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Dickinson County was organized in 1857. The county was named in honor of a Senator from New York state, Daniel S. Dickinson. In 1847 he introduced, in the United States Senate, resolutions respecting territorial government, embodying the doctrine of popular sovereignty, afterwards incorporated in the Bill for the organization of Kansas Territory.









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The courthouse, at Abilene, was destroyed by fire on the morning of the 18th day of January, 1882



March 2018
OBITS:  William Baldwin

October 2017
MARRIAGES:  Louis Worthington & Ella Reams
OBITS:  John G. Hamaker

January 2017
Family Histories

May 2017
Obituaries: Andrew Jackson Bruce, Susan (Batchelder) Bruce
Biographies: Wesley W. Day, M.H. Moser


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