transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Kennedy and Shields (James J. Kennedy, Probate Judge, Judge J. Shields, Notary Public), Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Estab. 1886. P. O. Ashland

J. R. Strother, Attorney at Law. Estab. 1886. P. O. Ashland

Woodbury and Co. Negotiators of choice Farm Loans. Interest payable at Maverick National Bank, Boston Massachusetts. Estab. 1885. P. O. Ashland

Winton and Deming State Bank. C. F. Wilson, Pres.; Robt. O. Deming, Vice-Pres.; H. E. Taylor, Cashier. P. O. Ashland

W. C. Dugan, County Treasurer. P. O. Ashland

J. W. Robinson, Register of Deeds. Estab. 1884. P. O. Ashland

J. W. Taylor, Proprietor of Central Hotel. First Class Hotel. Estab. May 1, 1886. P. O. Ashland

W. R. payne and Co. (W. R. Payne, Attorney at Law, J. L. Snodgrass, Loans and Abstracts, O. P. Cooper, Real Estate Agent. Estab. 1885. P. O. Ashland

"Republican Herald" Official Paper, County and City. Ben. E. Page, Editor. Page Bros., Publishers. P. O. Ashland

J. D. Whitfield, Livery, Feed and Sale Stables. Best and Cheapest. Estab. 1885. P. O. Englewood.

The South-Western Land Company (J. Blanchard, Mgr.), Headquarters for Land-seekers. Real Estate Bought, Sold and Exchanged. Estab. May 1886. P. O. Ashland

Berry's Real Estate, Loan and Law Office (I. K. Berry, A. A. Berry). T. E. berry, S. A. Parshley, Lawyers. Estab. 1885. P. O. Ashland

W. M. Squire, Dealer in Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Groceries, Provisions, etc. Estab. August, 1884. P. O. Protection

Wood and Simpson (E. A. Wood, Notary Public, Wm. Simpson), Land, Loan and Insurance Agents. Farms, Ranches and Town Property for Sale on Reasonable Terms. Estab. April 1886. P. O. Ashland

Wendling and Cross (Geo. X. Wendling, C. M. Cross, Notary Public), Land and Loan Agents. Managers, John Ross and Co., Lumber and General Building Materials. Estab. 1886. P. O. Appleton

Lexington Town Company. P. O. Lexington

Central Hotel (J. C. Manning, Prop.) Just completed, Well Finished and Newly Furnished. Estab. 1884. P. O. Protection

Hickok and Ross (E. P. Hickok, Notary Public, W. B. Ross) Real Estate, Loan, Collection and Insurance Agents. Estab. Spring of 1885. P. O. Protection


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