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Lyon County Iowa


Lyon County Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Apostolic Christian Cemetery 432422N 0961816W Lester
Beloit Cemetery 431725N 0963331W Canton
Bethel Reformed Cemetery

Midland Township
Bethlehem Cemetery 432141N 0962725W Inwood
Evergreen Cemetery 432022N 0960100W George West
First Baptist Church Cemetery 432231N 0955841W Little Rock
Garfield Township Cemetery 431608N 0960927W Doon
Grandview Cemetery 432654N 0963453W Klondike
Grant Township Cemetery 432325N 0955357W Little Rock
Hillside Cemetery 431622N 0961528W Alvord
Hillside Cemetery 432718N 0961951W Lester
Holy Name Cemetery 432506N 0961112W Rock Rapids
Hope Reformed Church Cemetery 431927N 0960219W George West
Larchwood Cemetery 432741N 0962645W Larchwood
Lyon County First Presbyterian Church Cemetery 431900N 0955813W George East
Our Saviors Lutheran Cemetery 432113N 0962911W Inwood
Pleasant View Cemetery 432641N 0955233W Little Rock
Quaker Cemetery 431714N 0955212W Ashton
Richland Cemetery 431810N 0962445W Inwood
Riverside Cemetery 432446N 0960953W Rock Rapids
Saint Marys Cemetery 432029N 0961848W Alvord
Saint Marys Cemetery 432737N 0962645W Larchwood
Zion Cemetery 431950N 0955326W George East
Zion Cemetery 432557N 0955950W Little Rock
Zoar Presbyterian Church Cemetery 432135N 0955357W George East

Source: GNIS

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