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Axtell, H. O.

Bredberg, May

Broughton, W. S.

Burrell, Samuel P.

Clark, John Hawkins

Coleman, Curtis C.

Donovan, E. P.

Fischer, Karl Ernest

Fletcher, W. H. Capt.

Frost, Delbert F. Jr.

Gay, Frank V.

Gay, Mary

Hanna, John

Hansen, Edith (Mrs. Andrew)

Hartman, William C.

Kehoe, P. P.

Larson, C. Vincent

Linquist, Luther

Lohmann, George

Lowe, Samuel Mrs.

Myers, D. H.

Neill, George W.

O'Rourke, Edward

Plank, Catherine

Reed, Anna

Reed, Stella

Remington, John P.

Rothman, Regina

Russell, Alexander

Russell, A. R.

Russell, David

Russell, J. H.

Sachs, L.

Scheer, Fred

Scheer, Fritz

Selts, Benjamin

Selts, Sadie (Mrs. Henry W.)

Sherbert, Virgil Delmar

Skinner, Livana F.

Spurrier, Rolin P.

Spurrier, Roman "Bub"

Thornton, John

Tomlinson, Joseph

Trivett, S. Mrs.

Vignery, Viola

Vincent W. D.

Walchle, Julius David

Wellington, J. B.

Wichman, Ernest

Wichman, Leona

Williams, Frank L.

Williams, W. C.

Williamson, Earl

Yarrow, Ruth M.

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