North Exeter Division No. 35, Sons of Temperance, organized May 7, 1880. First officers: A. W. Avery. W. P.; Mrs. F. M. Tompkins, W. A. P.; Clara Smith, P. W. P.; J. Thompson, W. C.; C. A. Kendall, W. R. S.; Hattie Chapman W. A. R. S.

Republic City Lodge, No. 24, I. O. G. T.; organized March 28, 1873. First officers: J. W. Reeder, W. C. T. ; Lillie Perkins, W. V. T.; William Avery, W. S.; Byron Gallup, W. F. S.; Alice Hasty, W. T.; I. Tompkins.

Mount Pleasant Lodge, No. 127, I. O. G. T.; organized February 14, 1876 at Mall schoolhouse. Officers: P. T. Loofbourrow, W. C. T.; Mary Jones, W. V. T.; Martin Jones, P. W. C. T.; John Gentry, W. S.: Dorothy Gentry, W. A. S.; P. T. Loofbourrow, W. F. S.

Exeter Lodge, No. 245, I. O. G. T.; organized in March, 1880. The following were the first officers: Thadius Knox, W. C. T.; Mrs. S. M. Tompkins, W. V. T.; Miss Nora S. Tubbs, W. S.; Eugene Topkins, W. F. S.

(Source: History of Kansas by A. T. Andreas, 1883, page 1319)

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