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Louisa County, Iowa Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Beauchamp Cemetery 412201N 0912415W Cotter
Bethel Cemetery 410638N 0911112W Mediapolis
Bethel Cemetery 412223N 0912857W Cotter
Boston Cemetery 412011N 0912535W Cotter
Bretz Cemetery 411325N 0912216W Cairo
Brockway Cemetery 411930N 0911201W Letts
Buffington Cemetery 411250N 0912351W Winfield North
Bullis Cemetery 412210N 0912241W Cotter
Cairo Cemetery 411032N 0911952W Cairo
Cambrian Cemetery 411459N 0912712W Winfield North
Cedar-Bethel Cemetery 411938N 0911950W Columbus Junction
Cedar-Bethel Cemetery 411909N 0911949W Columbus Junction
Clarke Cemetery 412456N 0912858W Lone Tree
Columbus City Cemetery 411545N 0912229W Columbus Junction
Concord Cemetery 410736N 0911418W Wapello
Concord Cemetery 411758N 0911521W Columbus Junction
Covenantor Cemetery 411227N 0912754W Winfield North
Edwards Cemetery 410435N 0910337W Oakville
Elmwood Cemetery 410552N 0911541W Morning Sun
Estle Cemetery 411940N 0911801W Columbus Junction
Forbes Cemetery 412400N 0912451W Lone Tree
Foster Cemetery 412243N 0912716W Lone Tree
Fredonia Cemetery 411638N 0912003W Columbus Junction
Grandview Cemetery 411642N 0911028W Letts
Grim Cemetery 411345N 0911749W Cairo
Griswold Cemetery 411100N 0911901W Cairo
Hardman Cemetery 411330N 0911111W Wapello
Harrison Cemetery 411212N 0911004W Wapello
Hayes Cemetery 411400N 0912233W Winfield North
Indian Creek Cemetery 411519N 0911535W Columbus Junction
Knight Cemetery 412415N 0912801W Lone Tree
Lettsville Cemetery 411941N 0911343W Letts
Linn Grove Cemetery 411735N 0911611W Columbus Junction
Litsey Cemetery 412426N 0912905W Lone Tree
Long Creek Cemetery 411238N 0911641W Cairo
Louisa County Farm Cemetery 411350N 0911016W Wapello
Mallory Cemetery 410859N 0910534W Toolesboro
Marsden Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Marshall Cemetery 410830N 0911901W Cairo
May Cemetery 411250N 0912351W Winfield North
Morning Sun Cemetery 410550N 0911541W Morning Sun
Mount Hope Cemetery 411415N 0911258W Wapello
Newell Cemetery 411732N 0911517W Columbus Junction
Nicholson Cemetery 412210N 0912241W Cotter
Oakland Cemetery 412035N 0912241W Cotter
Oakland Cemetery 411029N 0911811W Cairo
Old Clifton Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Orono Cemetery 412035N 0912241W Cotter
Parson Cemetery 410703N 0910335W Oakville
Port Louisa Cemetery 411359N 0910817W Wapello
Potter's Timber Cemetery 410530N 0910751W Mediapolis
Rahmiller Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Rice Cemetery 410712N 0911623W Morning Sun
Saint Pauls Cemetery 412440N 0912651W Lone Tree
Sharon Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Slaughter Cemetery 411145N 0912031W Cairo
Smith Cemetery 410540N 0905931W Keithsburg
Spring Run Cemetery 411146N 0912325W Winfield North
Sweet Cemetery 411644N 0912836W Cotter
Tennessee Cemetery 411617N 0912229W Columbus Junction
Thompson Cemetery 411548N 0911335W Letts
Virginia Grove Cemetery 410830N 0911911W Cairo
Wagner Cemetery 412001N 0911156W Letts
Wapello Cemetery 411138N 0911222W Wapello
Wier Cemetery 411700N 0911111W Letts
Wilson Farm Cemetery 411430N 0910827W Wapello

Source: GNIS

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