National Register of Historic Places
Located in Bourbon County Kansas

Source: National Register of Historic Places, Digital Archive on National Parks Gallery, National Park Service,  US Dept of the Interior

Historic Place Location Time Period Area of Significance Date Published
First Congregational Church 502 S National Ave, Fort Scott 1850-1874 Architecture 3/23/2005
First Presbyterian Church 308 S Crawford, Fort Scott 1900-1949 Architecture 7/2/2008
Fort Scott Downtown Historic District Oak to 3rd St, Scott Ave to National Ave, Fort Scott 1850-1974 Architecture, Commerce, Community Planning and Development 12/18/2009
Fort Scott National Cemetery 900 E National Ave, Fort Scott 1850-1949 Military, Archeticture 7/15/1999
Fort Scott National Historic Site Old Fort Blvd, Fort Scott 1825-1874 Military, Exploration/Settlement 10/15/1966
Fort Scott Public Carnegie Library 201 S National, Fort Scott 1900-1924 Education, Architecture, Social History 8/18/1987
Long Shoals Bridge Over Little Osage River, E of Fulton 1900-1924 Engineering 1/4/1990
Marmaton Bridge One mile NE of Fort Scott 1875-1899 Engineering, Transportation 5/11/1982
Moody Building 15 E 2nd St, Fort Scott 1875-1899 Commerce, Architecture 11/9/1977
Union Block 24 S Main St, Fort Scott 1875-1899 Architecture 4/26/1972
Eugene Ware Elementary School 900 E 3rd St, Fort Scott 1925-1949 Education, Architecture 6/9/2005

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