Butler County,  Kansas



Adamson  Nannie

Adamson  T

Adamson  Velma

Afton  Bette

Bodle  C M

Bodle  L M

Bula  Alice

Cannon  Ella

Cannon  J D

Cannon  Martha

Cochran  Cecil

Cochran  Donald

Coffman  Mary

Cronk  J E

Cronk  Lilly

Danielson  Marie

DeVorre  Edna A

DeVorre  I J

Dill  Albert

Dodge  Loretta C

Dorsh  Theresa

Eubanks  Harold

Eubanks  Velma

George  T E

George  T E Mrs

Gill  Bessie

Gill  L G

Gragg  B L

Gragg  Harry W

Gragg  Maud

Gragg  W P

Grove  Roy S

Groves  Lottie

Haase  D I

Haase  E B

Haase  E J

Haase  Mamie

Harrison  Addie

Harrison  Allan

Harrison  Francis

Harrison  G M

Harrison  Gladys

Harrison  Ray

Heninson  Grace

Henry  A J

Henry  Jane

Hensie  Lynne

Hensie  Peggy

Heorman  Mame

Heorman  Paul D

Hill  G D

Hill  L C

Hill  Merton

Hill  Olive L

Holloway  Marttie

Holloway  W H

Irby  Maybel

Irby  W J

Johnson  B F

Johnson  Hennie

Kasenberg  Fred

Kasenberg  Jos H

Kasenberg  Lena

Kasenberg  Ruby

Knoles  C J

Knoles  Rickie

Marnane  L F

Marnane  Susie

McGrew  Clyde

McGrew  Emma

Mefford  May A

Mefford  Roy

Medworth  Eva

Medworth  Geo

Minor  Lucy A

Minor  Mable

Minor  Mary

Minor  W B

Moots  Bessie M

Moots  E W

Mullins  John

Mullins  Leona

Nelson  J L

Nelson  Lilly

Nelson  Martha

Nichols  Hugh

Nichols  Jos

Nichols  Mary

Nimmo  Clara

Oliver  Alice

Oliver  Dwight

Oliver  Roy

Osmon  Everett

Osmon  Mabel I

Osmon  Sam

Owens  Cora

Owens  S A

Patterson  J I

Perry  Vera

Perry Virgil

Phares  Anna

Phillips  Jesse D

Phillips  L O

Phillips  Velva

Pitcher  Alta

Pitcher  Elnora

Pitcher  F M

Pitcher  Irene

Pitcher  J E

Pitcher  J O

Pitcher  Lucille

Pitcher  M E

Robinson  J I

Robinson  M B

Sharp  Glenn M

Sharp  Nora J

Simons  E W

Simons  Mary F

Smith  Amelia

Smith  Herbert

Stearns  C A

Stearns  Jessie

Stouder  Mary M

Tannar  Anna E

Tannar  Minnie

Wallace  A C

Wallace  Calla

Wanamaker  F D

Wanamaker  Zella

Watterson  Jos

Watterson  Mary

Widick  Bertha

Widick  Cecil

Widick  Earl

Widick  Vina M

Wiles  Bertha

Wiles  Walter

Winegarner  Anna

Winegarner  D L

Winegarner  Frances

Winegarner  H W

Winslow  L S

Winslow  S C

Wright  Nora

Wright  R S



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