farmer, Marion ; born in Sullivan Township, Tioga Co., Penn., June 15, 1826; moved to Ohio with his father in 1837; lived there a year and a half; then went to Hendersonville, Henderson Co., Ill., where they lived one year, and in 1840 came to Cedar Co., Iowa; came to Marion in the Spring of 1842. The Captain served one year in the 15th U. S. Inf. during the Mexican war in 1846 and 1847; April 26, 1861, he enlisted as private in Co. A, 6th I. V. I.; discharged March 1, 1862, at Syracuse, Mo.; reenlisted July 25, 1862, and was mustered in as First Sergeant Aug. 25, 1862; promoted to Sergeant Major Oct 20, 1862; was commissioned Captain Dec. 20, 1862; mustered out at Mobile, Alabama, July 8, 1865. The Captain taught school in this county several years; was Principal of the Marion High School four years; he served fifteen years as County Surveyor.

Gray, James M., of the firm of Gray & Beebe, grocers; born in Bradford Co., Penn., Dec. 14, 1834; lived in that county until he came to Marion in 1844; engaged in farming in this vicinity until 1854, then commenced clerking in Marion; was employed as a clerk until 1872, when he commenced business for himself. He married Sarah M. Davis July 3, 1859; she was born in Indiana, but came to Marion with her parents when she was quite young, in 1845; have one child - Corie L., born April 22, 1S60.

Greer, John, farmer.

Graves, J. B., clerk.

Grier, Jno. M., attorney, farmer and teacher, Marion; born at Zanesville, Ohio, March 12, 1839. He has taught in the public schools of Linn Co. several terms; was appointed County Surveyor in 1863 also elected and served in 1864 and 1865; he was Township Clerk two terms; read law with Isbell, Hubbard & Stephens, and was admitted to the bar April 2, 1859; he came to Marion with his parents Jan 17, 1842; Mr. Grier owns eighty acres of land in Sec. 18, and thirty-two acres in Secs. 19 and 20, Marion Tp., and forty acres in Sec. 12, Rapids Tp.

Guzzle, Daniel, laborer.

Hausell, J. A., carpenter.

Hall, Oliver S., proprietor of bakery and restaurant, and dealer in staple and fancy groceries; born in Marion July 15, 1843; Mr. Hall engaged in the ice business here in 1871; he has since disposed of that, and is devoted exclusively to his other business. He married Lina Ervin Dec. 12, 1868; she died Sept. 18, 1875; have one child now living - Sadie L., born July 12, 1871. Mr. Hall's father, O. S. Hall, Sr., was born in Vermont; was among the early settlers of Marion; came here when they had to live in their wagons until they could erect a house to live in; he kept the Iowa House from 1842 to the time of his death in 1846; the house was kept by his widow, Sarah A. Hill, and his son, Oliver S., until 1871; she now resides with her son. They are both members of the M. E. Church.

Harbeson, Wm. M., farmer; born June 24, 1838, in Armstrong Co., Penn.; came to Linn Co. April 15, 1856. Maiden name of wife, Julia Stow; married, Feb. 7, 1870; wife born in Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 28, 1848; one child, Ina M., born Dec. 14, 1871. Mr. Harberson is not a member of any church; his wife belongs to the M. E. Church. He has held the office of City Marshal.

Hausell, M., retired farmer.

Harris, J. T., grain buyer.

Harvey, R., clerk.

Hazeleton, John H., Deputy Clerk of the Courts; born in Covington, Tioga Co., Penn.; Dec. 5, 1834; lived in Bradford, Penn., from 1847 to the time of coming to Lansing, Iowa, in 1868; from 1868 to 1870, he was Superintendent of Schools at Lansing; in 1870, he returned to Pennsylvania, and remained there until he came to Marion, in August, 1872. Mr. Hazleton has been in the office of the Clerk of the Courts since 1873. He served in the 106th Penn. V. I. during the late rebellion, from August, 1861, to November, 1862; he was Orderly Sergeant of Co. D. His first wife was Julia B. Taylor; she died in May, 1871; they had six children, only three now living - Charles Allen, Emma Bell and Willie Grant; the last-named lives with an uncle, by whom he was adopted when an infant. Mr. Hazleton's present wife was Emma A. Beach; they have one child, Delia Louise. Mr. and Mrs. Hazleton are members of the Christian Church.

Herron, Tim, teamster.

Hervey, F. G., retired merchant.

Hervey, Jas. K., retired merchant, Marion; born in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Mass., April 25, 1804; lived there until 1818, when he moved to New Braintree, Worcester Co., Mass.; resided there until 1831, then removed to Oakham, in the same county; lived there until 1851, then went to Boston, where he remained three years; in 1854, came to Marion; engaged in mercantile pursuits many years. Married Mary Woods June 30, 1831; she was born in New Braintree, Mass., Jan. 28, 1810; they have had six children; two died in infancy; the living are Kate W., now the wife of Judge Hubbard, of Cedar Rapids; James F. is at present a resident of Chicago; Frank G. and George W. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey are members of the Congregational Church.

Hickey, John, laborer.

Hindman, D. R., Homoeopathic physician and surgeon, Marion; born in Chester Co., Penn., June 4, 1832; the Doctor graduated from the Homoeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, in 1857; he then engaged in practice in Chester Co., Penn., and continued there until 1864, when he came to Marion. He is a member of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, also of the Society of Homoeopathic Physicians of Iowa and of the Linn Co. Homoeopathic Medical Society; he has been President of the last named society since its organization. The Doctor has been a member of the City Council. He married Maggie J. Jackson, Jan. 3, 1861; she was born in Chester Co., Penn., March 31, 1835; they have had six children, one died in infancy; the living are Mary E., Clara E., Minnette J., Carlos J. and Samuel P. The Doctor, his wife and three oldest children are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Hoagland, Sidney A., carpenter, contractor and builder, Marion; born in Bradford Co., Penn., July 23, 1834; came to Marion in May, 1867. Mr. H. enlisted in Co. L, 7th Penn. V. C. in February, 1864; mustered out Aug. 23, 1865. Married Augusta Gillett Jan. 20,1860; she was born in Tioga Co., Penn.; she died April 1, 1874; two children by this marriage, both now living; their names are Nettie Adelle, born Dec. 20, 1864, and Purly L., born Feb. 25, 1874. Mr. Hoagland's present wife was Ella J. Howland; they were married Nov. 5, 1877; she was born in Covington Tp., Tioga Co., Penn. Mr. and Mrs. H. are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. H. was City Councilman in 1874 and 1875. He has worked at present business twenty years.

Hollis, Chartles H., attorney and counselor at law, real estate and loan broker and abstracter of land titles, Marion; born in Randolph, Norfolk Co., Mass., Aug.1,1837; came to Cedar Rapids in April, 1861; resided there until 1866, being publisher and editor of the Cedar Rapids Times during that period; Mr. H. has been engaged in present business since he came to Marion in 1866. Mrs. Hollis is a daughter of Rev. J. V. DeWitt; she was born in New York State. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. H. is a graduate of Middlebury College at Middlebury, Vt., class of 1860; he read law in Essex Co., N. Y., and at Cedar Rapids. He has held various township offices here.

Holman, John, farmer.

Howe, John A., of the firm of Granger & Howe, proprietors of City Meat Market, Marion; born in Scioto Tp., Pickaway Co., Ohio, June 29,1833; came to Marion in June, 1848 ; engaged in present business for twelve years. Mr. Howe has been member of the School Board twelve years. He married Nancy Elizabeth Potter, Jan. 23, 1856; she was born in Clarendon Tp., Orleans Co., N. Y., July 7, 1837; she came to Marion Jan. 23, 1855. They were married in Monroe Tp., Linn Co., Iowa; they have had five children; lost one son - Edward Earnest; he was born Dec. 31, 1858, and died June 4, 1859; the living children are as follows - William Morris, born Nov. 18, 1856; Edward Irving, born May 13, 1860; Melvin Franklin, born Feb. 26, 1866; and John Stanley, born Oct. 9, 1877. Mrs. Howe is a member of the Baptist Church.

Hutchinson, Thomas, laborer.

Irwin, George A., carpenter and builder, Marion; born near Mercer, Mercer Co., Penn., Sept. 5, 1853; came to Elwood, Clinton Co., Iowa, in 1867; came to Marion in 1873. Married Marguretta Cook, April 21, 1874; she was born in Perry Co., Penn., in 1849; they have two children - Charles P., born Jan. 24, 1876, and Harry G., born December, 1877.

Jaquith, L. S., wagon maker.

Jackson, Robert M., Deputy County Treasurer, Marion; born at Andrews Bridge, Lancaster Co., Penn., Dec. 6, 1828; from 1829 to 1864 he lived in Chester Co., Penn.; then came to Marion, Iowa. Served in Co. A, 30th Penn. V. I., three-months regiment. He was engaged in farming one year after he came here; the balance of the time he has been in the County Treasurer's Office, two or three years as Clerk, since then as Deputy. He served several years as City Recorder, member of the School Board five years; is President of the Board now. His first wife was Deborah A. McClellan; she died Nov. 11, 1862; had two children by this marriage - Ada E. and Samuel M.; present wife was Rebecca J. Cooper; they were married May 22, 1866; she was born in Milledgeville, Mercer Co., Penn.; they have three children - William T., Charles R. and John E. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Jellison, Norris F., dray man; born in York Co., Me., May 1, 1837; came to Linn Co. in March, 1867; occupation since, shoemaker and drayman. His wife's maiden name was Julia M. C. Culver; married Oct. 2, 1864: she was born in Warren, Warren Co., Penn; their Children are Clara S, born Oct. 15, 1865; Harry A., born Oct. 23, 1873; Florence N. born March 26, 18 - .

Johnson, Warren H., grain and stock buyer, Marion; born in Fishersville, N. H., March 14. 1834; at the age of l6 years, he went with his parents to Lawrence, Mass., where he resided until he was 22 years of age; then came to Dubuque, Iowa, arriving there in the Spring of 1856 ; after eight months' residence in Dubuque, he went to St. Anthony's Falls, Minn., where he stayed only about three months, then went to Dixon, Ill.; in 1857 removed to Belleville, Mich.; came to Lisbon, Linn Co., Iowa, in 1864; came to Marion in the Spring of 1876. Mr. Johnson married Clarrissa Church Dec. 24, 1856, at Belleville, Mich; she was born in Delta, Oneida Co., N. Y., August, 1837; they have had ten children, lost one son - George; the living are Ida M., Ella M., Clara M., Warren C., Jennie S., Anna, Curtis J., Bertha and Essa. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are members of the Congregational Church.

Kennedy, S. P., painter.

Kaiser, John L., boot and shoe maker, Marion; born in Germany March 24, 1824; came to Pickaway Co., Ohio, in 1851; lived there until he came to Marion, in March, 1854; Mr. Kaiser built, in company with another party, the first brewery which was built in Linn Co.; sold out his interest in the brewery, and for several years engaged in other business - proprietor of brick yard, etc. He was Constable four years. He married Louisa Streit in September, 1853; they have eight children living; lost two; the living are Polly, Louisa, Albert, Minnie, Otto, Tillie, Rosina and George W. Mr. K. has one daughter by a former marriage; her name is Margaret.

Kendall, W. J., dealer in hardware, stoves, tinware, etc., Marion ; born in Marion May 19, 1851; engaged in present business since 1869. Married Emma R. Braucht Dec. 25, 1873, at Oak Ridge, Ohio; they have one child - Sarah A., born July 25, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall are members of the Congregational Church. Mr. K.'s father, Albert Kendall, was one of the early settlers of this place; he was born at West Granby, Conn., July 3, 1815; came to Marion in 1844, and died here Jan. 19, 1877;;his widow, Sarah C. Kendall, survivesshim, and resides with her son, W. J.; she was born in West Granby, Conn.; one son - W. A. - was a resident of this county about twenty four years; he is now agent of the B., C. R. & N. R'y Co., at Burlington, Iowa.

Keyes, Amory, retired merchant, Marion; born in Worthington, Mass., May 17, 1801; moved, with his parents, to Maine, when about 6 years of age; in 1821, went to Marietta, Ohio; built a flat-boat and went to New Orleans with freight; returned to Ohio and was engaged in farming, which he continued until 1825 or 1826, when he engaged in tannery business, which he continued until 1843, when he came to Marion, Iowa; engaged in mercantile business here for many years. Married Louisa Cheadle Aug. 5, 1823; she was bornin Windsor, Ohio, May 12, 1806; they have had nine children; the living are Eliza (now Mrs. Robert Holmes), born Feb. 16, 1829; Mary Ann (now Mrs. Preston Daniels), born Aug. 14, 1831; Harriet Josephine (now Mrs. Lemuel K. Parkhurst), born Sept. 20, 1841; Helen F. (now Mrs. J. D. Giffen), born June 20, 1844, and Arthur J., born Jan. 20, 1847; four children deceased - Laura, born June 16, 1836, and died April 15, 1837; Sarah, born Feb. 28, 1838, died May 29, 1839; Caroline, born Feb. 22, 1826, died March 4, 1846;;and Everett R., born March 12, 1833; he died Sept. 20, 1856. Mr. and Mrs. Keyes are members of the Congregational Church.

Keyes, A. J., of the firm of Keyes & Parkhurst, grocers, Marion; born in Marion Jan. 20, 1847; he has always resided in this place; engaged in mercantile business ever since he was 16 years of age. Married Stella L. Chapin, of Rockford, Ill., Sept. 5, 1876; they have one child - Sarah Louisa, born Nov. 4, 1877. Mrs. Keyes is a member of the Congregational Church. Mr. K. is a member of the Town Council..

Kerle, Jos., retired..

Koslosky, Jos., prop. Farmers' Home.

Kramer, A., carpenter and cabinet maker.

Kuhue, John, saloon.

Lake, E. W., physician.

La Grange, John W., physician and surgeon. Marion; born in Franklin, Johnson Co., Ind., April 29, 1849; came to Vinton, Iowa, in 1866; the doctor received his classical education at the Hanover Presbyterian Collegiate Institute; in 1876, he graduated from Rush Medical College, at Chicago, Ill.; engaged in practice since then at Vinton, Iowa; came to Marion May 1, 1878. He married Carrie V. Alexander Sept. 14, 1876; she was born in Franklin, Johnson Co., Ind., May 30, 1849. The doctor and his wife are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Lamson, S. C., retired harness maker.

Lamson, Wm. H., harness maker, Marion; born in Clintonville, Clinton Co., N. Y., Jan. 5, 1850; came to Cedar Rapids in 1855; engaged in present business about twelve years. He married Eva May Davis June 5, 1873 ; she was born in Marion Nov. 28, 1853; they have had two children - Samuel Henry, died April 30, 1878, aged 5 months; one son now living; his name is Ernest Klaud, born April 5, 1874.

Lamson, Samuel, retired harness maker; born in Plainfield, Vt., Oct. 25, 1826; came to Cedar Rapids in 1855. Married Hannah Clark Nov. 25, 1848; she was born in Augusta, Me., Dec. 9, 1827; they have six children - William H., Alice A. Charles W., Lillie A., Lucy M. and Dyer M.; lost two sons - Albert H. and Henry. Mr. and Mrs. L. are members of the M. E. Church. Mr. L. was one of the first horse collar manufacturers in this State he being the manufacturer of the celebrated "Lamson Collar."

Lanning, Ed, laborer.

Lary, I. A., carriage maker (carriage trimming a specialty), Marion; born in Lower Sandusky, (now Fremont), Ohio, July 16, 1840; came to Marion, in July, 1873; he has been engaged in present business about fifteen years. Mr. Lary was Commissary in Quartermaster's Department of the Army of the Tennessee, Department of the Cumberland, four years, at Nashville three years four months with General Buell, and balance of time at Pulaski, Tenn. He married Harriet Cooper March 7, 1867; she was born in Oswego, N. Y., April 18, 1849; they have four children - John H., born Nov. 27, 1868; Albert J., born July 27, 1871; Robert C, born Sept. 26, 1874: Lulu Josephine, born Dec. 22, 1877. Are members of the M. E. Church.

Latham, E., attorney at law.

Leach, A. P., plasterer.

Lillie, C. D., grocer.

Lillie, George A., grocer.

Lillis, W. B., physician.

Lothian, D., attorney and real estate dealer.

Maddock, Thos., sexton Cong. Church.

McAfee, D. T., general merchant. Marion; born in Perry Co., Penn., Dec. 12, 1833; came to Marion, May 14, 1853; engaged in mercantile business and dealer in stock and grain ever since he came here; he has two grain elevators here and is doing an extensive business. He has been Mayor, Councilman, and has held other public offices. He married Florence Harris; she was born in Marion.

McClain, James V., City Weighmaster, Marion; born in Rushville, Rush Co., Ind., Feb. 14, 1836; moved to Knox Co., Ill. with his parents when only 4 years of age; lived there twelve years; then moved to Rock Island Co., near Milan, where he lived until 1862, when he came to this township; engaged in farming until 1871; he was then appointed Deputy Sheriff and served in that capacity about five years and a half; then engaged in farming again for one year; serving second year as City Weighmaster. He married Mary C. Halley May 10, 1860; she was born in Crawfordsville, Ind., Oct. 27, 1838; they have two children - Allie A., born Feb. 27, 1861, and George H., born Nov. 24, 1862.

McClellan, J. W., Prof., Superintendent of the City Schools, Marion; born at Coatesville, Chester Co., Penn., Dec. 27, 1841 ; his preparatory education was received at Coebranville and Coatesville, in Chester Co.; he then entered the Tuscarora Collegiate Institute, from which he graduated in 1866; during the time that he was at the Institute he was Tutor of Languages, and was Principal of the Preparatory Department one year; afterward, Principal of the Pennington Academy, in Chester County, for three years; he then sold out and came to Marion, in 1869, and took charge of the Marion schools; the Professor spent a portion of five years teaching in the Public Schools of Chester Co., Penn., in his early life; he taught during that period Spring and Fall terms, and attended school Summer and Winter. He married H. Lizzie Johnson December, 1869; she was born at Cochranville, Chester Co., Penn.; she was educated in the Public Schools of Cochranville and at Cochranville Seminary; she taught in the Public Schools of Chester Co. six years, and has been Principal of the Marion High School since 1870. They are members of the Presbyterian Church. There is but one Superintendent in the State who has served in one place longer than Prof. McClellan.

McDaneld, A. T., saddlery; born in Ohio Dec. 8, 1811; came to Linn Co. in 1840; occupation since, saddlery. His wife's maiden name was Sarah Swan; married in Indiana; she was born in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 1, 1810; their children are John, born May 8, 1832; Asa, born April 4, 1835; Elizabeth, born Nov. 9, 1836; Sarah, born April 26, 1839; Daniel, born Dec. 8, 1840; Eliza, born July 5, 1842; Mary; Alfred, born Jan. 2, 1846; Thomas, born Nov. 4, 1848; Isaac, born June 7, 1852. He is a member of the Christian Church. Held office of Supervisor and School Director.

McDaneld, Thomas J., harness maker and dealer in harness, saddlery, etc , Marion; born near Jeffersonville, Clark Co., Ind., Nov. 4, 1848; came to Marion with his parents in the Spring of 1849. Married Hannah O. Peck, Oct. 22, 1872. He enlisted in Co. E, 46th I. V. I. (three-months regiment), May 14, 1864; served until Sept. 27, 1864; he owns a farm in Sec. 19, T. 84, R. 6 west.

McElhenny, J. W.; farmer.

McKean, Andrew J., bookseller and stationer, Marion; born in Burlington Tp.. Bradford Co., Penn., Oct. 3, 1816; came to what is now Franklin Tp., Linn Co.. Iowa, in Sept. 1838; engaged in farming there until 1854, when he was elected Clerk of the Courts; re-elected and served eighteen years continuously in that position, nine terms in all; he served as City Treasurer from 1877 to 1878. His first wife was Abiah Day, of Ohio; they were married in 1842; she died in 1861; they had nine children; only four now living - Electa, (now Mrs. Augustus Burke), Allen B., George and Lillie B. Mr. McKean's present wife is Phoebe L. Hickok; they were married Dec. 25, 1863; she was born in Granville, Bradford Co., Penn. Mrs. McKean is a member of the Christian Church.

McKean, Thos. J., Brig. Gen. (deceased). This distinguished officer of the old army, was born Aug. 3, 1810, in Bradford Co., Penn., after his father's death; at the age of 17, through the influence of his uncle, Gov. Samuel McKean, he was appointed a cadet at West Point, and entered the Military Academy July 4, 1827, graduating June 3, 1831; he entered the army immediately after, but resigned March 31, 1834; he became a civil engineer, and followed that profession until 1837, when he became First Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 1st Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served through the Florida war; he was elected Major, but the regiment was disbanded before he received his commission, in May, 1838; he then became chief engineer of the New Orleans Railway and Canal Co.; he removed to Marion in 1840, and engaged in Government surveying; in 1844, was a member of the Convention to form the first Constitution of Iowa. Early in the Winter of 1846-7, commenced raising and drilling volunteers, with expectation of being one of the field officers of the regiment; but the ten United States regiments being substituted for State volunteers, these volunteer organizations were discontinued, and the appointment of officers thrown nominally into the hands of the President, but really into the hands of the Congressional delegations (instead of being left to an election by the men); being of the wrong politics to expect a commission under such circumstances in the state of party feeling then existing in Iowa, but determined to serve in the war then being waged against a foreign nation, in April, 1849, he entered the ranks as a private soldier in Co. K, 15th Infantry, one of the daring war regiments - Geo. W. Morgan, Colonel ; May 15, 1848 - appointed Sergeant Major of the regiment, and was in the battles, Aug. 19 and 20, 1847, of Contreras, Churubusco, Molino del Rey, and Chapultepec, and remained in service until after peace was concluded and the regiment disbanded, Aug. 7, 1848 - having in the mean time received an appointment as Lieutenant in the 2d regiment U. S. Dragoons, for meritorious conduct in the battles around the City of Mexico, which appointment was promptly declined. Returned to Marion in 1847, and was united in marriage to Miss Sarah P. Gray. From 1848, Chief Engineer of Dubuque & Keokuk R. R., to 1851; from 1851 to 1853, U. S. Deputy Surveyor General and Assistant Surveyor General of Iowa and Wisconsin; in 1855, Commissioner to locate the seat of Government of Iowa; in 1859, Sheriff Linn Co.; Civil Engineer until 1861 (June 1st), when he entered upon duty at Washington as Additional Paymaster, and Nov. 21, was appointed Brigadier General. His first command was at Jefferson City, Mo.; reported to General Grant at Pittsburg Landing, April 8, 1862, and was given command of General Prentiss' division; July 16, took command at Benton Barracks, Mo.; Sept. 11, transferred to the Army of the Tennessee, and resumed command of the 6th Division, Sept. 27, which he directed during the battle of Corinth; Nov. 17, took command of the 4th Division, and took part in the Grenada Expedition; commanded the districts of Nebraska and South Kansas; in 1864, reported to General Banks at New Orleans, and Sept. 18, became Chief of Cavalry of the Department of the Gulf; served as President of Court Martial, and given command of District of West Florida, and subsequently of Southwest Missouri; honorably discharged Aug. 24, 1865, as Brevet Major General. In June, 1868, he was stricken with paralysis; a second in July, 1869; and April 18, 1870, a third, from the effects of which he died on the following day.

Magee, John, laborer.

Magee, Robert, laborer.

Marshall, A. S., Pastor Presbyterian Church.

Mathias, Nicholas, teamster.

Mentzer, B. F., grocer.

Mentzer, Thedore F., attorney and counselor at law, Marion; born in Marion, Oct. 13, 1849 ; graduated from Cornell College, at Mt. Vernon, Ill, in 1874; read law with Hon. J. B. Young, of Marion, and was admitted to the bar in March, 1877; has been Alderman of the Fourth Ward; is now Mayor of the city; elected in 1878.

Mitchell, J. S., commercial traveler.

Murray, Geo. S., carpenter, contractor and builder, Marion; born in Meigsville, Morgan Co., Ohio, Sept. 11, 1834; came to lowaville, Van Buren Co., lowa, in 1862; lived there two years; came to Marion in 1864. He married Lorina C. Vaughn, April 19, 1855; she was born in Washington Co., Penn., Oct 17, 1835; they have two children - Fernando S., born March 11, 1857, and Margaret Belle (now Mrs. Jason N. North), born Dec. 15, 1858.

Myers, C. C., ice dealer.


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