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Apoplectic Fit or Apoplexy   A Stroke.
Common School   19th century public schools in the US and Canada.
Conestoga Wagon  a heavy duty, canvas covered wagon that hauled freight or family possessions over rough terrain, pulled by oxen or large horses.
These wagons were used before railroads were built, they could carry a six to eight ton load.
upon reaching "Man's Estate"   18th & 19th Century meaning of - upon reaching adulthood.
Mule-Whacker   This generally referred to someone who drove a mule or a mule team.
Normal School   A noun describing a two-year school for training elementary teachers.
S.A.T.C.   WWI Abbreviation for Student Army Training Corp.
Tinner or Tinsmith   A person who makes things from lightweight metal, such as cookie cutters, pails and coffee pots. Young men often peddled their wares, traveling from door to door until they accumulated the funds to open their own shop.

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