Hardtner, a village in Barber county, is 20 miles south of Medicine Lodge, the county seat. It is the terminus of a branch of the Missouri Pacific R. R. extended from Kiowa, 9 miles east. There are about twenty retail establishments, an express office and a postoffice. The population, according to the census of 1910, was 100.

(Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History, Embracing Events, Institutions, 1912, edited by Frank Wilson Blackmar, Vol. 1, Page 808) 

Hardtner was founded in 1887. It was named for Dr. John Hardtner, a landowner.

The first post office in Hardtner was established in July 1887.

By 1908 the townspeople had realized that they would need a railroad line to the outside world in order to survive. The town's founder Jacob Achenbach, helped set up a company to build a line east to Kiowa. The line would have to cross the Santa Fe's tracks to link with the Missouri Pacific, the planned connection for Hardtner's line. The Santa Fe's Superintendent was not about to stand for that, so he had his private car block the spot where the lines would cross. A local got word to him that the Hardtner people had about 45 cowboys ready to "riddle his car with bullets" The Superintendent moved his car, and the line was completed.

On June 2, 1929, a tornado struck Hardtner, causing minor damage. The tornado was notable since it moved very slowly, yielding some of the highest quality photographs of a tornado to that date.

Hardtner is also known for its yearly Independence Day celebrations. This event attracts people from all around the Kansas/Oklahoma state-line area. Yearly events include a themed parade, medallion hunt, pit beef sandwiches, and a fireworks show.

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