Allen County, Kansas



Having decided to organize a Legion Post in Moran, a meeting was called and eighteen men were present and signed petition for charter on October 8th, 1919. Ralph Martin, former Captain in the Infantry 35th Division, was elected Post Commander, M. D. Taylor, Former Sergeant-Major in the Signal Corps, was elected Secretary or Adjutant, Chuck Brouillard, 35th Divisino was made Vice-Commander. Speck Varner, 35th Division was made Finance Officer.

This Post was named for Raymond Jones, who was killed in line of duty in France, and a member of the Signal Corps of the 35th Division. This Post was dedicated to the Memory of the Comrades who lost their lives while in the service of their country, and more especially the four who went but did not come back, who were from Moran. Raymond Jones killed in line of duty, Merle Varner and Floyd Shoemaker died of pneumonia in France and Vern McCoy who died in New York.

The Post indorsed the action of the State Convention and also the National Convention on the Americanization program and also the stand against radicalism.


Charter was issued July 2, 1919

Charter members:

Apt, Fredrick
Arnold, Frank
Bishop, Harry C.
Black, Christiopher C.
Cowan, James G.
Cox, Herschal G.
Florence, Fred
Frazier, Harrison
Kirkpatrick, Jesse H.
Langley, Milford
Lee, Elmer
Malcolm, Canby H.
McDonald, Willis L.
Miller, Claude
Northrup, Lewis
Thorp, Delmer

First meeting of the L. J. C. Post No. 15 of the American Legion was held on June 2, 1919 in the office of Dr. O. L. Cox.

W. L. McDonald was elected chairman and L.O. Northrup, Secretary and Treasurer. the organization was then called the Allen County American Legion. On Sept. 13th regular officers were elected as follows:

Ray Enfield - Post Commander

Herschal Cox - Vice Post Commander

L. O. Northrup - Post Adjutant and Finance Officer

Three representatives were sent to the state convention at Wichita. Name of the Post was changed to the Leslie J. Campbell Post.

At the meeting on Sept. 22nd it was decided that the office of Adjutant and Finance should not be combined so C. S. Black was elected Finance Officer.

Post headquarters established in Roberts Hall.

On June 14th, 1920, Commander Enfield resigned and Glen Bean was duly elected to fill the chair.

On Sept. 27th officers were elected for the following year. Officers elected:

Glen Bean - Re-elected Post Commander

Delmer Thorp - Vice Post Commander

Harry Cook - Post Adjutant

Chris Black - Re-elected Finance Officer

Frank Arnold - Chaplain

Five delegates were sent tot he state convention at Pittsburg

One delegate from this post was sent to each of the two national conventions


The Algy Doty Post, No. 118, American Legion, was organized October 27th, 1919.

First officers were: Captain Frank D. Mathias, Post Commander, H. H. Braucher, Adjutant

Officers now are Warren W. Works, Post Commander

P. J. McGannon, Adjutant

Charter members were:

Barrackman, William J.
Braucher, Hawley
Capelin, Perry A.
Cunningham, J. E.
Ekel, W. V.
Fronk, Cyrus H.
Goble, Closs H.
Hack, Lyle W.
Harrley, S. R.
Lassmann, Otto W.
Lockart, John
Mathias, Frank D.
Moore, T. F.
Schleicher, W. J.
Smith, C. J.
Webb, Herbert M.

Captain Swain was another Humboldt man receiving a commission and serving overseas with the 89th Division.

Lester E. Goble and Michael L. McGannon, sergeants in the Machine Gun Company were commissioned Second Lieutenants in France and served with the 77th Division.

Clark W. Works was commissioned Second Lieutenant and served in a southern training camp.


The Buster-Ashley Post was organized in February, 1920, with Roscoe Johnson, as first Post Commander and Ray Bartlett,a s Post Adjutant.

The following constituted the charter membership, though the number has since grown:

Baker, Walter
Bartlett, Rary
Cory, Ralph
Ensminger, George
Garvey, John
Heathman, F. L.
Johnson, Roscoe
Martin, Herbert
McClintock, Lyle
Meader, Albert
Page, Albert
Pool, Clifford
Wilson, Charles Jr.
Wilson, Floyd
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, Verne

Lloyd Ashley and Floyd Buster were both killed in action in the Argonne drive and the local post honors theirs spirit of sacrifice and bravery by perpetuating the names of the two boys who made the great sacrifice. The Post is very active in social affairs.

Frank Root, from LaHarpe was a Captain in Infantry, serving with the 35th Division.

Verne Wilson, of LaHarpe, was commissioned Lieutenant and was one of the wounded in action in France

Harold Roberts, First Lieutenant, Infantry, was wounded in action in France.

Source: Atlas and Plat Book of Allen County, Kansas, Published by Iola Daily Register, Iola, Kansas, by Charles F. Scott, August, 1921


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