Butler  County,  Kansas


1869 - 1901

for Surnames Starting with "C"

Transcribed by Lori DeWinkler 

CALDICOTT, Richard  (Book C, pg. 214) Butler County & Coundon, Coventry, England
Died:  10 Aug 1896
Will dated:  21 May 1889	Filed:  9 Sept 1896
Legatees:  Brothers, Joseph Caldicott
                             Thomas Caldicott
                Sisters,   Mrs. Mary Halbling
                             Mrs. Hannah Caldicott
                Mrs. Elizabeth Draper, Miss Mary Amalia Parris, Richard Parris, Charles Henry Parris,
                William Parris, Edward Parris and Mrs. Rosa Hamerton
Executors:  Simon Ott-Shawnee County
                Joseph, Thomas and R.B. Caldicott, England
Probate Judge:  W.E. Kilgore

CAMPBELL, James M.  (Book E, pg. 285) late of Mortan, Tazewell Co., Ill.
Died:  On or ca 22 March 1891
Will written:  4 March 1891	Filed:  31 March 1891
Wife:  Mary E. Campbell (executrix)  (m. 2nd Ransom Perry Meet 29 Nov 1894)
Witnesses:  William Masehel, George W. Scott and M.A. Mathews

CANNON, W.D.  (Book E, pg. 378)
Died:  11 Nov 1900
Will written:  4 Sept 1986	Filed:  23 Nov 1900
Wife:  Amanda J. Cannon
Executor:  T.L. Chaney
Legatees:  Daughter, Thirza A. Stark; son, John H. Cannon; Wesley H. Stark,
                 Charles L. Stark, Mrs. Carrie B. Burdick, Mrs. Ada A. Prescott,
                 Arthur N. Stark, Nellie M. Stark, Thurza F. Stark, Sadie A. Stark,
                 Sarah E. Siler, Cora A. Morrow and Wilson T. Brooks
Witnesses:  Fremont Leidy and A.L. Redden
CARKENER, Hudson C.  (Book A, pg. 125)  St. Louis, Missouri
Died:  (unknown)
Will written:  21 Jan 1876		Probated:  29 March 1876
Wife:  Emily B. Carkener
Adopted Son:  James P. Carkener, real estate in St. Croix, Co., Wisconsin
Nephew:  George S. Carkener
Uncle:  Hudson C. Hall, Dundee, Michigan
Brother:  Stewart Carkener
Sister:  Lizzie S. Stough, wife of Dr. S. Stough, Waterloo City, Indiana
           Real estate in Atchison County, Kansas
Sister:  Emma L. Wright, Port Huron Michigan - land in Harrison Co., Iowa
Sisters:  Anna M. Carkener, Mary F. Carkener, Nettie Carkener, Julia E. Carkener
Witnesses:  G.A. Niggimann, M. McEnnis and E.C. Chamberlin
Probate Judge:  E.D. Stratford

CARR, Margaret  (Book B, pg. 338)  Augusta, Butler Co., Kansas
Died:  17 Feb 1893
Will written:  23 Jan 1893	Filed:  21 Feb 1893
Husband:  Joseph Carr (executor)
Witnesses:  Elizabeth Morris and Jennie C. Hamilton
Probate Judge:  M.H. Morrison

CASE, Charles (Book E, pg. 61) of Pontiac, Butler Co., KS
Died:  26 May 1899 (was 64 years old)
Will written:  19 May 1899
Wife:  Amanda Case
Children:  Mrs. Eliza Maxwell and Belle Case
Brother:  George Case - Pontiac, Kansas
Executor:  James E. Brown
Witnesses:  J.E. Brown and J.F. Smith (Rosalia, KS)
Probate Judge:  J.M. Randall

CHAMBERS, Sarah J.E.  (Book F, pg. 325)  Delphos, Allen Co., OH
Died:  In February 1900
Will dated:  6 Feb 1900	Filed:  15 Feb 1900
Husband: Samuel D. Chambers  (executor)
Legatees:  William T. Chambers and Anna C. Rutan
Witnesses:  Herman Goethe and John B. Egts
Probate Judge:  A.D. Miller, Allen Co., Ohio

CHAMPION, Josiah P.  (Book B, pg. 272)  Phelps, Ontario, Canada
Died:  (unknown) (age 71 in 1883)
Will written:  17 Jan 1883	Codicil:  28 Jan 1884
Petitioner:  Evi D. Champion	Filed (Canada):  16 Apr 1891
Heirs:  James Taylor	Filed (Kansas):  10 Jul 1891
          Emily Lake, wofe of H. Lake (daughter)
          Evi D. Champion and Jefferson Champion (sons)
          Theron J. Champion
          George A. Conine and James Conine (children of daughter Cornelia Conine - deceased)
Executor:  Jefferson Champion
Witnesses:  William R. Brooks; Dolphin Stephenson; Samuel S. Partridge; Norman Rockefeller and 
                  Myron H. Fuller
Probate Judge:  T.G. Stansberry

CHAMPION, Theron J.  (Book B, pg. 419) of Butler County, Kansas
Died:  22 April 1894  (ca 49 years old)	
Will written:  5 June 1893	Filed:  10 May 1894
Wife:  Mary H. Champion  (executrix)
Children:  J. Caroline Champion, age 11 years
              Leslie J. Champion, age 8 years
Witnesses:  E.N. Smith and John Cobs

CHAPIN, Henry A.  (Book F, pg. 79) Niles, Berrien Co., Michigan
Died:  16 Dec 1899
Will written:  10 Nov 1897	Filed:  4 May 1899
Beloved Wife:  Ruby N. Chapin
Witnesses:  Marchall P. Chapin, South Bend, Ind.
                   E.H. Higley, Benton Harbor, Michigan
Probate Judge:  Jacob J. Van Riper, Berrien Co., Michigan

CHAPMAN, Chandler B.  (Book C, pg. 244)  Madison, Wisconsin
Died:  Before 9 Jan 1897
Will dated:  12 March 1876	Filed:  9 Jan 1897
Wife:  Eugenia M. Chapman  (executrix)
Executor:  C.D. Chapman
Daughter:  Eugenia Chapman
                Wm. D. Chapman
Presbyterian Church Boards
Witnesses:  Albert Cheney, John Nichols
Probate Judge:  J.M. Randall

CHASE, Julia A.  (Book D, pg. 150) Bruno Twp., Butler Co., KS
Died:  1 Aug 1896  (ca 71 years old)
Will written:  20 June 1895
Daughter: Sallie L. Reber, Andover, Kansas
Grandson:  L.C. Reber; granddaughter, Mrs. E. Whitehead
Executors:  L.C. Reber, Burlington, Iowa
                Mrs. E. Whitehead, Rich Hill, Missouri
Witnesses:  George Templeton, C.R. Walters, Fred Johannes, Rich Hill, Bates Co., Missouri
Probate Judge:  Wm. M. Dalton

CHASE, Stephen H.  (Book D, pg. 142) of Bruno Twp., Butler Co., KS
Died:  28 March 1895
Will written:  26 March 1873	Filed:  7 Oct 1896
Wife:  Julia A. Chase (executrix) D.J. Reber appointed after Mrs. Chase died
Daughter:  Sallie G. Reber
Witnesses:  D.J. Reber, V.P. Mooney and A.M. Brumback
Probate Judge:  W.E. Kilgore

CHERRY, W.H.  (Book E, pg. 111) late of Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn.
Died:  Before 15 Aug 1899
Will written:  31 Aug 1885	Filed:  15 Aug 1899
Wife:  Anna I. Cherry
Son:  Edgar Cherry
Daughter:  Ninnie Head, wife of James M. Head
Son:  William J. Cherry
Wife's mother:  Mrs. Irwin; My wife's sister Sue E. Irwin
Brother:  Henry H. Cherry (Eli Cherry Homestead) in Hardin Co., TN, near Lowreyville
Sister:  Mrs. Maggie Ross, wife of Isaac W. Ross
Brother:  Isham Cherry
Executors:  Edgar Cherry; James M. Head; John J. Vertrees - Davidson Co., TN
Witnesses:  John J. Vertrees, John T. Hillsman and R.A. Hanlin

CLARK, John B.  (Book A, pg. 390)
Died:  12 Aug 1887	
Will written:  14 Feb 1887	Filed:  22 Aug 1887
Wife:  Matilda E. Clark
Daughter:  Ida May Deal
Nephews:  William M. Olmstead, Robert M. Olmstead and Otis D. Fulhart
Witnesses:  Jacob H. Suits and Walter Suits
Executors:  W.A. Shannon and Matilda E. Clark (wife)

CLOUSE, George  (Book C, pg. 456)
Died:  8 Dec 1897
Will written:  21 Jan 1892	Filed:  15 Feb 1898
Wife:  Magdelina Clouse
Legatees:  Sons, George Clouse, Henry Clouse, Michael Clouse; Louisa Mundorff, Mary Chisman;
                minor children of Caroline Maslin, Alice Mary Martin, Henry Martin, Mary Bell Martin,
                William John Martin, Frederick H. Martin
Executors:  W.W. Chisman and Magdalena Clouse
Witnesses:  William D. Easley and George McIlvain
Probate Judge:  J.M. Randall

COFFMAN, Samuel P.  (Book A, pg. 207)  Augusta, Kansas
Died:  16 March 1884  (ca  30 years old)
Will written:  12 March 1884		Probated:  8 Nov 1884
Daughter:  Maud Coffman 	
Children mentioned:  Those of James K.P. Coffman
Children of Mary (Coffman) Crouch
Children of brother, George W. Coffman
Witnesses:  T.O. Shinn, C.F. Kline and George W. Coffman

COMSTOCK, Lura  (Book C, pg. 466)
Died:  21 Jan 1898
Will written:  18 Feb 1882	Filed:  21 March 1898
Legatees:  George Crego, Mrs. Elizabeth Utter, Jarard Crego, Robert Credo, Paul Crego,
                Richard Crego and Tompkins Crego
Executors:  Louisa Perkins, Wm. I. Joseph and Amos Adams - Benton McGill is deceased
Probate Judge:  J.M. Randall

CONNINGTON, James  (Book B, pg. 254)
Died:  12 Jan 1891
Will written:  11 Jan 1890	Filed:  9 Feb 1891
Petitioner:  Louisa Connington  (Executrix)
Witnesses:  W.A. Shannon and G.F. Gallagher

COOLEY, William T. (Book A, pg. 175) Pleasant Twp., Butler County
Died:  (unknown)  (ca 52 years old)
Will written:  15 May 1882		Probated:  27 Dec 1883
Wife:  Emily Cooley
Children:  Ida J. Cooley			Thomas W. Cooley
              Emma F. Cooley			Mary E. Cooley
              Franklin A. Cooley
              Laura I.  (wife of Cornelius Scott)
              Phebe A.  (wife of William Scott)
Witnesses:  W.S. Morris and Daniel Golden

COPELAND, Miles  (Book B, pg. 302)  Butler County, Kansas
Died:  29 Aug 1891
Will written:  (unknown)	Filed:  14 Nov 1891
Wife:  Catharine M. Copeland  (Executrix)
Heirs:  Thomas C. Copeland, age 35, Waverly, Kansas
           Louise Stinson, age 32, Vinton, Kansas
           William M. Copeland, age 29, Augusta, Kansas
           George Wesley Copeland, age 26, Clarksville, Arkansas
           Milo A. Copeland, age 23, Augusta, Kansas	
           Theodore E. Copeland, age 21, Pleasanton, Kansas
           Charles Pearl Copeland, age 13, Augusta, Kansas
Witnesses:  Etta A. Makepeace, Sophia Makepeace and M.E. Betts
Probate Judge:  F.G. Stansbury

COOPER, Robert W.  (Book C, pg. 27)  Butler County, Kansas
Died:  1 Sept 1894
Will written:  18 Sept 1893	Filed:  25 Sept 1894
Heirs:  Robert W. Cooper, age about 48  El Dorado, Kansas
          Nelson Cooper, age about 40  El Dorado, Kansas
          P.B. Cooper, age about 36  El Dorado, Kansas
          E.L. Cooper, age about 28  El Dorado, Kansas
Petitioner:  Laura V. Whisler, age about 43  Wichita, Kansas
                 Frances Turner, age about 46  Wichita, Kansas
                 James L. Cooper, age about 45  Winfield, Kansas
Witnesses:  V.P. Mooney and J.A. McKenzie

COUR, Frank  (Book D, pg. 283)
Died:  15 Sept. 1898  (ca 53 years of age)
Will written:  24 May 1898	Filed:  24 Sept 1898
Beloved Wife:  Angeline Cour, P.O. Pontiac, KS  (executrix)
Son:  Frank H. Cour, Pontiac, Butler Co., KS
Beloved Daughter:  Laura J. Cour, Pontiac, KS
Beloved Son:  Herbert A. Cour, Pontiac, KS  (age 25)
Son:  Henry E. Cour, Pontiac, KS
Witnesses:  N.B. Snyder, J.F. Johnson, both of Pontiac, KS
Probate Judge:  J.M. Randall

COX, Eli  (Book B, pg. 384) of Butler County, Kansas
Died:  4 Dec 1893  (ca 69 years old)
Will written:  18 May 1892	Filed:  3 Jan 1894
Wife:  Mary A. Cox  (executrix)
Heirs-at-law:  George W. Cox (deceased)	Elizabeth D. Getchell (Mrs. A.A.)
                    Thomas M. Cox			Homer F. Cox
                    Hannah L. Galey			Jacobus S. Cox
                    John S. Cox			Mary E. Cox
                    Emily F. Ball			Clarkson J. Cox
Witnesses:  T.C. Tucker and W.A. Phipps of Douglass, Kansas
Probate Judge:  M.H. Morrison

COY, William H.  (Book D, pg. 110)  late of Mount Morris, Livingston Co., N.Y.
Died:  13 April 1896
Will probated:  9 Sept 1896       	Filed:  State of Kansas 
                                                  Lane Co., Geneseo
Legatees:  Daughter, Grace; sister, Helen; sister, Jessie; sister, Harriet and their heirs      
Executors:  Charles W. Bingham and John M. Histing
Witnesses:  S.L. Rockfellow and Alex W. Smith of Mt. Morris, N.Y.

CREED, David C.  (Book A, pg. 443) of Highland County, Ohio
Died:  (unknown)
Will written:  (unknown)	Filed:  4 Feb 1875 in Ohio
Heirs:  Nancy E. Creed and Larrie Creed (heirs of John V. Creed);
          John V. Creed; Austin Creed; Jane Creed Hatcher (heirs of James A. Creed, deceased)
Mentioned:  Cynthia A. Creed Harvey
Witnesses:  George W. Murphy, Jonathan Barrett and Nelson Taylor

CRISSUP, John F.  (Book A, pg. 152)
Died:  Nov., 1882
Will wirtten:  31 Oct 1882		Probated:  24 Nov 1882
Children:  Robert Philip Crissup		Arlo A. Crissup
              Junietta J. Crissup			Frank A. Crissup
              Albers T. Crissup			Susannah Crissup
              Lenora Bell Crissup		Jessie Crissup
              John H. Crissup
Witnesses:  W.A. Shannon and William Tarrant
Probate Judge:  (unknown)

CULHANE, James  (Book A, pg. 59) Benton Twp., Butler County
Died:  ca Sept 1880
Will written:  24 Aug 1880		Probated:  16 Sept 1880
Brothers:  Thomas Culhane, John Culhane and Patrick Culhane
Witnesses:  I.W. Maple, John Colgan and Andrew Duffy

CUSTER, John M.  (Book F, pg. 371)  Taylorville, Christian Co., Ill.
Died:  2 April 1901
Will dated:  16 June 1898	Filed:  4 June 1901
Beloved wife:  Sarah I. Custer	In Butler Co.:  7 April 1902
Daughters:  Mary L. Custer and Elizabeth Custer
Sons:  J.L. Custer and Frank W. Custer
Executors:  William E. Mack, Henry Custer and son, J.L. Custer
Probate Judge:  Rufus M. Potts


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