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Lyon County Iowa


Lyon County
1883 Pensioners On The Roll

Name of Pensioner No. of Certificate Post Office Address Cause For Which Pensioned Monthly Rate $ Date of Original Allowance
Brown, Alexander H. 159799 Larchwood g. s. w. lft. knee & thigh 4.00 May, 1879
Cary, John M. 149304 Rock Rapids wd. rt. thigh & dis. abd'l. vs. 6.00
Fisher, Charles A. 191156 River View ch. rheum., erysip., & result. dis. lgs. 8.00 June, 1881
Huntley, Leander G.
Rock Rapids liver dis., diar., & debility 8.00 Mar., 1880
Jaques, Luther 112581 Rock Rapids injury to abdomen 6.00
Klein, August 78297 Beloit g. s. w. left shoulder 14.00
Lyford, Hazen 137220 Rock Rapids scurvy, affect. l. hand 12.00
Manning, Charles D. 204608 Rock Rapids ch. diar. 6.00 Mar., 1882
May, Thomas P. 196062 River View dis. brain, result sunstroke 8.00 Sept., 1881
May, William B. 165546 River View injury to abdomen 8.00 Mar., 1880
Miles, Charles 172865 Rock Rapids epilepsy 8.00 Aug., 1880
Norris, Wesley W. 176595 Rock Rapids dis. eyes 25.00 Oct., 1880
Stoughton, Wm. G. 172317 Rock Rapids heart dis. 12.00
Thompson, Francis M. 73612 Rock Rapids dis. eyes 24.00
Thompson, James K. P. 169490 Rock Rapids ch. diar. & sh. wd. lft. shoul. 4.00 June, 1880
Thompson, John 217685 Rock Rapids g. s. w. back of neck 4.00 Sept., 1882
Thompson, Thomas C. 48472 Rock Rapids g. s. w. rt. foot 10.00
Toreson, Peter
Rock Rapids partial anchylosis rt. shoulder joint 6.00
Webb, James M. 156229 Rock Rapids sh. wd. lft. foot 4.00 Oct., 1878
Wheeler, Mary R. 116059 Beloit mother 8.00 Sept., 1868
Worel, George C. 147373 Rock Rapids g. s. w. left thigh 6.00 July, 1877

[Transcribed by Mary Saggio]

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