Butler County,  Kansas



Andres  Agatha C

Andres  Anna M

Andres  J P

Angres  J P  Mrs

Baumgartner  Bessie

Baumgartner  H

Baumgartner  Harry

Baumgartner  Mildred

Bergen  Elisa

Bergen  H B

Bergen  John

Bergen  Justina

Bishop  Alice M

Bishop  M M

Cosand  Clarine

Cosand  Loren

Cosand  Nelle

Dunn  May

Dyck  Dorothy

Dyck  H T

Dyck  Katie

Eilert  Adeline

Eilert  John

Eilert  John  Jr

Epp  Henry

Epp  Jean

Epp  Walter P

Fisher  Alf

Fisher  Ruth

Franz  Justina

Hamilton  Earl

Hamilton  Pearl

Hofstetter  A D

Hofstetter  E L

Klick  Audeene

Klick  Clifford

Klassen  G T

Klassen  Martin

Klassen  Sarah

Loeffler  Agnetta

Loeffler  Fred A

Loeffler  John

Loeffler  Katie

Louis  Louise

Louis  Raymond

Mathiot  Wm

Moore  Hustin

Moore  Ruth

Neuenschander  John

Neuenschander  Rossette

Payne  Chas

Payne  Minnie

Rotherniel  Geo

Rotherniel  Marie

Rotherniel  W

Schmidt  E O

Schmidt  Henry B

Schmidt  Johanna

Schmidt  Lydia

Schmidt  Marie

Scott  Eileen

Sooby  C H

Sooby  Don

Sooby  Irene

Sooby  Myrle

Sooby  Thelma

Voth  Cath

Voth  John

Wiebe  Ida

Wiebe  John B



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