Southwestern Business Directory including Principal Towns on Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway, Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad, Denver, Texas, and Fort Worth Railway, Texas and Pacific Railway, Union Pacific Railway, Denver and Rio Grande Railway, Colorado Midland Railway, and Atlantic and Pacific Railroad.

McKenney Directory Company, Publishers, Denver, Col., Kansas City, Mo., New Orleans, La., and San Francisco, Cal., March, 1889 - pages 554-564

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Bourbon County, A post, express and telegraph town on the line of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad


First Name Last/Company Name Description Address
E P Adams agt Adams' Express Co. 15 Wall
B R Adams grocery 6 North Main
R Aikman physician and surgeon 110 South Main
A B Anson dry goods, notions and fancy goods 111 Market
Charles E Antram physician and surgeon McAlvoy Block
J J Augestine & Co dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats and caps Wellington
Van Sickler Augustine & Co dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats and caps cor National and Wall
  Bachmann Bros packers and shippers of oysters and fruits 6 South Main
H D Baker physician and surgeon 112 South Main
Loo Baker physician and surgeon 8 Market Square
J W Bales lunch counter 304 North National ave
M Bank livery and feed stable 514 E Wall
CF Drake pres. Bank of Fort Scott 111 Wall
Chas Nelson cashier Bank of Fort Scott 111 Wall
C F Martin asst cashier Bank of Fort Scott 111 Wall
M V Barnett & Co Chattel, loan and brokers' office 109 Wall
Thomas Barnett & Co physician and surgeon office 21 Market, upstairs
Mrs. M J Baronis dressmaking rm 8 Drake Block, Main
O T Baseman guns and gun repairing 7 Market
J W Bawden atty-at-law NE cor Wall and Martin
J B Bayless real estate 116 South Martin
  Becktell & Akin groceries and provisions 811 Wall
  Bell & Berger wholesale and retail grocers 2 Oak
W N Bell wholesale and retail grocery cor Humboldt and Kansas City Ave
D Bemiss Prof, supt high school  
E A Benham jobbers in groceries and provisions 11 South Main
  Berger, Miller & Flickinger proprs Fort Scott Carriage Works 213-219 Scott ave, depository 205 Scott ave
I L Bishop jeweler 212 East Wall
W D Blatchley physician and surgeon 207 Market
  Boliver Bros groceries and provisions Wall
  Bradley & Lake barbers 520 E Wall
H K Brandriff meat market 917 Main
J M Bright dry goods 105 and 107 Mail
H Brown merchant tailor 119 Market
Jennie Brown teacher of drawing and painting of landscapes, figures from life, fruit and China painting  
  Brown & Love State auctioneers, appraisers and general merchandise 9 Market Place
S A Brown & Co lumber and building material Marminton ave
Sid Brown restaurant and confectionery cor Humboldt and National ave
D De Forest professor Bryant's College of Music and Literature 23 Main
J A Bryant carriage manufacturer 301 and 303 East Wall
M E Burke Burke Hotel National ave
Henry Bush hairdressing, bath rooms and fashionable tonsorial resort 10 North Main
H G Butler atty-at-law and loan agt rm 9 Union Block, Main
J L Button agt Singer Manufacturing Co. 114 Market
  Cain & Nelson Hardware Co   20 Main
A Cameron wagon and carriage manufacturer 9 National ave
A B Carven physician and surgeon Office Block West First
J H Walton Central House First and Walker
O D Cheeney atty-at-law 116 South Main
C J Cissna deputy and recorder of deeds Bourbon County  
S W Goodlander pres. Citizens' National Bank 12 South Main
C H Osburn asst cashier Citizens' National Bank 12 South Main
H Clark agricultural implements 5 Market
W H Clark & Son manufactures drain, tile and stoneware, flower post and prepared clay Humboldt ave
Julius Cohn propr Vienna Bakery 108 East Wall
Julius Cohn restaurant and confectionery 3 South Main
J T Coltman millinery 122 East Wall
A L Conine restaurant and confectionery 509 East Wall
J Conine & Son gents' furnishing goods and notions 501 East Wall
L D Coon atty-at-law and justice of the peace 111 Market
J J Corey physician and surgeon 16 North Main
G W Cornell, MD proprietor Fort Scott Medical and Surgical Institute 101 Main
Fred Corriell lunch counter and billiard hall 521 Wall
N A Coston dentist 103 South Main
Geo Hermeling propr, Cottage House Margrave
M D L Cottingham barber 108 North National ave
J F Cottrell bookseller, stationery and wall paper and postmaster 115 Main
O D Couch & Co investment and exchange agency, real estate and loan agents, collection and rental agents, tax-payers for non-residents office under First National Bank, 2 N Main
A C Cowan grocery Humboldt ave
A D Cox painting, kalsomining and decorating cor Main and Second
C C Crain hardware and stoves 16 National ave
J H Crain atty-at-law rms 3 & 4 Drake Block, Main
J h Crider atty-at-law 201 Market
H P Croff livery, feed and sale stable Walker bet First and Wall
John Crow shoemaker 118 Main
A T Curtis Fed and coal 712 Wall
J V Dabbs photographer 203 and 205 Market
D Daggett atty-at-law 123 Market
J B Chapman editor and proprietor, Daily and Weekly Tribune 109 South Main
W Damarell meat market 706 Wall
C Damon wholesale and retail boot and shoe house 1 Main
D D Daugherty loan and pawn broker 208 East Wall
  Daughters & Sheppard Fort Scott Collecting Agency, and attorneys-at-law Hill Building, 303 and 305 South Main
  Davis & Co wholesale flour, feed and seeds National ave
John Welch propr, Delmonico Hotel 701 East Wall
Charles De Moisy county surveyor and civil engineer Bourbon County  
H B Dennison restaurant and lunch room 17 Market
F F Dickman physician and surgeon office Block, West First Street
W Dildine proprietor Interstate Hotel cor Wall and National ave
W W Dilland wholesale mfr tobacco 105 Market
John F Dillon engineer Hill Building, East Main
W P Dilworth hardware and stoves 103 Market
W E Dinklage mfr confectionery 118 South Main
A Doud dentist rm 13 Union Block, Main
E J Downs photographer 122 East Wall
M S Drake groceries, provisions and feed 624 Wall
Charles Elder propr, Eagle Foundry National ave
  Eddleman & Helm bakery and restaurant 11 Market
M B Edison supt, architect and builder 207 Main
James Else livery, feed and sale stable 3 Market
  End & Piotronski merchant tailors 5 North Main
T L Everett propr New York Bakery 513 East Wall
C D Farr agt K, N & D R R Division of M P R R cor Wall and Wilson
A E Farrington principal City High School  
E M Firestone commercial book and job printing 315 East Wall
  First National Bank W Chenault pres, J Chenault cashier cor Main and Wall
J M Fife restaurant and confectionery 213 East Wall
E B Fletcher druggist 6 South Market Square
W E Flynn atty-at-law rms 2, 3 and 4 Union Block
A P Forster physician cor Main and Wall
R W Fowler fire marshal 111 Market
  Ft Scott Canning Co Ashwell 7 Buckler proprs 313 Hill Block, South Main
  Ft Scott City Gas Co, L K Scofield pres, J A Durkee Vice-pres. E W Morse sec and supt cor Clark and Oak
  Ft Scott Electric Light and Power Co C S Rusling pres, N C Thompson Supt cor Wall and Second
  Ft Scott Foundry and Machine Shops A W Walburn president, L Nutz superintendent, F Stwolinski managing engineer  
  Ft Scott Furniture Co Benjamin Despes propr 113 Main
  Ft Scott Globe R B Fry Editor and propr rm 12 Office Block First
  Ft Scott Grain and Implement Co (Successors to Durkee & Stout) 18 and 20 National ave
  Ft Scott and Gulf Railroad Shops H K Bates master mechanic  
  Ft Scott Lime Works C H Gardiner Proprietor cor Third and Clark
  Ft. Scott Medical and Surgical Institute   101 Market Street
    Advertisement on page 557 - Fort Scott Medical and Surgical Institute, 101 Market Street, Fort Scott, Kansas. All Nervous and Chronic Diseases, Requiring Skillful Medical Treatment, or Delicate and Difficult Operations SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. Medicines and all Surgical Appliances furnished By Mail or Express. Consultation FREE at Institute or by Letter. OFFICE HOURS, 9 to 12 A.M., 1 to 6, and 7 to 8 P.M. All letters of inquiry, or on consultation, should be addressed to G. W. CORNELL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon in Charge.  
  Ft. Scott Steam Brick Work Company W H Ashwell propr 313 Hill Block, South Main
  Ft Scott Ticket Office E E Dix freight and ticket agt  
  Ft Scott Water Co   National ave
  Ft Scott Wholesale Grocery Company   22 National ave
  Ft Scott Woolen Mill, Polsgrove & Co.   cor First and Margrave

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