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Taylor Family

Nathaniel Franklin Taylor was born March 25, 1824 in Hardin Co., Kentucky. By 1847 Nathaniel Frances Taylor had moved to or near Vevay, Switzerland Co., Indiana.

On Aug 1, 1847 he married Elizabeth Brown at Vevay, Indiana. On March 26, 1847 Nathanial Frances Taylor (Nathanial Franklin's father) died in Jefferson Co., Indiana, near Vevay. Nathaniel Franklin's marriage to Elizabeth ended with her death in 1849 (probably in child birth).

Nathaniel Franklin Taylor married Evaline Haskell at Vevay, Switzerland Co., Indiana on Feb 28, 1850. Lucy Ellen Taylor was born to them Feb 4, 1851 at Vevay, Indiana.

In 1852 Nathaniel Franklin and Evaline Haskell Taylor moved to Linn County, Iowa. Here a son, John Ellis Dye Taylor was born April 21, 1853. In 1854 they moved to Tama Co., Iowa; where they remained, until after Anna Mariah's death, Nathaniel Franklins second wife. Six more children were born to Evaline Haskell Taylor, Caroline, Uzillah, Gerorge, Charles, Edgar and Edwin Thomas Taylor. At the birth of Edgar and Edwin (twins) Evaline died on Nov 29, 1866, the babies survived. Evaline is buried on the hill in the northwest corner of the Taylor farm where Lucy who had died Sept 1, 1856 and George Elmer who had died Feb 10, 1862; were buried. This hilltop became a community cemetery over the years.

Nathaniel Franklin served as a justice of the peace and clerk of Richland township. Records indicate that he married several people in the 1850s.

Nathaniel Franklin Taylor was married to Anna Mariah Miller (Wyatt Campbell) on Jan 21, 1868 at Toledo, Tama County Iowa. Three sons Walter Llewellyn, Owen, and Arthur were born to them. In the 1870 Federal Census, Anna Mariah Miller's son from her first marriage to John Thomas Wyatt - John Wyatt born in 1861 was living with Nathaniel Franklin Taylor. In addition the children of Evaline Haskell, Nathaniel Franklin's first wife included 5 boys and 3 girls. Anna Maria died at the birth of their 4th child April 12, 1874, the unnamed infant also died. The unnamed infant and Anna Marriah were buried in the same grave in the Taylor lot on the family farm.

Two daughters, Julia and Uzillah Taylor, attended Grinnell College and later taught school. After the marriage of the two girls, Julia to William Whitmore Ballard and Uzillah to John Acton Showen in a double wedding ceremony at Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa, March 19, 1879.

Nathaniel Franklin Taylor married America Smith Aug 23, 187, they divorced before 1880.

The Taylor family suffered a severe financial loss in 1879, having bought hogs and fed them until ready for market, the price dropped until they were worth nearly nothing. Nathaniel Franklin and America Smith Taylor were divorced at about the same time. The family was broken up and separated in 1880. Nathaniel Franklin with his seven sons (did not include John Wyatt) moved to Woodbury Co., Iowa, where he bought some college land.

On May 4, 1882, Nathaniel Franklin married Elizabeth (McLaughlin) McSparren. The daughters, Caroline, Julia, and Uzillah Jane; with their husbands and children, moved to Woodbury Co. It is unknown what happened to John Wyatt but is is possible he was raised by his grandparents Jabob Miller and his wife, since John Wyatt's sister Edith Wyatt (Miller) was already living with them.

In the early spring of 1883 Nathaniel Franklin became ill and died May 5, 1883. He is buried in the Good Hope Cemetery north of Correctionville, Woodbury Co., Iowa.

In the 1885 Iowa Census, Little Sioux, Woodbury County the Taylor family was composed of John Ellis, Charles Franklin, Edwin, Edgar, Walter Llewellyn, and Owen Taylor. Arthur was living with his half sister Uzillah Jane Taylor Snowden. The 3 sons of Anna Mariah worked on farms mostly for their board and room during the winter months then for wages during the rest of the year.

During the year of 1887 the younger brothers lived with the older brother, John Ellis who had bought a farm of College land in Section 6, Little Sioux Township, Woodbury Co., Iowa, known as College Corners. According to Nellie Taylor Bailey, Nathaniel Franklin's grand daughter and Walter Llewellyn Taylor's daughter, the boys were "put out to strangers" and "no Taylor ever helped them". Little is known of Anna Maria and John Thomas Wyatts son. In 1920 he was living in Council Bluff, Iowa and working as a street car conductor. Nothing is known of Edith Wyatt (Miller).

The John Ellis Taylor family continued to live on the John Ellis Taylor family farm. They moved to another farm and shortly thereafter John Ellis Taylor moved to Larned, Kansas, where he married Emma Anna Johnson, Sept 28, 1890.

Anna Maria Campell (Wyatt) Taylor's three boys grew to manhood and Walter Llewellyn and Owen married. Arthur moved to Oklahoma, and never married. Walter Llewellyn Taylor married Mary O'Connell on March 24, 1892 in Onawa, Iowa. They lived in Pierson, Iowa until they moved to Bonesteel, SD in Feb. 1904.

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