Marshall County, Iowa

1860 US Mortality Schedule
Marshall County, Iowa Persons who died ending June 1st 1860 S.W. Griffin - Enumerator

Name of Person who Died Age Sex Color Free or slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth The month in which person died Profession, Occupation or Trade Disease or cause of death # of days ILL

Iowa Township
Chas. S. Lucas 3 mos m Iowa July Unknown 3 days
Saml Cardiff 8 m Ohio April Disphafasia 6 years
Charlotte P. Elsberry 2 f Indiana May Croup 4 days
Austin Thurber 21 m Vermont April Farmer Consumption 2 years
Wm. H. Weatherly 2 m Iowa March Croup 2 days
Mary Setner 19 f Illinois May Servant Suicide by Hanging sudden
Elizabeth Steel 39 f m N. Carolina July Apohlexy sudden
J. T. Bissell * 40 m m Pennsylvania June Physician Murdered (by gunshot wound) sudden
John W. Penn 2 mos m Iowa July Croup 2 days
Sarah E. Niles 12 f Indiana May Putrid sore throat 12 days
Susan Anninger* 49 f m N.Y. Jan Nervous Prostration 1 year
Mary A. King 11 mos f Iowa Aug Cholera Infalmation 3 days
Eliza B. Spear 58 f m Pennsylvania Sept Bronchitis 3 years

Marion Township
James Reed 58 m m Penna June Farmer Killed by Lightning sudden
Laura C. Tallaman 5 mos f Iowa Dec unknown sudden
John McDonald 58 m m Scotland July Farmer Falling Timbers sudden
Angeline Quinn 2 f Iowa Aug Brain Inflamation 1 day

Legrand Township
Stephan A. Howard 16 m Tennessee Jan Farmer Inflamitory Rheum. 18 days
Chas. Conway 1 m Ohio June Brain Fever 15 days
Deborah McGrew 30 f m Ohio Oct Lung fever 15 days
Soring E. Hoover 2 m Iowa Feb Brain fever 7 days
Mary J. Hoover 3 f Ohio July Inflam. Bowels 6 days
Emily Rusher 25 f m Tennessee Oct Consumption 3 years
Hiram Buright * 21 m Tennessee Oct farmer Consumption 1 year
J. F. Alexander 2 m Iowa April Remit. Fever 7 days

* Bissell, not sure 1st initial
* Last name Awinger ?
* Last Name Buright?

Transcribed By Dawn Minard

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