1900 Census Record

Partial Transcription submitted by Larry Desaire

1900 Kansas Census of Cloud County Shirley Township, St. Joseph

Name Age Born Married

Desair, Joe White Male 22 October 1877 M- 2 years Wisconsin

Desair, Georgian WE 21 May 1879 M- 2 years Kansas

Georgian was the mother of one child not living. Joe is a farmer. Parents born in Canada. Joe can not read of write but can speak English. Georgian can do all three.

Joe is the son of Frank Henry Desair.

Desair, Henry, White Male 54 Canada Feb. 1846 Married 31 years.

Desair, Celina, White Female 49 Canada June 1850 Married 31 years.

Desair, Maxim White Male 15 Wisconsin January 1885 Single.

Desair, Marceline White Female 13 Wisconsin April 1887 Single.

Desair, Louis White Male 10 Wisconsin February 1889 Single.

Parents all born in French Canada.

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