The county was organized September 12, 1855

In 1860, the first Commissioners were Isaac Ford, Lester Ray and G. W. Miller.

The members of the Territorial Council from Bourbon County with date of election:
William Barbee, March 30, 1855;
George S. Hillyer, 1857;
Watson Stewart, 1859

The members of the State Senate have been:
J. C. Burnett, 1861;
Isaac Ford, 1862;
A. Danford, 1864;
D. B. Emmert, 1866;
M. V. Voss, 1868;
W. E. Guerin, 1872;
J. W. Bainum, 1874;
W. R. Griffin, 1876 and 1878;
E. F. Ware, 1880

List of Representatives in the Territorial Legislature, with the date of election have been:
Samuel A. Williams and Joseph C. Anderson, March 30, 1855;
W. W. Spratt and B. Brantly, 1856;
Stephen C. Cooper, 1857;
T. R. Roberts, 1858;
Horatio Knowles, 1859;
J. C. Burnett, 1860

The Representatives in the State Legislature have been:
H. Knowles, S. B. Mahurin and J. T. Neal, 1861;
D. B. Jackman, J. Hawkins, D. R. Cobb and C. F. Drake, 1862;
D. R. Cobb, J. G. Miller, R. P. Stevens and William Stone, 1863;
L. D. Clevender, D. L. Campbell, N. Griswold and W. Z. Strong, 1864;
C. W. Blair, N. Griswold, W. H. Green and J. S. Wilson, 1865;
S. A. Manlove, W. N. McIntosh, W. F. Travers and J. S. Wilson, 1866;
William Hinton, E. M. Hulett, J. B. Moore and B. F. Smalley, 1867;
J. B. Moore, D. D. Roberts, L. Roberts and W. Simpson, 1868;
George P. Eaves, C. W. Libby, J. A. Tiffany and W. C. Webb, 1869;
W. H. Green, C. W. Libby, C. S. Steele and W. C. Webb, 1870;
W. H. Green, J. R. Greening and L. G. Palmer, 1871;
Jacob Brenner, W. J. Cochran and R. P. McDonald, 1872;
S. Bird, David Johnson and T. F. Robley, 1873;
John Raney, A. Goucher, and E. M. Hulett, 1874;
E. P. Davis, John J. Stewart and B. J. Waters, 1875;
John J. Stewart, Robert Geffs, S. A. Day and S. D. Hart, 1876;
John J. Stewart, W. I. Smith, J. H. Sallee and T. W. Tallman, 1878;
Wiley Bolinger, Oscar Strait, J. H. Lawhead and Thomas Cochran, 1880

{Excerpts from William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Bourbon County; published 1883}

List of County Sheriffs (Early Years)
1855-1857 B. F. Hill
1858-1860 John S Cummings
1860-1862  Charles Ball
1862-1864 H. G. Moore
1864-1866  R. M. Jacks
1866-1868  D. C. Knowles
1868-1872  C. S. Wheaton
1872-1876  T. W. Tallman
1876-1878  J. M. Limbocker

List of Probate Judges (Early Years)
1855-1857 S. A. Williams
1857-1860 William Margrave
1860-1860 Horatio Knowles
1861-1863 D. R. Cobb
1863-1864 William Rose
1864-1867 William Margrave
1867-1868 Asahel Buck
1868-1871 W. W. Martin
1871-1877 S. A. Day
1877-1878 J. M. Limbocker
Register of Deeds (Early Years)
1855-1859 John J. Farley
1859-1859 Horatio Knowles
1860-1860 W. H. Anthony
1861-1863 R. M. Jacks
1863-1865 E. B. Norcross
1865-1868 J. S. Emmert
1868-1874 Wiley Anderson
1874-1880 D. T. Hiatt
The District Court (Early Years)
The records of the District Court only reach back to 1859, when Samual A. Williams was clerk, and Joseph Williams, Judge.  Kansas being admitted as a State in 1861, Solon B. Thatcher was the first judge under State Laws of the Fourth District, which took in Bourbon County, and D. R,. Cobb was clerk. Others were D. B. Emmert, William Margrave, D. P. Lowe, D. F. Valentine, W. A. Shannon, J. F. Brodhead, Ira D. Bronson, M. V. Voss, W. C. Stewart and W. J. Bawen.

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Bourbon County, Kansas; published by Edward Brothers of Missouri, 1878

Kansas Territorial Archives Census Records 1859 Abstracts
Bourbon County
The election on June 7, 1859, was to elect delegates to the Wyandotte constitutional convention

Township June 7, 1859 Votes 6 mo. Provision Votes 3 mo. Provision Votes Total Inhabitants
Dry Wood 71 122 166 631
Freedom 56 84 116 400
Marion 39 93 144 474
Marmiton 85 126 144 662
Osage 37 129 147 326
Scott 149 171 196 680
Timber Hill 81 109 149 510
All information was handwritten on the document.  Transcribed as written by R Evans

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