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The listings of cemeteries found here are for the most part, the results of many hours of work extending over several years by Mr. Herman Guy and others.

What motivated their efforts? In Mr. Guy's own words "....We as a people were not specialists in keeping vital statistics in past generations. Our time was more occupied with the struggle of every day living, in settling and populating this beautiful part of the county. Since good records are not available in this area before 1911 or 1912, we are forced to turn to the cemeteries to find what information might be available either in the records or on the gravestones. In order to assist the searcher we have compiled all of the information from all the gravestones we have found. We did not note epitaphs; only names and dates and when given, relationships...."


Mr. Guy made this information available to all of us in 1989 through the publication Cemeteries in Chautauqua County, Kansas. Mr. Guy and the Montgomery County Genealogical Society, the copyright holder, have generously consented to allow the information to be published at this web site. I ask you to please honor their copyright. Several cemeteries have been updated by Don Tharp in 2007.


Abbreviations used at this web site in transcribing the material:
b - born, d - died, c/o - child or children of, d/o - daughter of, s/o - son of,
h/o - husband of, w/o - wife of and p/o - parents of and m - married.


Lines denoted by **** are names from obituaries that have been added to Mr. Guy's list. The names are links to the obituary for that person.

If you have an obit of a person either listed or unlisted and would like to share it with others, I would be happy to post the obit and link to it. DET




Cemetery Name Township Location
Sec Twp Range
Latitude / Longitude
Listed by GNIS
AIKEN aka Burton Washington S16 T33s R13e 37.1797855 / -95.9824858 MAP
ALFORD Sedan S5 T34s R12e Coordinates not read MAP
BELKNAP Center S19 T32s R10e 37.2508000 / -96.3461000 MAP
BOOTH Belleville S29 T34s R12e 37.0614490 / -96.1135985 MAP
BOULANGER Osage Co. In Oklahoma 36.962163 / -96.219399 MAP
CANEYVILLE aka New Cloverdale Caneyville S02 T33s R08e 37.2147560 / -96.4986230 MAP
CASEMENT Sedan S05 T34s T11e 37.1233855 / -96.1994365 MAP
CEDAR CREEK aka Zimmerman
& North Cedar Creek
Otter In Cowley Co. 37.1222577 / -96.5402921 MAP
CEDAR VALE Jefferson S10 T34s R08e 37.1011482 / -96.5086229 MAP
CLOVERDALE aka Old Cloverdale Caneyville S36 T32s R08e 37.2205903 / -96.4758438 MAP
CRUM Lafayette S05 T32s R12e 37.2894945 / -96.1186023 MAP
DAY - Private Summit S24 T33s R10e not listed
DE BUSK aka North Riverside Hendricks S08 T35s R10e 37.0228259 / -96.3399990 MAP
DENICK Summit S29 T33s R10e 37.1489329 / -96.3327778 MAP
EL CADO Little Caney S15 T35s R12e 37.0078425 / -96.0738733 MAP
ELGIN Hendricks S11 T35s R10e 37.0147736 / -96.2822169 MAP
Sedan Sedan, Kansas - -
FAIRVIEW Little Caney S35 T34s R13e 37.0575671 / -96.0063718 MAP
FINDLEY aka Houston & Parker Belleville S10 T35s R11e 37.0211680 / -96.1861007 MAP
FUQUA Belleville S08 T35s R11e not listed
GRANT CREEK aka Baumgarner
& Wauneta
Jefferson S03 T34s R09e 37.1136530 / -96.3994487 MAP
GREENWOOD Sedan S02 T34s R11e 37.1258872 / -96.1716577 MAP
HALE Salt Creek S30 T32s R13e 37.2342249 / -96.0366557 MAP
HARDROCK Salt Creek S06 T33s R13e 37.1989491 / -96.0269322 MAP
HAYNES aka Thorne Little Caney S06 T35s R13e 37.033611 / -096.024722 MAP
HILLSDALE aka Todd Washington S38 T33s R13e 37.1472867 / -95.9844294 MAP
IRELAND aka Reeder, Boggs
& Heidelburg
Little Caney S08 T35s R13e 37.021389 / -96.010000 / MAP
MAGEE - Private Hendricks

S14 T35s R10e

not listed
MARSHALL Belleville S17 T35s R11e 36.999425 / -96.199680 MAP
MILLS Sedan S16 T34s R11e not listed
MOONEY Little Caney S25 T34s R12e 37.0577222 / -96.050778 MAP
MOORE PRAIRIE aka Evergreen Hendricks S22 T34s R10e 37.0761591 / -96.3044416 MAP
MT. VERNON Sedan S20 T33s R12e Coordinates not read MAP
MUNGER Belleville S10 T34s R12e not listed
OAK GROVE Belleville S08 T35 R11e 37.0158882 / -96.2202688 MAP
aka Chautauqua
aka MCClarney
Belleville S11 T35s R11e 37.018139 / -96.173917 Map
OTTER CREEK Washington S06 T34s R13e 37.10215 / -96.02411 Map
OTTER CREEK - In Cowley Co. not listed
aka Brown, Gordon,
Holroyd, Lisbon & Hewins
Harrison S28 T34s R09e 37.0564314 / -96.4263945 MAP
PERU Belleville S20 T34s R12e 37.0789484 / -96.1116544 MAP
PIONEER Lafayette S28 T32s R11e 37.243006 / -96.199292 MAP
PLEASANT VALLEY Caneyville S15 T32s R09e 37.2725364 / -96.4000055 MAP
RILEY MEMORIAL Washington S27 T33s R12e 37.1411701 / -96.0824881 MAP
ROCK CREEK Cedar In Cowley Co. 37.0375377 / -96.5525145 MAP
(See Day above?)
Summit S23 T33s R10e 37.1631019 / -96.2752740 MAP
ROSE DALE - aka Miller, Gaddie
& Big Cana
Harrison S02 T35s R09e 37.0339343 / -96.3850024 MAP
ROUND MOUND Jefferson S22 T33s R09e 37.1634000 / -96.3997000 MAP
SAINT CHARLES Lafayette S31 T32s R12e 37.2206086 / -96.1280471 MAP
SPRING CREEK Summit S11 T33s R10e 37.1856006 / -96.2844417 MAP
STUDER Harrison S17 T34s R09e not listed
UNION CHAPEL Lafayette S33 T32s R11e 37.2280000 / -96.2100000 MAP
WEST LIBERTY Salt Creek S12 T32s R12e 37.2792223 / -96.0374888 MAP
WILSON Hendricks S08 T35s R10e 37.0153260 / -96.3430547 MAP



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