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Eliza (Branson) Sutton

BRANSON, JOHN, was born Jan. 12, 1764, in North Carolina. He emigrated, when a young man, to the vicinity of Charleston, S. C, and married Sarah Jones. They had six children in South Carolina, and moved to Ross county, O. From there to the vicinity of Xenia, Green county, Ohio, before the Indians had entirely left. They had five children there. Some of the elder children married and remained in Ohio, but Mr. Branson with the younger members of his family, moved to Sangamon county, Ill, arriving Oct., 1822, in what is now Fancy Creek township. Of all his children

ELI, born in South Carolina, married three times, died, leaving a family in Fulton county. His son, CALVIN, resides near Ipava, Fulton county.

ANDREW, born in South Carolina, and married Susannah Wilkinson. They both died, leaving several children near Athens, Illinois.

WILLIAM, born Jan. 9, 1791, in North Carolina, and was taken by his parents to South Carolina, in 1793. In 1811 the family moved to Chilicothe, Ohio, where he was married to Sally M. Graves, in 1815. He moved to Indiana, and from there to Sangamon county, Ill., about the time his father came; moved to Galena, and from there to DeWitt county, Ill. They had seven children, and Mrs. Sally M. Branson died May 10, 1840, in DeWitt county. In December, 1840, he was married to Martha Cooper, in Sangamon county. In March, 1847, he moved to Sangamon county, and March 28, 1848, he started overland with his family and arrived Sept. 15, 1848, in Polk county, Oregon. He had eight children by the second marriage. He died Nov. 16, 1860. His widow married Michael Shelley, and died Dec. 24, 1868, near Independence, Polk county, Oregon. Nearly all the descendents of William Branson reside in the vicinity of Sheridan, Yamhill county, Oregon. His son, B. B. BRANSON, Jun., born Sept. 4, 1830, went with his father to Oregon, in 1848, married there, Sept. 15, 1854, to Eliza E. Dickey, who was born Jan. 19, 1834, in Tenn. They have eight living children. Sarah A., born July 3, 1855, married Nov. 6, 1873, to C. O. Burgess, and resides near Sheridan. Josephine, Eliza Jane, Ephriam N., Elnora Sherman, Laura V., Ida M. and Orley R. reside with their parents, near Sheridan, Yamhill county, Oregon.

CATHARINE, born in South Carolina, married in Green county, Ohio, to Frederick Stipp. They came to Sangamon county, and two of their daughters reside in Springfield, namely: Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Moody. Mr. and Mrs. Stipp died several years since.

KEZIAH, born in South Carolina, married in Green county, Ohio, to Jesse Sutton. They came to Sangamon county in 1823, moved to Iowa, and both died, leaving several children in VanBuren county, Iowa.

JOHN, Jun., born Oct. 15, 1795, near Charleston, S. C. He was a teamster from Ohio during the war of 1812, and has a crippled hand from an injury received while on duty. He was married, Sept. 12, 1817, in Clarke county, Ohio, to Ann Cantrall, daughter of Zebulon Cantrall, who was a brother of William G., Levi and Wyatt. Thev had one child, ZEBULON, born June 20, 1818, in Clarke county, Ohio, married August, 1840, in Sangamon county, to Rachel Braugher, and soon after moved to Fulton county, where five children were born, namely: Emily, Caroline, Isaac, Marion and Zebulon, jun. Zebulon Branson enlisted in the 103d Ill. Inf. for three years, in 1862. He was 1st Lieut., and was killed June 27, 1864, while leading his company in a charge on the rebel fortifications at Kennesaw Mountain. His family reside near Ipava, Fulton county. Mrs. Ann Branson died, and John Branson was married, Sept. 12, 1822, in Champaign county, Ohio, to Miriam Thomas. They had five children, namely: THOMAS and CATHATINE, twins, born Dec. 1, 1823; THOMAS married, Feb. 4, 1847, to Eliza C. Kiger, who was born March 13, 1830, in Winchester, Va. They had three children. Maria T. died, aged ten years. Catharine W., born May 25, 1850, married March 25, 1869, to Thomas Neal. They had three children, namely: Charles N., died in infancy; Thomas- and Coke reside with their parents, in Mitchel county, near Cawker City, Kansas. CHARLES, born March 11, 1852, resides with his mother. Thomas Branson died March 5, 1864, and his widow resides eight miles northwest of Springfield. CATHARINE, the other twin, married Rev. Hardin Wallace. They have two children, namely: Mrs. E. M. Sharp, of Mason City, Ill., and Mrs. Carlton Gatton, of Middletown, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace reside at Bath, Mason county, Ill. CAROLINE married Giles Woods. They have seven children, and reside near Waverly. MARIA married Samuel C. Woods. They have one child living, and Mrs. W. died, August 20, 1875. Mr. Woods resides near Waverly. EMILY married Rev. Joseph H. Hopkins. They had one child, and mother and child died in 1848, at Whitehall, Ill. Mrs. Miriam Branson died, and John Branson married, Nov. 8, 1840, to Mrs. Mary Humphreys, whose maiden name was McKinnie. They had two children. MINNIE married George P. Brahm. They had one son Claude, and Mrs. B. died, May 17, 1872. Mr. Brahm, with his son, resides at Kinney, Logan county, Ill. JOHN L. enlisted in 1862, for three years, in the 13th Ill. Inf. Served about one year, and was discharged on account of physical disability. He married Nellie Cain. John Branson and wife reside one and a half miles northwest of Salisbury. He is in his eighty-first year.

THOMAS, born Feb., 1798, in South Carolina, was married Aug. 12, 1829, in Clark county, O., to Eleanor Thomas, and came to Sangamon county with his father in 1822. They had three children, and Mrs. B, died in Sangamon county Jan 24, 1840. Thomas Branson married Louisa Cole. They had five children, and in 1857 moved to Texas. Of Mr. B.'s children by the first marriage, ADALINE, born Oct. 9, 1833, was married Oct. 3, 1849, to W. S. Dunham, of Waynesville, DeWitt county, Ill., where she died May 29, 1852. ALIDA, born Sept. 21, 1837, in Sangamon county, Ill., is unmarried, and resides in Mansfield, Texas. REBECCA, born Nov. 30, 1839, in Sangamon county, married Lieut. Frank King, U. S. A., in Dallas county, Texas, Oct. 14, 1862. Lieut. King was killed in Louisiana, May 8, 1864. Mrs. King was married Nov. 2, 1865, to Rev. D. D. Leech, in Dallas county, Texas, and she died Aug. 23, 1866, in Ellis county, Texas, leaving one child, Frank K., born Aug. 22, 1866, in Ellis county, and resides with his aunt Alida, in Tarrant county, Texas.

Of the children of the second marriage, ELEANOR, born March 10, 1842, was married Dec. 24, 1862, to Samuel Uhl, of the 12th Texan Dragoons. They have five children, viz: Sue E., Addie C, Louisa, Charles and Alma, and reside in Dallas county, Texas. EMILY, born May 21, 1844, in Sangamon county, married April 10, 1867, to Thomas Uhl, in Dallas county, Texas. They have one child, William S., and reside in Dallas county. THOMAS C, born April 27, 1848, in Sangamon county, Ill., was married July I, 1875, to Virginia Hill, in Dallas county, where they now reside. BENJAMIN L., born Oct. 7, 1850, in Sangamon county, is unmarried, and resides in Lancaster, Dallas county, Texas. AUGUSTA, born June 13, 1853, in Sangamon county, married Aug. 24, 1873, to F. Fox, and resides in Slate Spring, Miss. Thomas Branson died Oct. 21, 1864, and Mrs. Louisa Branson died July 5, 1865, both near Lancaster, Dallas county, Texas.

MARY, born in Green county, O., married in Sangamon county, Ill., Sept. 23, 1824, to Abraham Onstott. They have five children. Mrs. Onstott died June, 1875. The family reside in Clinton, BeWitt county.

REBECCA, born in Ohio, married Elijah Harper, and died, leaving several children in Clark county O.

BENJAMIN B., born Feb., 1810, in Ross county, O., married in Mechanicsburg, Sangamon county, Ill., May, 1837, to Mary Thompson. They have two children, viz: HENRIETTA, born Aug. 27, 1839, on Fancy creek, Sangamon county, married in Mechanicsburg, Aug. 27, 1861, to A. G. Barnes. See his name. HENRY, born Dec. 2, 1842, on Fancy creek, married June, 1867, in Jacksonville, Ill., to Clara L. Lathrop. They have two children, and reside at Ottawa, Kan. Benj. B. Branson and wife reside in Jacksonville, Ill.

NANCY, born June 4, 1806, in Ohio, married in Sangamon county to Dr. Charles Winn, who was born Aug. 13, 1800, in Virginia. He received his medical education at Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky. He came to Sangamon county and practiced his profession on Fancy creek; moved from there to Waynesville, Ill., and from there to Springfield, O. They had seven children. CORILLA died Nov. 8, 1855, aged twenty-five years. BYRON died March 16, 1854, at McKendree College, in his twenty-first year. RICHARD D. died in St. Joseph, Mo., March 15, 1872, in his thirty-eighth year. CHARLES L., born Nov. 11, 1838, married July 22, 1859, in Jackson county, Mo., and died, leaving a widow and two children in Kansas City. ROBERT B., born July 11, 1840, resides in Chicago. EMMA H., born Dec. 29, 1842, near Springfield, O., married in Sangamon county to A. G. Pickrell. See his name. FLORENCE M., born June 12, 1846, near Springfield, O., married Wilham T. Hall. See his name. Dr. Charles L. Winn died Aug. 17, 1847, near Springfield, O., and Mrs. Nancy Winn died Nov. 4, 1852, at Columbus, Adams county, Ill.

Mrs. Sarah Branson died in Ohio, and her husband, John Branson, Sen., died in 1845, in Sangamon county, Ill., aged eighty-one years.

[Source: "History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois:" Centennial record; By John Carroll Power, Sarah A. Power, Old Settlers' Society of Sangamon County (Ill.); 1876; Transcribed by Andaleen Whitney]

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