1887 Allen County Business Directory
 Official State Atlas of Kansas
transcribed by Sheryl McClure

J. E. Henderson, County Superintendent of Schools. Estab. 1877. P. O. Iola.

Cummings and Jones, Real Estate Dealers, Loans and Insurance. Estab. 1882. P. O. Iola.

Bostwick and Talcott, Neosho Valley Land Office. Successors to Geo. A. Bowlus. Real Estate and Loans. Estab. 1885. P. O. Iola.

J. C. Gordon, Editor and Propr. of the Allen Count Courant. Estab. 1870. P. O. Iola.

Chas. T. Scott, Editor and Propr. of The Register. Estab. 1866. P. O. Iola.

J. P. Duncan, Register of Deeds of Allen County. Estab. 1868. P. O. Iola.

P. H. Harris, Attorney at Law. Estab. 1878. P. O. Iola.

Able Fisher. Propr. of the Pennsylvania Central Hotel. Estab. 1879. P. O. Iola.

J. L. Hayward, Farmer P. O. Iola.

L. L. Northrup, Banker Estab. 1869. P. O. Iola.

Johnson and Perry. Buyers and shippers of broom corn. Estab. 1885. P. O. Iola.

E. A. Barber and Co. Bankers. Estab. 1868. P. O. Humboldt.

T. A. Phelps, Cashier of S. A. Brown and Co. bank. Estab. 1885. P. O. Humboldt.

E. N. Wert, Livery, Sale and Exchange Stables. Estab. 1867. P. O. Humboldt.

W. T. McElroy, Editor and Propr. of the Humboldt Union.Estab. 1866. P. O. Humboldt.

Henry D. Smith, Attorney at Law and Propr. of the Inter-State. Estab. 1876. P. O. Humboldt.

S. M. Barr, Propr. of the Nickel Plate Hotel. Estab. 1884. P. O. Humboldt.

J. Andrews, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Agent. Estab. 1883. P. O. Humboldt.

C. K. Roe, M. D., Physician and Surgeon. Estab. 1885. P. O. Humboldt.

Hackney and Sons, Dealers in Agricultural Implements and Grain, Coal, Hardwood Lumber and Bridge Lumber. Harpe.

Ray and Jewell, Livery and Sale Stables. Dealers in Draught Horses. P. O. Morantown

Matthews and De Hart, Real Estate, Loan, Collecting and Paying Agents. P. O. Morantown.

S. H. Hogueland, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Neosho Falls, Woodson Co. Estab. 1869.

W. A. Choguill, Attorney at Law P. O. Humboldt.

G. E. Lehmann, Wholesale Grocer. P. O. Humboldt.

Paul Fisher, Capitalist. P. O. Humboldt.

Chas. Groth. Merchant (Tobacco). P. O. Humboldt.


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