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Crawford County Kansas
Organized in 1867
The county seat is Girard.

Welcome to Kansas Trails' Crawford County.  One goal is helping you find your ancetors by placing data online for the free use of all researchers.  My name is Rick Evans and as your Crawford County, Kansas host I will try to post as much data online as possible in order to make it freely available to all.  We gratefully accept contributions of raw data such as census information, marriage/birth/death records, obituaries, county histories, biographies, old newspaper items - anything that would help someone build their family tree.  Remember: submitted data will always be YOURS.  CONTROL of any submitted data is yours and at any time you can choose to remove it or keep it online.  We thank you for visiting and hope you will come back again to view the updates we make to the site.

Crawford County was named for Samuel J. Crawford, Governor of Kansas.  Although both Pittsburg and Frontenac are larger cities, Girard is the county seat; other cities include Arma, Cherokee, Mulberry, McCune, Arcadia, Walnut and Hepler.  The communities of Beulah, Brazilton, Camp 50, Capaldo, Chicopee, Cornell, Croweburg, Curranville, Dunkirk, Englevale, Farlington, Foxtown, Franklin, Greenbush, Gross, Kirkwood, Klondike, Monmouth, Opolis, Radley, Ringo, South Radley and Yale lie within the boundaries of Crawford County.

Crawford County is located in the Southeastern corner of the State of Kansas. The County is bordered by the State of Missouri to the east; Cherokee County, Kansas to the South; Bourbon County, Kansas to the North and Labette County and Neosho County, Kansas to the West.



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Land Records

Marriage Records



Newspaper Items

Obituaries and Death Notices A-L
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School Records


February 2016

Death records for Adams, Amersey, Ashby, Baker, Barnes, Bartro, Beeler, Bennett, Bernett, Berry, Bozarth, Bradfield, Brancehle, Brizentine, Bruff, Delaney, Evans, Foniman, Fowler, Fox, Frogg, Graham, Houk, Irnming, Kenedy, Larning, Lyvere, Madill, McWilliams, Miller, Miller, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Robertson, Schuffouer, Schults, Shannon, Sheffer, Shorholtzer, Stevens, Tausen, Thomas, Thomas, Townsend, Townson, Velly, Ward, Wilkinson, Willey, Williams, Williams

January 2016

Obits for Lessen, Dohle, Clark, Lee;

December 2015

Obit for Paul Joseph Mahoney (submitted by Jody Edens Spencer); Obit for Warren Pike (submitted by FoFG)

November 2015

Reward Offered (crime news) submitted by Lori DeWinkler; Obits for A J Davidson, Benjamin F. Hankins; Irwin Becomes Candidate; Miss Viets Is Appointed (local news); Bullet Ends Argument (crime news); Wallace Ringle obit (submitted by Lori DeWinkler);

October 2015

Marriage announcements for Zike-Bell, Marshall-Spriggs, Bigham-Hyde, Silva-Rae, Soper-Williams, Gesslein-Bradshaw; Williams-Hawley;
Marriage Licenses for Kennedy-Taylor, Pristernik-Schenk, Miner-Reece, Gesslein-Reedshaw, Oliverio-Fortino, Lightsey-Howard, Pollock-James;
Death notice for Rev. James Hannam;

September 2015

Pittsburg City Directory 1912 (cont.) Listings for "A"; Obits for Evelyn Eichhorn submitted by Jody Eden Spencers; Pittsburg City Directory 1912 cont. (Telegraph and Telephone Companies, Theatres, Street and Ave Guide); obit for George L. Laidler submitted by Lori DeWinkler;

August 2015

Obits for Ray Courtney, Cephes E Curnutt, Emma Sophia Gall, Ray Heller, Ronald Rudisill, Carl E Willson, Sylvester O'Toole, Ruby C Benoist, Margie Tatman, Arthur W Maffei;
Obits for Samuel A Geir, Harvey P Smith, Ruth C Smith, Mary A Redman, Walter Andrew Rhoades;
Agnes Bruce obit; Louis "Truman" Ball obit;
Mary Carr's 50th Birthday celebration (newspaper items; local news);
1912 Pittsburg City Directory (cont):  Churches, Colleges and  Schools, Libraries, Newspapers, Parks and Public  Grounds, Postoffice;
1912 Pittsburg City Directory: City Government, Board of Commissioners, Police Department, Justices' Court, Fire Department, City Water Works, County, County Commissioners, Courts, United States, Asylums Hospitals and Homes, Band and Orchestras, Banks and Bankers, Block Buildings Halls etc, Cemeteries

July 3015

Obits for Mary Collesel; Jefferson Boulware; Harry J Hudson; Obits for Patricia A Brichalli and Jay Paul Brichalli (submitted by Maurene Richard Miller); Luiogi "Lui" Brichalli obit (submitted by Maurene Richard Miller); Obits for Carolyn Jeanne Hofer, Wilma Fay Hladky, Hazel M Watts, John Gallagher, Thomas Roy Jones, Myrtle G Vincent, Loren G Viets;

June 2015

Obit for F L Allison; Timothy Cutler obit; birth announcements for infant Cleveland, infant Peterson, infant Elder, infant Cooper, infant Armstrong, infant twins Kanive; marriage announcements for Huntington - Kinnon; Lester - Herring; Ralph - Walker;  Patton - Rice;  Singleton - Askew;  Dinty - Jenkins;  Knight - Dozier;  Poe - Slinkard; Frazier - Campbell;  Dearing - Brown;  Booth - Coulter;  Kelly - Boore;  Capelan - Sumputure;  Barber - McMillan;  Gendusa - Naso; Hudson - Nihles; Orla Samuel Casad bio added (submitted by Peggy Thompson); Obits for Harriet Piper, Willard H Sawyer, Mrs Robert Lance, Infant Marshall, Bessie Foreman, Infant Jepson, Barbara Henlein, L H Post; Obits added (all submitted by Lori DeWinkler) Samuel G Baker, Stella E Baker, Jenetti Jane Buzzard (Buzard), Gladys Pearl Shigley;

April 2015

November 1908-January 1909 death records; court news articles submitted by Jim Dezotell; Gish-Guellow marriage announcement (news) submitted by Jim Dezotell; obit for Virginia Lee Baugh submitted by Jody Edens Spencer;

March 2015

obit for Ruth Marie Zimmerman Pike submitted by Jody Edens Spencer

February 2015

Merritt Masters Sherman bio, Patrick Arthur O'Reilly bio; Peter N Cameron obit submitted by Frank Furillo;

January 2015

Obits for Alice Juday and Charles E Juday, submitted by Joe McNally; Shomaker, Henry obit; Marriage Announcements for Turner and Gilmore, Morrow and Elam, Ledue and Eoussart,  Jessoup and Dilsaver; Marriage Licenses issued for  Bogan and DeMoss, Brown and Norris, O'Bryan and Eldridge, Delemater and Graham, Fouts and Walter, Garrison and White, Herrell and Brown, Porter and Coleman, Priquet and Bouillon, Stroud and Arner; obit for Loretta J Beard submitted by Jody Edens Spencer; Marriage Licenses issued for  Barringer, Gill, Smith, Hicks, Trantum, Kinney, Bonwell, Gamble (January, 1917);


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