Iowa World War II

Plan Five Fuel Ration Periods

Coupon for Each Period of Winter Is Planned

Des Moines, Ia. - Five fuel oil ration periods will be established to enable home-heating oil consumers to budge their rations, the Office of Price Administration said Monday.

Numbered coupons will be given to persons with oil heat and consumers will turn in one coupon for each of the five periods during the heating season, it was announced. Fuel on hand Oct. 1 will be included as part of the consumerís rations, since rationing started then.

The Office of Price Administration yesterday started examining applications for ration coupons.

Tentative expiration dates of the five coupons in Zone A, which includes 19 Northern Iowa counties, are Nov. 20, Jan. 5, Feb. 6, Mar. 17 and Sept. 30.

Expiration dates for all other Iowa counties, which will be collectively grouped in Zone B, are Dec. 2, Jan. 5, Feb. 6, March 12 and Sept. 30.

The OPA listed three steps which should be taken to assure consumersí getting fuel oil ration books. They are:

1. Record the amount of fuel on hand Oct. 1. This information will be required on applications for ration books.

2. Be sure you have an application for a ration book shortly after Oct. 15. If you have purchased fuel regularly from one dealer in the past, he will probably mail you the application along with a certification of your last yearís purchases. If the application is not obtained through a dealer, you can obtain one from your local rationing board.

3. Measure the floor area of each room of your home, excluding closets, halls, basements, garages, sunrooms and recreation rooms. Floor figures will be required on the application.

[The Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa, Published October 6, 1942, submitted by CD]

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