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Organized in 1860, Cloud County was named after Col. William F. Cloud, of the Second Kansas Cavalry.

Concordia is the county seat; besides the cities listed, other communities include Ames, Hollis, Hucher, Rice, St. Joseph and Yuma.


Was Once Called Shirley But Was So Oppovbrious[?] a Change Was Secured

There has been recently published in many of the papers an article giving the origin of the names of the various counties in Kansas, in which it is stated that Cloud was named for the late Col. William F. Cloud, the distinguished soldier and commanding officer of the Second Kansas during the civil war.  Of course this statement is correct, but it was not so honored until after the county had for some time after its organization in 1860 been stigmatized with the last name of a most notorious woman, Jane Shirley, though had the legislative committee reporting the name had its way the entire name, with all its opprobrium, would have been attached to the harmless and helpless new county.

The late J. M. Hagaman and J. B. Rupe, who still resides at Clyde, and edited the Clyde Herald when Mr. Hagaman ran the Blade, used to have some great disputes over the first naming of the county, Mr. Hagaman declaring the county was named after Gov. Shirley, one time governor of Massachusetts, but the preponderance of evidence was with Mr. Rupe in his claim that it was named after old Jane Shirley.  It was on the strength of this evidence that Mr. Rupe, while a member of the legislature several years afterwards, secured the passage of a bill changing the county's name to Cloud.  When a name was first selected Sherman, after Gen. W. T. Sherman, was proposed, but in a spirit of deviltry and upon the suggestion of Ward Burlingame, a Leavenworth reporter, the name of Shirley, after the notorious Leavenworth bawd, was substituted.
(Concordia Blade-Empire ~ Tuesday ~ December 22, 1908 ~ Page 1)


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