Past Veteran Department Commanders 1940

1905-1906 Albert M. Jaeggi Dubuque Deceased
1906-1907 Albert M. Jaeggi Dubuque Deceased
1907-1908 John C. Loper Marshalltown Deceased
1908-1909 Charles S. Hoermann Dubuque
1909-1910 Charles S. Hoermann Dubuque
1910-1911 E. C. Johnson Cedar Rapids
1911-1912 E. C. Johnson Cedar Rapids
1912-1913 E. C. Johnson Cedar Rapids
1913-1914 F. L. Emery Davenport Deceased
1914-1915 L. M. Lafferty Council Bluffs
1915-1916 Henry Holtz Dubuque
1916-1917 Willard M. Flynn Dubuque
1917-1918 Charles Kloster Sioux City Deceased
1918-1919 Charles Kloster Sioux City Deceased
1919-1920 J. F. Sorenson Cedar Rapids
1920-1921 George B. Hall Des Moines Deceased
1921-1922 James W. Cooper Marshalltown Deceased
1922-1923 Ernest R. Moore Cedar Rapids
1923-1924 John Boelier Waterloo
1924-1925 S. A. Greene Council Bluffs
1925-1926 Roy E. Tallman Camanche
1926-1927 Almon S. Reed Cedar Rapids Deceased
1927-1928 George W. Peters Des Moines
1928-1929 F. R. Scholes Council Bluffs Deceased
1929-1930 M. B. Adelfinger Dubuque
1930-1931 A. J. Artus Waterloo
1931-1932 William H. Bird Fort Dodge
1932-1933 Hugh L. Stephenson Sioux City
1933-1934 B. H. Patterson Des Moines Deceased
1934-1935 F. A. Swartz Waterloo
1935-1936 H. J. Fowler Fort Dodge
1936-1937 Nic LeGrand Davenport
1937-1938 Phil S. Billings Des Moines Deceased
1938-1939 Frank D. Wheeler Boone
1939-1940 M. M. Hahn Burlington

[House Document No. 953; Proceedings of the Stated Convention of the 42d National Encampment
United Spanish War Veterans, Detroit, Michigan, August 18-22, 1940;
transcribed by Cathy D=fofg]

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