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Crawford County

History and Genealogy

Various Crawford County Death Records
(Source: Kansas Deaths and Burials 1885-1930 Index)
First Name Last Name Death Date Death Location
Ethir Adams 2-7-1894 Crawford County KS
Amalija Amersey 4-23-1897 Crawford County KS
Earl Ashby 2/21/1907 Crawford County KS
Lewis M Baker 9/24/1907 Crawford County KS
Fern Barnes 6-25-1897 Crawford County KS
Petro Bartro 5/4/1900 Crawford County KS
Oran A Beeler 1/20/1908 Crawford County KS
Z I  Bennett 5/29/1902 Crawford County KS
Emma I Bernett 12-26-1887 Crawford County KS
Henry Berry 1-14-1896 Crawford County KS
Elizabeth Bozarth 5-20-1896 Crawford County KS
Gracie Myrtle Bradfield 12-19-1889 Pittsburg, KS
Henry Brancehle 9-20-1899 Crawford County KS
William Brizentine 7/2/1900 Crawford County KS
C C Bruff 2-17-1896 Crawford County KS
Bridget  Delaney 9-14-1892 Chicopee, KS
Joseph E Evans 10-10-1897 Crawford County KS
Geo Foniman 5-22-1899 Crawford County KS
Lela May Fowler 10-27-1896 Crawford County KS
Linas Fox 2/6/1903 Crawford County KS
Charles F Frogg 5-26-1893 Crawford County KS
Geo A Graham 10/27/1909 Crawford County KS
Hargus Houk 12-18-1896 Crawford County KS
Theodore Irnming 6-2-1895 Crawford County KS
Grace Kenedy 8/10/1903 Crawford County KS
Larry Larning 2-28-1889 Crawford County KS
Kittie Lyvere 3/19/1900 Crawford County KS
Amelia A Madill 11/8/1906 Crawford County KS
Thomas S McWilliams 7/20/1906 Crawford County KS
Nathan Miller 3-11-1888 Crawford County KS
Nancy Miller 5-2-1897 Crawford County KS
Samantha Miller 6/23/1909 Crawford County KS
Earl H Mills 1-7-1890 Crawford County KS
A B Mitchell 5-22-1896 Crawford County KS
Anna Robertson 6-13-1893 Crawford County KS
Henry Schuffouer 6/24/1907 Crawford County KS
Claus Schults 8/19/1909 Girard, Kansas
Josephine E Shannon 8-5-1889 Girard, Kansas
Casper Sheffer 8-16-1894 Crawford County KS
Shorholtzer 10-8-1889 Crawford County KS
Mavis L Stevens 3-26-1888 Girard, Kansas
Tausen 8-28-1895 Crawford County KS
John Thomas 2/19/1903 Crawford County KS
C Thomas 6-1-1893 Crawford County KS
Robert M Townsend 2-24-1898 Crawford County KS
Susie May Townson 1-16-1888 Crawford County KS
Ellen Velly 2-10-1896 Crawford County KS
Roy Elmer Ward 11-18-1889 Crawford County KS
Joe Wilkinson 7/23/1901 Crawford County KS
Raymond Willey 10/30/1905 Crawford County KS
Susie M  Williams 6-6-1898 Crawford County KS
Blanch Williams 11/28/1908 Crawford County KS

1900 Crawford County Death Records
(Source: Kansas Deaths and Burials 1885-1930 Index)
Name Birth Death Place of Death
Allen, Freddie 1899 8-15-1900 Pittsburg
Burke, Russie 2-25-1900 2-25-1900 Yale
Bush, Robert L 1899 12-5-1900 Pittsburg
Cizor, L 1894 9-30-1900 Arcadia
Elder, Emma Opal 1890 1-30-1900 Crawford County
Evans, Anna 1845 12-19-1900 Yale
Evans, Archie 1899 11-11-1900 Cato
Fifor, Robert 1-3-1900 Pittsburg
Forris, Ellen 1864 2-27-1900 Girard
Hartwich, Lee 1900 9-7-1900 Pittsburg
Ireland, Harvey C 1900 1-14-1900 Pittsburg
Loyd, Jno 1900 5-15-1900 Midway
Loyd, M W 1900 9-5-1900 Pittsburg
Lugin, Julia 1898 3-7-1900 Frontenac
Robinson, Matthew 1825 12-1-1900 Girard
Rogers, Elenora 1866 6-11-1900 Girard
Roseboom, A A 1827 12-27-1900 Near Girard
Scholike, John 1900 5-7-1900 Pittsburg
Silva, Julia 1900 1-21-1900 Frontenac
Simpson, Elizabeth 1844 4-16-1900 Crawford County
Simpson, John 1900 7-24-1900 Dry Wood
Simpson, Lizzie 4-17-1900 4-17-1900 Mt Carmel (*Pittsburg)
Stevens, Delia 1829 9-20-1900 Pittsburg
Stevens, Joe 1864 4-28-1900 Crawford County
Stone, Mattie 1878 1-19-1900 Crawford County
Streat, M H 1846 1-12-1900 Girard
Terlip, Joseph 1900 6-15-1900 Frontenac
Terlip, Josephine 1900 6-15-1900 Frontenac
Tregic, Frank 1900 5-16-1900 Frontenac
Tull, Harriett E 1846 12-27-1900 Crawford County
White, Mary E 1850 1-16-1900 McCune
White, Nannie 1858 9-12-1900 Yale
White, Thos 1865 9-12-1900 Yale

November 1908 - January 1909 Crawford County Death Records
(Source: Kansas Deaths and Burials 1885-1930 Index)

Last Name First Name Sex Color S/M/W Age Occupation Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death
Armstrong Baby Female White Single 1 day 12-20-08 Pittsburg
Best Retta Female White Widow 66 yrs Retired 12-14-08 Pittsburg Paralysis
Black Mrs H C Female White Widow  66 yrs Retired 12-23-08 Pittsburg Heart Failure
Breckerdite James Male White Widower 74 yrs Miner 11-29-08 Frontenac Paralysis
Browning Leo Male White Single 2 day infant 11-29-08 Pittsburg
Buckner Viola Female Black Married 21 yrs Housewife 12-24-08 Pittsburg Heart Trouble
Calbi Margaret Female White Single 2 yrs infant 12-29-08 Chicopee Pneumonia
Calvi Johnine Male White Single 2 yrs 1-2-09 Chicopee Broncho Pneumonia
Clark Infant Male White Single 1 hour 1-7-09 Pittsburg
Cole Mary Female White Married 37 yrs Housewife 12-21-08 Pittsburg Internal Hemorrhagee
Congheuner Norman Male White Married 56 yrs Retired 12-10-08 Pittsburg Paralysis
Corbin Beulah Female White Single 2 yrs infant 12-1808 Kirkwood Spinal Meningitis
Costa Johnie Male White Single 3 1/2 child 1-9-09 Frontenac Croup
Davis Mary Female White Widow 65 yrs 11-23-08 Minden, MO Heart Failure
Day Jas. W. Male White Married 65 yrs Merchant 1-3-09 Arcadia Cancer of Liver
Draper Rhoda Female White Married 45 yrs Housewife 12-1-08 Pittsburg Paralysis
Ecker Jay Male White Married 26 yrs Miner 12-19-08 Pittsburg Cerebral Hemmorhagege
Edsell R. E. Male White Married 32 yrs Miner 11-14-08 Pittsburg Heart Trouble
Frazier Anna Female Black Single 22 yrs 12-21-08 Cherokee Bronchitis
Gorman Maggie Female White Married 33 yrs Housewife 11-5-08 Pittsburg Pneumonia
Grovis Mrs E. B. Female White Married 22 yrs Housewife 12-16-08 Pittsburg Peritonitis
Hamilton Henry Male White Single 2 day infant 11-26-08 Pittsburg Infantium
Harney J. K. Male White Single 60 yrs 12-20-08 Pittsburg Heart Failure / Rheumatism
Hill Geo Male White Single 2 yrs 1-3-09 Liberal, MO Consumption
Hilton Clide Male White Single 5 yrs infant 12-16-08 SE of Frontenac Inflamation/Heart Failureailure
Holiday Briget Female White Widow 67 yrs Housewife 1-4-09 Frontenac Paralysis
John Frank Male White Single 44 yrs Coal Miner 11-23-08 Frontenac Blood poison unshot
Klimek Annie Female White Single 21 days infant 11-17-08 Fuller Malnutrition
Ledbetter James Male White Single 5 yrs 11-20-08 Pittsburg Diphtheria
Lightholder Infant Male White Single 9 days infant 1-1-09 Pittsburg Malnutrition
Lyngar Pauline B Female White Single 4 yrs Child 12-19-08 Pittsburg Kidney Trouble
McCool Eva Female White Single 25 yrs School Teacher 1-3-09 Pittsburg Spinal Meningitis
O'Donell Patrick Male White Married 58 yrs Butcher 1-15-09 Arma Pneumonia
Osterfelt Chris Male White Single 9 yrs School Boy 11-18-08 Frontenac Typhoid Fever
Osterfelt Kate Female White Single 25 yrs Cook 1-18-09 Frontenac Typhoid Fever
Percel Antone Male White Married 35 yrs Coal Miner 11-13-08 Frontenac Fall of rock in mine
Pilato Frank Male White Single 25 yrs Miner 12-26-08 Pittsburg Shot
Pinchinelli John  Male White Married 35 yrs 1-5-09 Chicopee Facial Eryorfrelas
Piretto Lawrence Male White Single 3 mo infant 1-25-09 Camp #17 Pneumonia
Porter Baby Male White Single 4 days 12-12-08 Pittsburg Infantium
Pugh Infant Female White Single 9 days 1-8-09 Camp #17 Pneumonia
Rosetti James Male White Single 35 yrs Miner 11-20-08 Mt Carmel Cancer  
Snack Jake Male White Widower 65 yrs Laborer 12-25-08 Litchfield Heart Failure
Snifres Atha May Female White Single 2 yrs 1-5-09 Pittsburg Cerebral Meningitis
Stroud Alvira Female White Widow 76 yrs Retired 12-19-08 Pittsburg Heart Failure
Theis Wm Male White Married 51 yrs Miner 1-9-09 Mine #9  Fall of Rockg back, crushing skull
Thornburg Horace Male White Married 73 yrs Blk. Smith 1-22-09 Arcadia Heart Failure
Vaughn Della B. Female White Married 29 yrs Housewife 12-25-08 NE of Pittsburg 2 mi. Pneumonia
Westerline Edward Male White Single 9 mo. 11-11-08 Chicopee Infantium
White James Male Black Widower 60 yrs Miner 11-26-08 Camp #17 General Disability
Woodard Lotita Female White Single 3 yrs Child 11-19-08 Pittsburg Scarlet Fever

1910 Crawford County Kansas Deaths

Source: Kansas Deaths and Burials, 1885-1930

First Name Last Name Death Date Death Location County Burial
Lenor Allard 2/1/1910 Midway Crawford Pittsburg
Louis Anseline 3/24/1910 Breezy Hill Crawford Mulberry
Frank Anselmo 1/8/1910 Breezy Hill Crawford
W T Baker 3/20/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Dora Baker 3/11/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Ralph Baldwin 3/7/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Rachael Banhardt 2/7/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Julia Ann Banks 2/20/1910 Girard Crawford Beulah
Elizabeth Barbero 1/15/1910 Cherokee Crawford
Willis Bauhardt 1/6/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
John Bendetto 3/5/1910 Crowesburg Crawford Pittsburg
Mark Bird 3/17/1910 Cornell Crawford Pittsburg
Brava 2/19/1910 Mulberry Crawford Mulberry
John A Bresman 3/20/1910 Baker Crawford
Phebe Brink 3/16/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Pollie Brown 3/26/1910 Mulberry Crawford Arcadia
W A Burch 1/30/1910 McCune Crawford McCune
Mary A  Burns 2/10/1910 Girard Crawford Coffeyville, KS
Vinumzina Caputo 4/1/1910 Cherokee Crawford Pittsburg
Margaret Cashman 1/23/1910 Count Asylum Crawford Poor Farm, Crawford County
Cinotto 3/22/1910 Dunkirk Crawford Mt Olive
Lula D Cochran 1/13/1910 Crawford Twp Crawford Girard
Darrel Copenhaven 2/2/1910 Grant Twp Crawford Girard
J M Cutler 2/15/1910 Walnut Crawford
Daniels 3/17/1910 Pittsburg Crawford
John T Deets 2/3/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Jas Leo Delso 1/19/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Jessie Ruth Delso 1/2/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Fred Dumbald 1/17/1910 McCune Crawford McCune
Ackman Duncan 4/6/1910 Cherokee Crawford Pittsburg
Easter 1/24/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Addi Everti 1/2/1910 Walnut Crawford
Finebaugh 3/22/1910 McCormick Camp Crawford Mindon, MO
Marrion Forrester 2/22/1910 Englevale Crawford Englevale
Sarah Fox 2/6/1910 Radley Crawford
Ruth Francis 2/26/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
Catherine Fredrick 1/20/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Ora Opal Fullerton 2/10/1910 Cornell Crawford
Peter W Garvey, Sr 1/26/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
Samuel   Gay 1/2/1910 Walnut Crawford
Mrs C Gentile 3/24/1910 Hiattville Crawford
Phillip Glass 2/21/1910 Mulberry Crawford Mulberry
J M Goff 2/16/1910 Walnut Crawford
Frank Griffith 4/6/1910 Pittsburg Crawford Pittsburg
John Griffiths 2/10/1910 Curranville Crawford Mulberry
Emzo Guerrely 1/27/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
Ann E Guffy 1/10/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Annie Gzeder 4/3/1910 Radley Crawford Frontenac
Lena K Hageman 2/11/1910 Helpler Crawford
Hagerman 1/25/1910 Walnut Crawford Helpler
Alma Haggard 1/8/1910 Mulberry Crawford
John Hemphill 4/6/1910 Girard Crawford
Mrs High 2/28/1910 McCune Crawford
Mary Ann Himes 1/29/1910 McCune Crawford McCune
Howel 3/12/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Steven P Hudgan 1/3/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Myrtle Hull 2/3/1910 Mulberry Crawford Mulberry
H H Hunt 2/17/1910 Walnut Crawford
G S Hutchins 3/23/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Johns  2/27/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
E L Johnson 3/24/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Emeline Johnson 2/7/1910 Mulberry Crawford
Malan Jonney 2/7/1910 Mulberry Crawford Shelton, MO
Mary Joseph 3/14/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
Julia E Kellar 2/15/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Mary Kendall 2/27/1910 Helpler Crawford
A H Klock 3/24/1910 Farlington Crawford Farlington
Lashley 1/3/1910 Mulberry Crawford
Simon Lornedon 2/9/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Ed Lotman 3/9/1910 Crowesburg Crawford
J D  Lucie 4/3/1910 Pittsburg Crawford Greenbush
Lucy Macary 1/22/1910 Cherokee Crawford
Gregory Major 3/27/1910 Garland Crawford Arcadia
Margaret Maranty 3/1/1910 Walnut Crawford
Infant Marrone 1/2/1910 Crowesburg Crawford
Marshall 2/8/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Wm McBride 3/19/1910 Walnut Crawford
Mabel M McClellam 1/14/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Robert G McCluey 3/1/1910 Midway Crawford Pittsburg
C S McDonald 3/21/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Ethel  McWilliams 1/28/1910 Franklin Crawford
G G Meaner 1/25/1910 McCune Crawford McCune
Clarence Monter 3/19/1910 Chicopee Crawford Frontenac
Lula Mooney 3/21/1910 Curranville Crawford Mulberry
Wm P Nelson 3/17/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Angelo Noventa 2/20/1910 Frontenac Crawford Mt Carmel
J C  Nowland 2/4/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Hazel Officer 1/20/1910 Fuller Crawford
John Overman 3/17/1910 Mine #20 Crawford Cherokee
Mary    Overstreet 2/16/1910 Cherokee Crawford Joplin, MO
Francisco Pear 3/31/1910 Mt Carmel Crawford Frontenac
Floyd Pittser 3/15/1910 Englevale Crawford Erie, KS
John Polonsek 1/20/1910 Dunkirk Crawford Frontenac
Nowton Powers 1/8/1910 Breezy Hill Crawford
Mrs Thomas Price 2/7/1910 Midway Crawford
Loyd Purker 3/20/1910 Helpler Crawford
Howard Ramage 1/6/1910 Mulberry Crawford
Rapacchi 2/9/1910 Cherokee Crawford
Armentha Richards 1/28/1910 Beulah Crawford
E H Richardson 3/24/2010 Girard Crawford Girard
Mary Riggs 3/23/1910 Cherokee Crawford Mt Olive
Sarah Robb 1/16/1910 Frontenac Crawford Mulberry
Mary Robert 2/13/1910 McCormick Camp Crawford
John Rodgers 1/17/1910 Midway Crawford Frontenac
Maggie Rosford 2/18/1910 Mulberry Crawford Mulberry
Regina Rosseni 3/11/1910 Curranville Crawford Pittsburg
Jane Runnies 2/14/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Flora Salzer 4/5/1910 Frontenac Crawford Girard
Barbara Schwat 1/7/1910 Yale Crawford Frontenac
Fannie Secaly 1/5/1910 Camp Central Crawford Frontenac
W A Secker 1/24/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Seely 3/4/1910 Crawford Hospital Crawford Girard
Samuel F Shay 1/15/1910 Frontenac Crawford Clifton, MO
Henry Sheets 4/6/1910 Powder Works Crawford Pittsburg
Dora Sherman 1/5/1910 Helpler Crawford
Fred Smith 1/11/1910 Breezy Hill Crawford Mulberry
Gusty Snerdinski 2/3/1910 Breezy Crawford
Stewart 4/5/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
Mariae Sukolaski 1/1/1910 Curranville Crawford Mt Carmel
Sallie Swager 1/20/1910 McCune Crawford McCune
Antonia Swok 2/15/1910 Frontenac Crawford Mt Carmel
Albert H Thomas 3/8/1910 Near Pittsburg Crawford
John Toliver 2/13/1910 Dunkirk Crawford Pittsburg
Castanle Turi, Jr 3/6/1910 Mindon Mines Crawford Frontenac
Angeline Vassidini 3/5/1910 Frontenac Crawford Frontenac
Chas D Vest 3/19/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Emmie Vilmure 4/3/1910 Crawford Twp Crawford
Geo F Walker 3/12/1910 Poor Farm Crawford Poor Farm, Crawford County
Ward 3/1/1910 Curranville Crawford Cato
Jas J Warren 2/3/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Susan Weaver 2/10/1910 Arcadia Crawford Arcadia
Webb 3/12/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
Gladys West 2/12/1910 Mulberry Crawford Mulberry
John W Wilkerson 2/21/1910 Girard Crawford Girard
William Wisser 1/22/1910 Yale Crawford Frontenac
Jno Woffie 2/3/1910 Breezy Hill Crawford Mt Carmel
Alfred G Wright 2/8/1910 Crawford Twp Crawford Girard
Frank Yorean 3/27/1910 Cherokee Crawford Cherokee
Katherine Young 1/8/1910 Breezy Hill Crawford Mulberry
George Zangford 3/17/1910 Mine #20 Crawford Pittsburg
Lena   Zmomini 3/26/1910 Mulberry Crawford Frontenac

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