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Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Crescent Cemetery - Crescent Township

This cemetery is located just north of the intersection of G 36 and Highway 183, on the east side of the road. It is marked with a small sign at the entrance. Section "F" seems to be the oldest part of the cemetery, with burials dated 1864, 1866, 1867 & 1869. It is said some of the oldest are of Mormons traveling through to Utah.

The cemetery is on a hillside and some of it has been "tiered" because of the slope of the hill. It is attractive with trees and shrubs, is well kept and an active cemetery.

Burial list

Adams, Ella J. Adams, John C. Baker, Basel Billy
Barton, C. Ben Belt, James Bronson, Forrest E.
Bunnell, Almon W. Christensen, Marcus Corbaley, Enos P.
Corbaley, Ollie M. (Harding) Dilts, Glen B. Evans, John
Foote, Clarence Adelbert Foote, George W. Hale, Mary
Harding, Benjamin Hathaway, Cecil Fern Hunter, Russell Dean
Hutchinson, Elizabeth (Ross) Jones, Hannah Jones, Owen
Kirkwood, Margaret Kirkwood, Robert Kirkwood, Mrs. Robert
McBride, Pliny McClure, Caroline "Carrie" McKeighan, Loren
McKeown, Ray A. McMullen, Alfred H. Moss, Jacob
Points, Sarah Leonner Pratt, Pfc. Leonard Pruett, Amos Samuel
Pruett, Josie Rasmussen, Peter Rogers, Gertrude Hough
Skelton, Grace Elizabeth Sterns, William E. Strang, Mary
Strube Jarvis C Swanson, Augusta Terry, Esther (Hough)
Terry, Henry A. Wehrli, Lewis

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