1902 Sons of the American Revolution Members

Frank Anderson, Sioux City, Iowa (10462)
Son of Lewis Anderson and Catherine Wylie; grandson of Robert Wylie and Elizabeth Brown; great-grandson of Oliver Brown, Captain-Lieutenant Mass. Continental Artillery.

John Brooks Collins, Des Moines, Iowa (13077)
Son of Henry Collins and Elizabeth Parmalee; grandson of Levi Collins (and Abigail Stanton), private, Bedel's New Hampshire Reg't; great-grandson of Ephraim Collins, private, Bedel's New Hampshire Reg't; also of Isaac Wheeler Stanton, Second Lieutenant, Selden's Conn. Reg't; grandson of Hermann Parmalee and Nancy Brooks; great-grandson of Ames Parmalee, private, Wooster's Conn. Reg't.

Warren Scott Dungan, Chariton, Iowa (4799) (Supplemental)
Son of David Davis Dungan and Isabella McFarren; grandson of William McFarren, Ensign Northampton County Penna. Militia; great-grandson of William McFarren, private, Northampton County Penna. Militia.

Oscar Bell Frye, Des Moines, Iowa (13894)
Son of William Clinton Frye and Mary Keep Bell; grandson of Charles Bell and _____ Jones; great-grandson of William Bell, Jr., private, Ogden's New Jersey Regiment.

Alonzo Charles Goodrich, Keokuk, Iowa (13890)
Son of Charles Rollin Goodrich and Harriet Fish; grandson of James Goodrich and Mary Wallace Upham; great-grandson of Charles Goodrich, Sergeant Berkshire County, Mass. Militia; grandson of Nathan Fish and Elizabeth Hale; great-grandson of Nathan Fish, private Mass. Minute Men and Militia.

David Brown Hamill, Keokuk, Iowa (13898)
Son of Smith Hamill and Nancy McCandless; grandson of John McCandless and Mary Young; great-grandson of William Young, private Cumberland County, Penna. Militia.

Charles Hamilton, Ames, Iowa (15081)
Son of John J. Hamilton and Lydia Allen; grandson of John Hamilton and Dolly Campbell; great-grandson of John Hamilton, private Conn. Continental Line.

William E. Hamilton, Des Moines, Iowa (15078)
Son of James Hamilton and Minerva M. Hallam; grandson of John Hamilton, private First Battalion Maryland Line.

Gilbert Mortimer Holmes, Des Moines, Iowa (13899)
Son of Morgan Lewis Holmes and Marianna Wightman; grandson of Gilbert Holmes and Mary Kellogg; great-grandson of Enoch Kellogg, private Conn. Line, pensioned.

Frederick Cooper Hubbell, Des Moines, Iowa (13891)
Son of Frederick Marion Hubbell and Frances Elizabeth Cooper; grandson of Francis Durritt Hubbell and Augusta Church; great-grandson of Isaac Hubbell and Sarah Hawkins; great2-grandson of Isaac Hawkins, private Conn. Militia, pensioned.

Frank Darr Jackson, Des Moines, Iowa (13887)
Son of Hiram W. Jackson and Maria B. Jenks; grandson of George Jenks and Sylvia Lewis; great-grandson of Timothy Lewis, private Mass. Militia.

John Milton Lindly, Winfield, Iowa (13897)
Son of Bayard Blachly Lindly and Clarriet Hanna; grandson of John Milton Lindly and Eliza Blachly; great-grandson of Henry Wickham Blachly and Hannah Loveridge; great2-grandson of Ebenezer Blachly (and Elizabeth Spencer), Surgeon North Carolina Line; great3-grandson of Oliver Spencer (and Anna Ogden), Colonel Essex County, New Jersey, Militia, Member Committee of Safety; great4-grandson of Robert Ogden, Member Committee of Safety and Correspondence; grandson of Thomas Hanna and Jane Cooper; great-grandson of Sylvanus Cooper and Mary Bryant; great2-grandson of David Bryant, private Essex County, New Jersey, Militia; also of Zebulon Cooper, private Third New York Line; great-grandson of John Vance Hanna and Lydia McCollum; great2-grandson of David McCollum, private New Jersey militia and Continental Line; great-grandson of William Lindly and Sarah Squier; great2-grandson of Moses Squier and Anna Rutan; great3-grandson of Abraham Rutan, Ensign Eastern Battalion, Morris County, New Jersey, Militia, also of Thomas Squier, private Essex County, New Jersey, Militia.

David Harris McKee, Mediapolis, Iowa (13892)
Son of Samuel Ewing McKee and Hannah Harris; grandson of George Harris and Eliza McBride; great-grandson of Barnabas Harris and Esther Miller; great2-grandson of George Harris, Sergeant Second New Jersey State Troops.

John A. Magoun, Jr., Sioux City, Iowa (13895)
Son of John Adams Magoun and Ella C. Woodbury; grandson of John Calvin Magoun and Sarah Ann Adams; great-grandson of Joseph Adams, Sergeant Mass. Militia; also of Josiah Magoun, private New Hampshire troops, pensioned.

Lamoine Mott, Des Moines, Iowa (13886)
Son of Henry H. Mott and Mary Lockwood; grandson of David Lockwood, private, Graham's Reg't, New York Levies, and in privateer service.

Freeman Lester Paine, Boone, Iowa (15079)
Son of Eddy Brown Paine and Sally Holmes; grandson of Ezra Holmes and Grace Chittenden; great-grandson of James Holmes, Captain Conn. Continental troops, taken prisoner at Fort Washington.

Dudley Hale Rockwell, Des Moines, Iowa (15080)
Son of John Marshall Rockwell and Charlotte Maria Rockwell; grandson of Daniel Rockwell and Rebecca Mason; great-grandson of Silas Rockwell, private, Wadsworth's Conn. Brigade, pensioned.

Joseph Gage Rounds, Des Moines, Iowa (13885)
Son of James Rounds and Eliza Merrill; grandson of Gerry Rounds and Mary Gage; great-grandson of Joseph Rounds, Corporal York County Mass. Militia.

Eugene Riley Smith, Toledo, Iowa (13900)
Son of William Smith and Cynthia Smith; grandson of Salmeron Smith and Anna Avery; great-grandson of Jonathan Avery and Dorothy Dudley; great2-grandson of Trueworthy Dudley, private Fourth New Hampshire Militia; also of Josiah Avery, private Herrick's Reg't, Vermont Rangers.

Carl McClellan Spencer, Des Moines, Iowa (13888)
Son of George W. Spencer and Emily Resia Cushing; grandson of Matthew Cushing and Rosia Woodruff; great-grandson of William Woodruff, Corporal Fifth Conn. Line, pensioned.

William H. Wheeler, Des Moines, Iowa (4739) (Supplemental)
Son of Benjamin Wheeler and Luthera Capron Cristy; grandson of James Wheeler and Hannah Andrus; great-grandson of Comfort Wheeler, private Conn. and New York troops, pensioned; great-grandson of Valentine Wheeler, Captain Dutchess County, New York Militia.

Tom Cornell Whitmore, Mount Vernon, Iowa (13896)
Son of Charles McGee Whitmore and Isabel Cornell; grandson of Norman Riley Cornell and Mary Fletcher Timmonds; great-grandson of Amos Cornell and Destimony Chamberlain; great2-grandson of John Chamberlain and Lucy Knowlton; great3-grandson of Benjamin Knowlton and Abigail Wright; great4-grandson of Benjamin Knowlton, Lieut., Reed's New Hampshire Reg't.

Frederick James Will, Des Moines, Iowa (15076)
Son of James St. Clair Will and Katherine Berlin; grandson of George Augustus Berlin; great-grandson of Abraham Berlin, Member Northampton County, Penna., Committee of Correspondence.

Arthur Justin Wright, Newton, Iowa (13893)
Son of Charles Dexter Wright and Rosanna Bethia Albee; grandson of Ebenezer Albee and Bethiah Bisbee; great-grandson of Ebenezer Albee, private, Eben Wood's Reg't, Vermont Militia.

(A National Register of the society, Sons of the American Revolution, Vol. 2)
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