1881 Gazetter and Business Directory


A small station on the Kansas Division of the St. Louis & San Francisco railway, in the extreme eastern section of Cherokee County, Kansas, forty-eight miles from Peirce City and 338 miles from St. Louis. It supports a school and church, has a post-office, two general stores, and the trades which make up a thriving little town. Its shipments are the products of the adjacent county.


Adams F. P. & Son, drugs and groceries
Bryce G.D., carpenter
Campbell A. C., carpenter
Edwards N. H., carpenter
Hinkson John, hotel
Hardwick C. J., hardware
Huff John, drugs and general merchandise
Kendall John, general merchandise
Mitchell James, station agent
Varnum C. A., general merchandise
Watson A. M., carpenter


The first settlement at Columbus was in 1870, and in a period of ten years it has risen to be an incorporated city with an industrious and enterprising population of 1,500. Its situation is nearly int he geogrraphical center of Cherokee county, Kansas, of which it is the county seat. It is upon the line of the Kansas division of the St. Louis & San francisco Railway, at the intersection of the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf Railway, 347 miles from St. Louis, and 148 miles from Kansas City. The surrounding country is rich in agricultural and mineral production and from which the city of Columbus draws largely for its prosperity, having already become a shipping-point of considerable prominence for live stock, wheat, castor beans, flax seed, and other commodities. It has an excellent public school system, which is liberally supported, three churches - Methodist episcopal, Baptist and Christian - three weekly newspapers, the "Courier" (Republican), "Gazette" (Democratic), "Times" (Greenback), two private banks, two hotels, a fine court-house, several general stores and the smaller industries for the supply of local conveniences and demands. It has also daily postal facilities, an express and a telegraph office. The section of country in which Columbus is located yields abundant crops of all kinds. the grasses, both native and cultivated, have a vigorous growth, and this alone indicates the productive wealth of any country. Stock-raising throughout that section is an industry of great profit and because of the excellent condition of animals upon their arrival in the St. Louis market they command outside prices. It will be observed, therefore, that the town to which we refer is surrounded with all of the advantageous conditions to secure a steady growth and permanent prosperity.


Agricultural Implements
Hood A. W., ss. public sq
Kelso John & co., se. cor. pub. sq.
Attorneys at Law
Anderson & Skidmore, ss., public sq
Bennett & Bennett, Main, E. of pub. Dq.
Collection & Real Estate Agents, Columbus, Kansas
Case & Edminston, ne. cor. public sq
Cowley W.R., County attorney, ne. cor. public sq
Leggett & Coan, Court-house
Railsback J., es. public sq
Vincent L.A., Court-house
Whitecraft J.A., es. public sq
Lykins W. C. & Co., ns. public sq
Ritter & Doubleday, es. public sq
Barber Shops
Lewis George, ns. public sq
Reed W.B., ns. public sq
Blacksmith Shops
Dilworth B. F., Main E. of public sq.
McAdams & Miller, es. G., N. of public sq
Books and Stationery
Branin Bros., es. public sq
Boot and Shoe Dealers
Howerton Henry, es. public sq
Lykins W. C. & Co., ns. public sq
Murray & Foster, W. public sq
Rothschild J., Chicago store, ws. publ. sq.
Carpteners and Builders
Branin & Co., sw. cor. pub. sq.
Scovell & Anderson, E. Main
Shaw & Turner, es. G., N. of pub. sq.
Atchison C., P. O. store
Howerton Henry, es. public sq
Lykins W. C. & Co., ns. pub. sq.
Rothschild J., ws. public sq.
Groves & Robison, es. public sq.
Hormell & Boggs, ws. public sq.
Schmidt L., es. public sq.
Dry Goods
Howerton Henry, es. public sq.
Hoyt & Kleinfield, ne. cor. public sq.
Lykins W. & Co., ne. cor. public sq.
Murray & Foster, ws. public sq.
Rothschild J., ws. public sq.
Thompson T. W., es G., N. of pub. sq.
Houx J.O., ne. cor. public sq.
Casseday Mrs. J. W., Main, E. of pub. sq.
Rhoads Mrs. Julia, ws. public sq.
Sargent Mrs. Mary E., ss. public sq.
Hunt C. A., ss. public sq
Mendenhall J. C., es. public sq.
patterson James, ss. public sq
Shackle & Willis, ns. public sq
Fancy Goods
Davidson A. F., es. public sq
Flour, Feed and Grain
Tompkins & Co., G., N. of Main
Furniture Dealers
Bliss & Fulton, se. cor. public sq
Loewen Bros., nw. cor. public sq
Mendenhall J., se. cor. public sq
Grain Dealers
Wilson Bros., es. public sq
Groceries and Queensware
Dilworth & Coplin, ws. public sq
Favor P.M., ns. public sq
Grisham Thomas E., es. G. N. of public sq
Hoyt & Kleinfield, ne cor. public sq.
Lykins W. C. & Co., ne. cor. public sq.
Lewis D. A. ns. public sq
McQuiston J. C. & Son, ss. public sq.
Murray & Foster, ws. public square
Reamer & Kir., ne. cor. public square
Smith J. H., ws. public square
Whiteside Bros., ss. public sq.
Alfred A., Main, E. of public square
Haseltine D. P., ns. public square
Loewen Bros., nw. cor. public square
Viereck Julius L., sw. cor. public sq.
Harness and Saddlery
Toompkins J. W., ns. public square
Hats and caps
Howerton Henry, es. public square
Hoyt & Kleinfield, ne. cor. public square
Lykins W. & Co., ne. cor. public sq.
Murray & Foster
Rothschield J., ws. public square
Commercial, M. W. Lewis, ns. Pub. sq.
Lagonda House, F. Fry, nw. cor. public square
Hardway G. W., es. public square
Land Agents
Coulter, Beall & Shearman, es. public sq.
Lawton & Crewson, es. public square
Leggett & Coan, Court-house
Livery Stables
Benham W. M., nw. cor. public square
Hamblin M., Main, E. of public square
Hammatt J. M., nw. public square
Loan Agents
Mentzer H. C. & Co., es. public square
Lawton & Crewson, es. public square
Leggett & Coan, Court-house
Lumber Dealers
Hoyt & Kleinfield, E. Main
Long R. A. & Co., G., N. of Main
Meat Markets
Megenity & Reinhardt, es. public sq.
Strope & Son, ne. cor. public sq.
Mills, Flour
Columbus City Mills, Henderson & Henley, near Frisco depot
Rhodes & Kenny, es. public square
Snevely Mrs. Sarah A., ws. public sq.
"The Columbus Courier," S. O. McDowell, es. public square
"The Columbus Gazette," Thomas Summerfield & G. R. Nunnelly, es. public square
"The Columbus Times," J. T. McDowell, es. public square
Notaries public
Bennett W. P., Main, E. of public sq.
Bickham P., Main, E. of public sq.
Moore H. W., sw. cor public sq (near Viereck's)
Hainer & Smith, G. N. of public sq.
Jordan W. A., ns. public sq.
May J. W., ws. public sq.
Minney & Day, es public sq.
West J. P., ss. public sq.
Real Estate
Lawton & Crewson, es. public square, bank building
Leggett & Coan, Court-house
Finnley W. N., es. G., N. public sq.
Vincent David, G., N. of Main
Whitcraft John, es. public sq.
Sewing Machines
Rhoads Herman, es. public sq.
Western Union, H. B. Daniels, operator
Tobacco and Cigars
Beers Frank, ss. public sq.
Transfer Company
Beers George
Childs F. A., ss. public sq.
Wagon & Carriage Manufacturuer
Throop S. B., Main, W. public sq.
Dover Allen, G., N. of public sq.


This station, upon the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway, Kansas division, is 356 miles from St. Louis, and in Cherokee County, Kansas. It was recently known as the "Lone Tree Station," and now enjoys the advantage of transportation facilities, a post-office and daily mail service.


Buckhart C., blacksmith
Cookston Mrs. C., hotel
Earl R. M. drugs
Falkner J., general merchandise
Heilman & McNeill, general merchandise
Miller G. B., general merchandise
Petty J., blacksmith


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