Chautauqua County, Kansas

Glorine Littrell and Millard D. Kittelson Married. , Date and newspaper not noted.

A Brute Of A Fellow, The Courant, April 7, 1875

Horse Thieves, The Courant, June 6, 1877

Willard E. Davis To Cedar Vale, Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois - Wed. December 6, 1882

A Brutal Murder, Howard Courant, March 19, 1886

Unique Rock Specimens, The Cedar Vale Star, August 6, 1886

Two Herders Murdered., New York Herold, July 7, 1890.

Murder Near Elgin, Elk County Citizen, May 21, 1896.

Murder Trial, Howard Courant, January 15, 1897.

Terrorized Kansas Towns. , Kansas City Star, September 1, 1899.

1904 Train Wreck - Article Posted Off Site


Doctor Shot and Killed., The Cedar Vale Commercial, August 1906

Harry Buttler Returns From Attending Beside of Mother ~ January 11, 1908


Two Women Claim Incubator Baby., Plain Dealer - May 23, 1908


Storm Devastates County, The Sedan Times-Star - May 2, 1912


Eva Satterlie and John Turner Married., The Moline Advance - February 13, 1913


McLaughlin-McClain Married , Sedan Times-Star - July 12, 1919


Family Drowns In Kansas Cloudburst., Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 20, 1921


Kansas Man Killed in Automobile Accident, Dallas Morning News, December 19, 1921


Sudden Death Of Farmer To Be Probed, El Dorado Times, Saturday, January 13, 1934


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