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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Assumption Catholic Cemetery 424318N 0961529W Hinton
Christ Lutheran Cemetery 425105N 0961725W Brunsville
Church of the Brethren Cemetery 423340N 0955545W Kingsley
Elkhorn Cemetery 423615N 0955842W Kingsley
Family Cemetery 423801N 0961020W Union Center NW
Hancock Township Cemetery 423600N 0962851W Sioux City North
Hillside Cemetery 424345N 0961517W Hinton
Hungerford Cemetery 423645N 0961513W James
Kingsley Cemetery 423547N 0955757W Kingsley
Le Mars Memorial Cemetery 424715N 0960901W Le Mars
Liberty Cemetery 423921N 0962323W Millnerville
Lincoln Cemetery 423619N 0961032W Union Center SW
Melbourne Cemetery 423920N 0961506W Hinton
Mills Family Cemetery 424300N 0962851W Millnerville
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 424133N 0955245W Kingsley NW
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 424458N 0962403W Millnerville
Plymouth Presbyterian Cemetery 424915N 0961953W Brunsville
Remsen Cemetery 424821N 0955840W Remsen
Resthaven Cemetery 425015N 0961008W Le Mars
Riverside Cemetery 425012N 0963244W Akron
Saint Catherines Catholic Cemetery 424920N 0960322W Oyens
Saint Johns Cemetery 425338N 0961922W Ireton
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 425015N 0962247W Ireton SW
Saint Joseph Cemetery 424430N 0962216W Hinton
Saint Joseph Cemetery 425343N 0961203W Maurice
Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery 424736N 0960925W Le Mars
Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery 423840N 0960653W Union Center
Saint Josephs Cemetery 424924N 0963215W Akron
Saint Marys Cemetery 424828N 0955842W Remsen
Saint Michaels Cemetery 423433N 0955737W Kingsley
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery 424455N 0961953W Hinton
Saint Peters Cemetery 424829N 0961637W Brunsville
Seney City Cemetery 425131N 0960733W Le Mars
Stanton Cemetery 424043N 0961125W Union Center NW
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 423759N 0961136W Union Center NW
Union Cemetery 424130N 0960146W Union Center
Westfield Township Cemetery 424504N 0963530W Akron

Source: GNIS

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