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World War I

Tama County Boys Leave

Lafe Young Principal Speaker at Farewell Celebration.

Tama, July 25. - The celebration given in honor of the 205 boys who left today for training quarters in Georgia was one merry round of success. The selected men gathered in Toledo at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, where they were given their instructions and inducted into the service of their country. Hon. Lafe Young delivered a wonderful address at this time to a crowd which more than filled the Weiting Theater. The crowd then adjourned to the court house lawn where the bands from Dysart and Traer entertained a very large audience.

A most pleasing part of this program was the raising of a huge flag on a new sixty-foot pole which the county supervisors had bought for the occasion. The Traer band played the "Star Spangled Banner" and then played "America" while the entire audience sang.

Hon. Lafe Young delivered another stirring address to this audience. He spared no words in condemning the foreigners of whatever nationality who objected to the order to use no foreign language over the phone and he made it plain that the sooner this order is obeyed to the letter the healthier would be the conditions in Tama county.

In the evening a large space was roped off for the pavement dance. The bands of Toledo and Tama united in one large band and played for this dance which was participated in by hundreds of delighted people, in spite of the efforts of several cranks who tried to prevent this thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

This noon the new soldiers were entertained by the men of Toledo who gamely came to the rescue after the women of the churches had refused to furnish the dinner because of the influence of the ultra-religious movement against the dance.

After the dinner the whole populace, led by the Tama and Toledo bands, escorted the boys to the train and gave them such a sendoff, as was never seen by this generation.

[Times Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa, published July 25, 1918; submitted by cddd]

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