Official State Atlas of Kansas

transcribed by Sheryl McClure

Coldwater Bank. Capital $50,000. Oldest bank in the County. Estab. February, 1885 P. O. Coldwater.

Jackson, Thornton and Co. (S. M. Jackson; P. H. Thornton, Notary Public; J. A. Pennington, Ex-Register of Deeds and Notary Public), Real Estate Agents. Complete set of abstracts; buy and sell lands on commission; correct defective titles. Estab. May 1, 1885 P. O. Coldwater.

Thos. P. Overman, County Clerk. Real Estate and Loan. Estab. 1884 P. O. Coldwater.

J. F. Cole, Dealer in Coal, Hardware, Farm Implements, Stoves, Tinware, etc. Estab. 1886 P. O. Coldwater.

Sisson and Sisson (Sam S. Sisson, N. E. Sisson), Real Estate Agents. A complete set of abstracts of title to all lands in Comanche County. Estab. 1884 P. O. Coldwater.

Grant Bros. (J. R. Grant, J. W. Grant), Abstract, Loan and Insurance Agents. Lands bought and sold. Estab. 1886 P. O. Coldwater.

John G. Steffee. Abstracter, Real Estate, Loan and Collection Agent. Insurance in reliable companies. Estab. 1885 P. O. Coldwater.

Doig and Crooks (R. W. Doig, W. H. Crooks), Real Estate, Abstract and Loan Brokers. Money to loan at low rates. Estab. 1884 P. O. Coldwater.

McWilliams and Davis. (J. W. McWilliams, Notary Public; P. O. Davis, Justice of Peace), Real Estate and Live Stock Brokers. Estab. 1884 P. O. Nescatunga.

Searcy and Bronson, Land, Live Stock, Loan and Insurance. Money to loan on improved farms. Estab. 1886 P. O. Coldwaterand Nescatunga.

"The Enterprise" The people's paper of Comanche County. Published every Saturday at Nescatunga, the future County Seat. It represents the pluckiest town and the best county in the great state of Kansas. Estab. 1886 P. O. Nescatunga.

J. E. Tincher, Druggist and Drugist' Sundries. Estab. 1884 P. O. Nescatunga.

City Drug Store. E. E. Miller, Proprietor. Keeps pure fresh drugs. The finest brands of Cigars, Smoking and Chewing Tobaccos, also Wines and Liquors for medical purposes. Estab. 1886 P. O. Nescatunga.

J. S. Hand, Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries. Estab. 1886 P. O. Nescatunga.

E. S. West, Attorney at Law and State Representative. Estab. 1885 P. O. Avilla.

D. H. Darrow, Salt Fork Land Office. Money Loaner and Real Estate Agent. Estab. 1884 P. O. Avilla.

L. B. Andrews, Abstracter, Real Estate and Loan Agent. Buys and sells land on commission. Estab. 1884 P. O. Avilla.

W. E. Gregory, Attorney at Law and Real Estate Broker. Estab. 1885 P. O. Avilla.

E. B. Sheldon, Dealer in Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Gents' Furnishings. Estab. 1884 P. O. Avilla.

George M. Sheldon, Postmaster. Dealer in General Merchandise, Loan and Land Broker. Estab. 1884 P. O. Avilla.

L. M. Weeden. Editor and Proprietor of Avilla Democrat, devoted to permanent interest of Avilla and Comanche County. Estab. 1886 P. O. Avilla.

Ruble and Colley (T. P. Ruble, Edward Colley), Notaries Public, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Agents. Correspondence solicited. Estab. 1884 P. O. Avilla.

J. C. Manning. P. O. Protection.

W, M. Squire. P. O. Protection.

Hickok and Ross. P. O. Protection.

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