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Poweshiek County, Iowa Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Beason Cemetery 413215N 0923443W Montezuma
Blake Cemetery 415135N 0921848W Hartwick
Bone Cemetery 413400N 0923431W Montezuma
Calvary Cemetery 414356N 0922610W Brooklyn
Cemetery Hill Cemetery 413335N 0924348W Searsboro
Chester Cemetery 415003N 0924225W Grinnell North
Chester Cemetery 415028N 0924306W Grinnell North
Deep River Cemetery 413447N 0922159W Deep River
Dresden Cemetery 413338N 0922046W Deep River
Ewart Cemetery 413842N 0923703W Malcom
Forest Home Cemetery 413216N 0923656W Montezuma
Guernsey Cemetery 413750N 0922012W Victor
Gwin Cemetery 414330N 0922211W Victor
Harmony Cemetery 414117N 0922339W Brooklyn
Harper Cemetery 413042N 0922937W Barnes City
Hayes Cemetery 413836N 0924316W Grinnell South
Hazelwood Cemetery 414413N 0924410W Grinnell South
International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 414405N 0922554W Brooklyn
Ivy Hill Cemetery 414258N 0923332W Malcom
Jackson Township Cemetery 413456N 0923209W Montezuma
Kent Cemetery 414823N 0922639W Belle Plaine SW
Light Cemetery 413522N 0922403W Barnes City
Lisor Cemetery 413220N 0922737W Barnes City
Little Mount Baptist Cemetery 413419N 0923709W Montezuma
Lower Blue Point Cemetery 413753N 0924025W Grinnell South
Lytle Cemetery 413909N 0922903W Brooklyn
Masonic IOOF Cemetery 413450N 0923209W Montezuma
McCoy Cemetery 413400N 0923431W Montezuma
McDonald Cemetery 413520N 0923701W Montezuma
Mill Grove Cemetery 413138N 0923924W Searsboro
Morrison Cemetery 414031N 0922237W Brooklyn
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 414141N 0924010W Grinnell South
Searsboro International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 413457N 0924206W Searsboro
Sheley Cemetery 413045N 0923439W Montezuma
Sheridan Cemetery 415001N 0923605W Sheridan
Sigafoos Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Squires Cemetery 415030N 0922531W Belle Plaine SW
Sugar Creek Cemetery 413741N 0924556W Oakland Acres
Trinity Cemetery 414617N 0923531W Sheridan
Union Cemetery 414726N 0922125W Hartwick
Upper Blue Point Cemetery 413830N 0924043W Grinnell South
West Liberty Cemetery 413428N 0923837W Searsboro
Westfield Cemetery 414137N 0924459W Grinnell South
Wilson Cemetery 414232N 0921835W Victor
Winslow Cemetery 415038N 0921924W Hartwick

Source: GNIS


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