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George Mulligan & Brown

Fearful Ride With The Dead

Ghastly Experience of a Boy Whose Companion is killed on Top of a Car

Creston, Iowa, Sept. 20.—George Mulligan and a boy named Brown, each about eighteen years of age, climbed on the top of a passenger coach at Creston early this morning, intending to steal a ride to Council Bluffs.

At the first covered bridge beyond Red Oak Mulligan raised his head and was instantly killed by a rafter of the bridge. His companion grasped the body and held it on the car with great difficulty.

This train does not stop at small stations and the terrified boy had a fearful ride for many miles with his dead friend before he succeeded in attraction the attention of the train men, who stopped the train.

[Chicago Herald, Chicago, Illinois, Published October 01, 1890, submitted by C. D.]

Killed In A Collision

St. Joseph, MO., Sep7.--Special Telegram--Word reached the city this evening that the Creston express, on the Kansas City, St. Joe and Council Bluffs railroad, ran into a local passenger train which was standing on the main line near Afton, Iowa, at about 5:45p.m., killing five persons outright and wounding about twenty more. It is said the accident was due to the carelessness of the conductor on the local. The killed and wounded were taken to Creston.

The list of injured was chiefly confined to the sleeper on the rear end of the passenger train, as follows:

Killed and Injured

Infant child of the Rev. A. E. Mosher, Creston, Mrs. Mosher, head and arms badly cut; will probably die.

Charles Cook, Brooklyn, N. Y., with wife and two sons, en route to Nebraska, were in sleeper. The youngest son, 4 years old, was fearfully scalded, probably fatally. Other members of the family not seriously hurt.

I. J. Gray; Greenfield, Iowa, horribly cut.
R. C. Fullerton, Chillicothe, Wis, spine injued.
Sarah Griminger, Cleveland, Ohio, scalded.
Miss Anna Morrell, Red Oak, Iowa, face and arms scalded.
J. A. Bailey and wife, Michigan, both injured in back and slightly scalded.
G. Brockman and wife, Michigan, slightly scalded.

The injured are cared for at the Summit House, Creston, and are doing as well as could be expected.

[Daily Inter Ocean, September 8, 1887 – Transferred by AFOFG]


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