David W. Crabtree

Deed in possession of great niece, Alice (Crabtree) Gregory

DEED to South ½ Lot C in block 6 of first addition to Rose Hill Cemetery conveyed to Serepta Crabtree on June 10, 1947.
Note on front of deed: David W. Crabtree buried on this lot.

City Cemetery: Rose Hill
· To obtain information about internments in the city cemetery (Rose Hill), contact:

Axtell City Clerk
401 Maple St.
Axtell, KS  66403
(785) 736-2834

David W. Crabtree lived in Cheyenne County Kansas. When he became ill, his sister Serepta came to Cheyenne County from where ever she was teaching at the time, to take care of him.

Dave was paralyzed December 18, 1929. San Luis Valley. Then moved to brother Vester's home in Cheyenne County Kansas with sister Sarepta helping care for him. Then Serepta moved to Denver and took Uncle Dave with her. They later moved to Axtell, KS, where he died at 4 A.M. June 27,1947.

A pioneer story. Cheyenne Co., KS. Told to me, Alice Crabtree-Gregory in

A letter from Floyd Crabtree in 1978. "One night when Uncle Dave lived over in the hills about where Lute Stafford lived later. One winter night when the snow was knee deep he was walking home when a bobcat got his dog down and about to kill it when Uncle Dave stabbed the cat with his pocket knife but didn't kill it. He then took his fur overcoat off, wrapped it around his left arm then stuck it out to the cat. As the bobcat ripped the coat to shreds he stabbed it again in the heart killing it." Dave remembered living in " the old sod house with a hard dirt floor. It was just east of the frame house that came later. About 1909 or 1910." (Alice (Crabtree) Gregory clippings, submitted by Sherri Gregory)


Melvin H. Spiker, one of the younger farmers of Granada township, was born in Brown County, Kansas, July 6, 1895. He was reared on his father's farm in Brown and Nemaha counties and received a district school education. Mr. Spiker is a son of Howard and Minnie Spiker, whose biographies appear in this volume. He assisted his father in tilling the home place until he was eighteen years of age and then rented a tract of ninety acres from his father and engaged in farming on his own account. Mr. Spiker has made a success of his independent venture, and has his farm well stocked with thirty-two head of hogs, five head of cattle, five mules and a pony. He raises equal amounts of corn and wheat as his staple crops each year and usually has good crops.
Mr. Spiker was married on December 24, 1913 to Miss Ida Fuhrer, who has borne him one child, namely: Martha Alaine, born September 30, 1914. Mrs. Ida Spiker was born in Rawlins county, Kentucky, August 29, 1893 and was reared on a farm. She received a good school education and was employed as clerk in a drug store and as telephone operator, prior to her marriage with Mr. Spiker. Mrs. Spiker is a daughter of Rudolph Fuhrer, deceased, who was born at Thun, Switzerland, February 10, 1863, and died at his home at Wetmore, Kansas, Febraury 22, 1916. He came to this country with his parents in 1872 and was married to Rosa Stalder at Pawnee city, Neb., May 5, 1888. After his marriage, he moved to Cheyenne county, Kansas and farmed in that semi-arid district until 1911 at which time he brought his family to Nemaha County and brought an eighty acre farm a few miles northwest of Wetmore. He made a small payment on the place and he and his family set to work to pay off the indebtedness. Soon they were getting along nicely and were in a fair way to become prosperous when Mr. Fuhrer's health failed him in 1913, and after a lingering illness he died. He was buried under the auspices of the Wetmore Lodge of Odd Fellows of which he was a member. Mr. and Mrs. Fuhrer were the parents of the following children namely: Mrs. Emma Howell, living on a farm in Granada township; Charles, a fireman on the Burlington railroad at Falls City, Neb.; Mrs. Ida Spiker, wife of the subject of this review; Mrs. Nora Hutchinson, living on a farm in Granada township; Manilla, Hattie, Lillie and Georgia at home with their mother. Mrs. Rosa Fuhrer was born in Switzerland in 1866 and came to America in 1884 and made her home at Bern, Kans., living with relativies until her marriage with Mr. Fuhrer.
Mr. Spiker is a Republican in politics and is one of the hustling and enterprising young farmers of this section of the county, who takes a keen interest in township and county matters of a civic nature. Mrs. Spiker is a member of the Christian Church and both are popular and well liked among their many neighbors and friends. (History of Nemaha County, Kansas, by Ralph Tennal, 1916)

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