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The Miners Memorial
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Crawford County Kansas
Organized in 1867
The county seat is Girard.

Welcome to Kansas Trails' Crawford County.  One goal is helping you find your ancetors by placing data online for the free use of all researchers.  My name is Rick Evans and as your Crawford County, Kansas host I will try to post as much data online as possible in order to make it freely available to all.  We gratefully accept contributions of raw data such as census information, marriage/birth/death records, obituaries, county histories, biographies, old newspaper items - anything that would help someone build their family tree.  Remember: submitted data will always be YOURS.  CONTROL of any submitted data is yours and at any time you can choose to remove it or keep it online.  We thank you for visiting and hope you will come back again to view the updates we make to the site.

Crawford County was named for Samuel J. Crawford, Governor of Kansas.  Although both Pittsburg and Frontenac are larger cities, Girard is the county seat; other cities include Arma, Cherokee, Mulberry, McCune, Arcadia, Walnut and Hepler.  The communities of Beulah, Brazilton, Camp 50, Capaldo, Chicopee, Cornell, Croweburg, Curranville, Dunkirk, Englevale, Farlington, Foxtown, Franklin, Greenbush, Gross, Kirkwood, Klondike, Monmouth, Opolis, Radley, Ringo, South Radley and Yale lie within the boundaries of Crawford County.

Crawford County is located in the Southeastern corner of the State of Kansas. The County is bordered by the State of Missouri to the east; Cherokee County, Kansas to the South; Bourbon County, Kansas to the North and Labette County and Neosho County, Kansas to the West.



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School History, Records and News

National Register of Historic Places in Crawford County


September 2018
Explosion at brick works, surnames: Boyd, Halman, Heath (submitted by Robin Line); Two Women Die in Motor Car Collision (other news and obits for Mrs Ralph Preston, Margaret Doyle);

August 2018
Obit for Alex Young (submitted by Susan Loraine Bowman); Fire Destroys Russ Hall (submitted by Lori DeWinkler) surnames include Tanner, Brandenburg;  Obit for Charles W Moore; Four Pittsburg Residents Drown When Boat Capsizes (other news);

June 2018
Suicide's Odd Letter (Other News) submitted by Lori De Winkler); Obit for Janeva La Von Buchanan; Obit for Geralding Clark; Obit for Sam Clark; Obit for Henry Clor; Obit for Kimcall H Coley; Obit for John Cremosnik; Obit for Julius Dietz; Obit for Margaret Dilladio; Obit for Octavie Deruy; Obit for Henry Farris; Obit for Lewis Hull; Obit for Mrs Ricahrd Hurbert; Obit for William Martin Kaylor; Obit for George A Malcolm; Obit for Maggie McIllwrath; Obit for Sam Mingori; Obit for Aletha Morgan; Obit for John Morrison; Obit for Willis A Perry; Obit for Ernest F Smith; Obit for Nora B Smith; Obit for Ruben Wilson Smith; Obit for Oren A Tewell; Obit for Mrs Neosho Walker; Obit for Floyd William Westervelt; Obit for La Donna Kay White; Obit for Giacinta Mary Zanon;

Birth announcement for Charles Gilbert Martinache;

May 2018
Obit for John Thonhoff, Obit for Andrew Quatto, Obit for Marie Inscho, Obit for William M French, Obit for Walter Wintle, Obit for John Henry Caraway; Obit for Tom Janes, Obit for Margaret Mary Manning, Obit for Minnie Doran, Obit for Joseph Eilbraecht, Obit for Rev C H Mellors, Obit for Mary Anna Krois, Obit for Julia Martinache Tippin;

April 2018
Pittsburg High School Seniors of 1921, Class officers for Class of 1921 and Commencement order for Graduation May 1921;
City Briefs for April 1923 (local news) Surnames include Ubelmesser, Javello, Goodwin, Swartz, Gladieux, Dietz, Gray, Mummery, McGillan, Hall, Baird, King, Lawson, Allen, Register, Stevensor, Dallebetta, Smith, Prell;

March 2018
Obit for Michael Artinger; Obit for Lorenzo Ayers; Obit for Clara Ester; Obit for Daisy Huston; Obit for Margaret Nelson;

January 2018

Birth announcements for Haynes, Rollins, Girard; Obit for
Nobert Bloquiau; Obit for Kate Price; Obit for Margaret Pearl Zollars; Obit for Wilma Sell (submitted by FoFG); Marriage of Halliday-Brandenburg; Marriage of Stephens-Atwood; Marriage of McCoy-Cowen; Obit for Florine Clarke (submitted by FoFG);


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