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Ringgold County Iowa Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Designation
Bear Cemetery 404630N 0940501W Ellston
Benton Cemetery 404310N 0942125W Benton
Bethel Cemetery 404730N 0942213W Diagonal
Bever Cemetery 405236N 0941450W Arispe
Bohemian Cemetery 404634N 0941850W Diagonal
Cabaret Cemetery 404754N 0942310W Clearfield
Caledonia Cemetery 403722N 0941050W Hatfield
Clark-Allen Cemetery 403423N 0942043W Blockton SE
Clearfield Cemetery 404837N 0942748W Clearfield
Dead Man's Curve Cemetery 404525N 0942118W Diagonal
Diagonal Cemetery 404738N 0942013W Diagonal
Ellston Cemetery 405019N 0940711W Ellston
Eugene Cemetery 405205N 0941441W Tingley
Fairview Cemetery 403530N 0942421W Blockton
Forest Home Cemetery 403901N 0942308W Maloy
Hickory Grove Cemetery 403543N 0941547W Blockton SE
Johnston Cemetery 404737N 0940850W Tingley
Keller Cemetery 404917N 0942112W Diagonal
Knowlton Cemetery 404937N 0941927W Diagonal
Lewis Cemetery 403933N 0940138W Kellerton
Maple Row Cemetery 404228N 0940233W Kellerton
Marshalltown Cemetery 404310N 0941941W Benton
Merritt Cemetery 404135N 0940711W Kellerton
Middle Fork Cemetery 403546N 0941902W Blockton SE
Mortimor Cemetery 405237N 0941931W Shannon City
Mount Zion Cemetery 403545N 0940424W Pawnee
Oak Ridge Cemetery 404357N 0941426W Mount Ayr
Oakdale Cemetery 403517N 0941400W Hatfield
Oakland Cemetery 404007N 0940955W Mount Ayr
Oakland Cemetery 405334N 0941549W Shannon City
Oliver Cemetery 404659N 0940601W Ellston
Patrick Cemetery 403525N 0940331W Pawnee
Platte River Cemetery 404035N 0942617W Maloy
Pumptown Cemetery 405200N 0940401W Ellston
Quinn Cemetery 405130N 0941656W Diagonal
Redding Cemetery 403612N 0942239W Blockton
Ringgold Cemetery 403517N 0941133W Hatfield
Rising Sun Cemetery 405216N 0942424W Clearfield
Rose Hill Cemetery 404235N 0941351W Mount Ayr
Saint Marys Cemetery 404049N 0942341W Maloy
Shaha Cemetery 403828N 0940821W Mount Ayr
Sweet Home Cemetery 404252N 0940856W Mount Ayr
Tedrow Cemetery 404017N 0940734W Mount Ayr
Tent Chapel Cemetery 403430N 0942814W Blockton
Thompson Cemetery 403948N 0941319W Mount Ayr
Tindle Cemetery 405122N 0942345W Clearfield
Tingley Cemetery 405157N 0941136W Tingley
Woodland Cemetery 404432N 0940628W Kellerton

Source: GNIS


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