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Crawford County

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Arma Schools
Mulberry Schools
College High School, Pittsburg

A Little History
The first schoolhouse built in the county was at Pleasant Ridge, about two miles southeast of the present site of New Pittsburg. The first after the war was in District No. 50, known as the Taylor Schoolhouse, in 1867; the second was at Iowa City the same fall. A schoolhouse was built in 1868, in District No. 52. The settlers hauled the logs, and the shingles and windows were brought from Kansas City. Probably the first school taught in the county was in Lincoln Township in 1858, in a small log house, formerly occupied as a dwelling. In 1867, Miss Florence taught a school in a private residence in Osage Township, and the same year J. W. McWirt, John Hamilton and others taught schools in Sheridan Township.

The number of school districts in the county is 111 and the number of schoolhouses 111, 1 stone, 3 brick and 197 frame. The total number of scholars enumerated in 1882 was 7,114 (males, 3,648, females, 3,466); total number enrolled, 5,546 (males, 2,889, females, 2,657); average daily attendance, 2,999 (males, 1,510, females, 1,489). The number of teachers employed was 126 (males 62, females 64). The average monthly salary of the male teachers was $34.45, of the female teaches $27.35. The total value of the school property was $75,000.

{Excerpts from William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Crawford County; published 1883}

Mulberry Schools
- 1925  Mulberry High School
- 1953 Senior Class
- 1954 Senior Class
Graduates of the Jr High, Arma (1922)

(on the campus of what is now known as Pittsburg State University)

List of College High School students, 1952

Bill Alderman
Bob Allegrucc
Pauline Lenne
Jim Lance
Ola Lee Wilson
George Hopkins
Arvilla Fliginger
Norman Passmore
Shirley Ann Perry
Dale Wisdom
Wayne Simpson
Zilpha Alice Schulze
Jim Higgy
Sondra Martin
Robert Chubb
Alma Forbes
Jean McColley
Jim Smith
Charles Johnson
Colleen Nease
Richard Schackenberg
Noellen Dieu
Loren Bodelle
Vera Stevens
Kathy Wintle
Wanda Pelican
Harvey Jack
Marcia Hoover
Joan Richardson
Melvin McBride
Ruth Zimmerman
Ralph Byrum
Donald Stewart
Carolyn Anderson
Donald Park
Carolyn Sue Scott
Frank Macek
Sadie Jones
William Schulze
Donna Jane Kitchen
Larry Jones
Pearl Darrow
Douglas Moore
Kathleen Smart
Genevieve Travenia
Gene Ross
Lloyd Wisdom
Connie Bernot
Patricia Madden
Vasela Alex
Francia Walker
W E Matter, Principal
Flora Holroyd, Mathematics
Doris Gant, Common Learnings Core
Gabriella Campbell, Music
Hortense Smith, Business Education
Don Milliken, Science
Randolph Foster, Music
Carl Beard, Physical Education
Edna Day, Common Learnings Core
Corinne Clark, Physical Education
Guy Coonrol, Common Learnings Core and Guidance
Juanita Hulen, Home Economics
Temple Hill, Social Studies
Huldra Burg, Library
Syliva Jones, Art
C H Lundquest, Business Education
Helen Kriegsman, Mathematics
L B Carlyon, Industrial Arts
Mariam Marsh, Common Learnings Core

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