transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Edwin Pratt, Drugs, Paints, Oils, Stationery. Estab. 1869. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

W. P. Martin, County Treasurer. Estab. 1870. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

Breese and Crawford, Real Estate and Loans. Estab. 1884. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

A. S. Howard, President Chase County National Bank. Estab. 1862. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

R. C. Johnston, Abstract of Titles and Real Estate. Estab. 1884. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

W. A. Morgan, Proprietor and Editor of Chase County Leader. Estab. 1871. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

J. M. Tuttle, Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Crockery, Groceries, etc. Estab. 1872. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

M. A. Campbell, Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Cutlery, Agricultural Implements, Wagons, etc. Estab. 1880. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

W. H. Holsinger, Dealer in General Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, etc. also Mortgages, Loans, Real Estate, etc. Estab. 1856. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

Isaac Alexander, Builder and furnishes stone from quarry. Estab. 1856. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

J. W. Stone, Physician and Surgeon. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

Strong City National Bank. S. F. Jones, President; Wit Adare, Cashier. P.O. Strong City.

J. F. Kirk, General Merchandise. Estab. 1882 P.O. Strong City.

Chas. I. Maule, Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Groceries. Estab. 1878 P.O. Strong City.

Wit Adare, Cashier, Strong City National Bank. Estab. 1878 P.O. Strong City.

Adare, Hildebrand and Co., Dealers in Hardware, Barb Wire, Lumber, Grain and Agricultural Implements. P.O. Strong City.

Barney Lantry and Sons. Railroad Contractors and Builders. Extensive quarries. Dressed and Rough Stone of All Descriptions Furnished. P.O. Strong City.

David Rettiger, Contractor and Builder, in stone. Has on his land one of the best quarries in the state. Estab. 1874 P.O. Strong City.

John Emslie, Contractor and Builder. Has fine quarries at Clements. Estab. 1871. P.O. Strong City.

J. J. Massey, County Clerk. Estab. 1880. P.O. Cottonwood Falls.

H. S. Lincoln, General Merchandise. Estab. 1881. P.O. Matfield Green.

G. W. Bocock, M. D. Merchant and Real Estate. Estab. 1876. P.O. Matfield Green.

B. F. Largent, Merchant and Postmaster. Estab. 1872. P.O. Matfield Green.

J. F. Gill, Postmaster, A. T. Santa Fe R. R. Agent, Wells Fargo Co. Express Agent. Estab. 1873. P.O. Safford.

A. M. Conaway, Physician and Surgeon. Estab. 1870. P.O. Toledo.

Safford Merchantile Co., Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Crockery, Glassware, etc. Estab. 1883. P.O. Safford.

I. Pearson, Livery and Sale Stables. Estab. 1883. P.O. Safford.

J. A. Burnley, Stockman, Stock Feeder and Shipper. Estab. 1881. P.O. Safford.

P. C. Jeffrey, Dealer in General Merchandise, Dry Goods, Staple and Fancy Groceries, etc. Native of West Virginia. Estab. 1872. P.O. Elmdale.

Drinkwater and Shriver, Proprietors of the Wyoming Mills. Choice Brands of Flour, Fine Bolted Meal. Chop Feed and Mill Stuff a specialty. Estab. 1870. P.O. Cedar Point.

H. A. Ewing, Postmaster, Notary Public and General Collecting Agency. Also dealer in General Merchandise, Drugs and Agricultural Implements. Estab. 1883. P.O. Wonsevu.

H. Collett, Postmaster, Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes, Queensware, Drug, Paints, Ammunition, School Books, Groceries, Notions, etc. Native of London, England. Came to America in 1848, and to Kansas in 1860. Estab. 1881. P.O. Elk.

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