Military Lists


The Blackhawk War

Avoca Soldiers

The Civil War

1883 List of Pensioners on the Rolls
1907 Civil War Reunion
Avoca Soldiers
Civil War Articles
Civil War Units
Iowa Deaths at Andersonville Prison
Pottawattamie County Civil War Veterans
William H. Kinsman

Frontier Soldiers

George C. Wise

The Spanish American War

Avoca Soldiers
CB men leaving for the Spanish American War
Spanish American War Articles

World War I

Council Bluffs Company K - M*A*S*H
The World War I letter of Emily VAUGNIAUX
World War I Song by Joe Smith

World War II

Army & Army Air Force Casualties
General News
Photo Gallery

T. Sgt. Sebastian J. Spoto



Council Bluffs Veterans Plaza
Military Related Obits
Poem: The Pottawattamie Vet
Raymond A. Smith: Big role in American Legion


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