transcribed by Sheryl McClure

First National Bank. H. M. Spalding, Pres.; Geo. W. Marshall, Vice-Pres.; F. J. Atwood, Cashier; W. W. Bowman, Ass't Cashier. P. O. Concordia.

Cloud County Banks. T. B. Smith, Pres.; W. H. Wright, Vice-Pres.; Wm. M. Peck, Cashier. D. B. Harrison, Ass't Cashier. P. O. Concordia.

John T. Lyman. Negotiator of First Mortgage Farm Loans. P. O. Concordia.

Central Loan and Trust Co., of Des Moines, Iowa. C. A. Starr, Manager of Kansas Department P. O. Concordia.

Chicago Lumber Co., Dealer in Lumber and all kinds of Building Material. P. O. Concordia.

R. Misell and Co., Real Estate and Loan Agents, Complete Set of Abstracts. P. O. Concordia.

Howard Hillis, Attorney at Law. P. O. Concordia.

Barons House. S. H. Barons, Prop. P. O. Concordia.

Brown and Pulsifer, Attorneys and Counselor, Collections a Specialty. Daniel L. Brown, Probate Judge; Park B. Pulsifer, Notary Public. P. O. Concordia.

Bank of Glasco. Joseph C. Gafford, Pres.; Benj. F. Bracken, Cashier; james A. Gafford, Vice-Pres. P. O. Glasco.

Proctor and McArthur, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance. Chas. Proctor, Notary Public; James McArthur, Attorney. Estab. 1885. P. O. Miltonvale.

First National Bank. Transacts a General Banking Business. W. P. Rice, Pres.; W. S. Grump, Vice-Pres.; W. F. Cowell, Cashier; A. E. Morris, Ass't Cashier; Directors, H. P. Stimson, H. P. Churchill, E. E. Parker, W. P. Rice, W. S. Crump, P. McDonald, W. F. Cowell. P. O. Clyde.

State Bank of Clyde. E. S. Marsh, Pres.; T. J. Parish, Vice-President; C. R. Piper, Cashier; A. L. Ecuyer, Ass't Cashier; Directors: E. D. Thayer, Frank E. Briggs, J. W. Kitcham, E. S. Marsh, C. W. Van De Mark, A. H. Sidell, James Turner, J. W. Brown, T. J. Parish. P. O. Clyde.

Arthur Cornforth, Law, Loans and Collections. P. O. Clyde.

Clyde Carriage Co., Manufacturers of and Dealers in Carriages, Buggies and Spring Wagons. G. W. Knapp, Pres.; J. W. Brown, Vice-Pres.; S. F. Robinson, Treas.; A. J. Redkoff, Supt. P. O. Clyde.

Exchange Bank. W. W. Hetherington, Pres.; F. Everes, Vice-Pres.; F. P. Kellogg, Cashier. Directors: W. W. Hetherington, L. M. Brigg, B. P. Waggener, F. P. Kellogg, F. Everest. Estab. 1886. P. O. Jamestown.

Ames State Bank. Transact a General Banking Business. W. P. Rice, Pres.; O. F. Page, Vice-Pres.; E. K. Streeter, Cashier; W. F. Cowell, Sec.; Directors: O. F. Page, E. W. Staples, E. E. Parker, E. L. Chaplin, E. K. Streeter, J. S. McKay. P. O. Ames.


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