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Tischhouser, Chris to Webber, Anna

Worthingon, Louis H. to Ella Reams

Name Spouse Marriage Date
TALBERT, Ianthe L. ANDREWS, A. L. August 14, 1901
TATLOW, Marion A. BLOME, Emilie September 23, 1908
TAYLOR, Albert A. STRAUSS, Elizabeth March 26, 1913
TAYLOR, George A. STARK, Pearle Mae December 18, 1907
TAYLOR, Herbert A. HENRY, Emma November 24, 1904
TAYLOR, Leonard N. SNIDER, Ida A. April 30, 1899
TERRY, Edwin A. PHILIPS, Minnie T. December 24, 1904
TESSMAN, Anna KROUSE, N. A. December 4, 1901
THAYER, Maud A. WEYANT, Halsted R. June 28, 1896
THISLER, Carrie A. MCMAHAN, Harry D. February 24, 1887
THOMAS, Daisy A. MCCLANAHAN, J. A. June 20, 1905
THOMAS, Mary C. LOBER, James A. March 8, 1905
THOMAS,Ida A. FUNK, Samuel February 25, 1893
THORP, Lamont S. LORD, Luetta A. June 8, 1907
THORP, Naomi H. REESE, A. A. January 23, 1901
THRONE, Ida A. SIMMONS, Edward T. June 18, 1902
THRUSH, Jenie A. LOADER, Jno. April 5, 1891
TICHENOR, Edith A. SHEETS, William G. April 6, 1910
TILTON, E. A. SINCLAIR, William A. April 2, 1902
TILTON, Ina M. NOBLE, W. A. December 16, 1896
TOBEY, Winnie M. HAWLEY, William A. August 20, 1891
TOLBERT, Artie HUSTED, A. F. November 18, 1902
TOPLIFF, Nellie A. MCCOSH, James W. May 2, 1905
TOPLIFF, Robert SMITH, Sadie A. December 30, 1908
TOWNSEND, Charles F. EICHOLTZ, Grace A. October 5, 1904
TRAPP, Nora A. GOGGIN, James B. November 8, 1905
TRASKOWSKY, Grace Florence FECHT, William A. February 26, 1913
TROTT, Florence T. NEADERHEISER, Bon A. February 7, 1913
TUFTS, Carlton N. VANDEVENTER, Jessie A. February 28, 1900
TURNER, Nettie A. DILLENBACH, Otto G. February 13, 1898
TURPIN, Nellie A. CONANT, Leigh R. July 7, 1906
TYLER, Hattie A. LA WARDER, George November 10, 1909
TYRELL, Phoebe A. FELLS, George Edmond October 8, 1907
VAN DUYN, James A. PATTERSON, Elsie E. October 10, 1893
VANDERBELT, Harriet M. BIGLER, George A. April 24, 1907
VANDEVENTER, Jessie A. TUFTS, Carlton N. February 28, 1900
VANDYKE, Jno. MILLER, Ruth A. January 22, 1890
VERNILYEA, Lillie C. FREEMAN, W. A. March 7, 1893
VICKERS, Cora YOUNG, Alexander A. October 29, 1891
VICKERS, Ella MCVICKER, A. Ernest February 14, 1900
VICKERS, Harry Blair BROWN, Nellie A. May 3, 1906
VICKERS, Mary M. REES, Jno. A. January 12, 1895
VINSON, Ada May CAIRNES, Charles A. December 21, 1910
VOLKMANN, Edward W. WESTRUP, Rose A. January 15, 1908
VOLLSTEDT, Maggie A. KLAYBAKER, Jno. F. April 11, 1894
WADE, Milton A. DEBUS, Maud L. June 5, 1907
WAGAMAN, Emanuel E. ENGLE, Sadia A. October 25, 1906
WAGAMAN, Myrtle L. KAUFFMAN, G. A. December 31, 1896
WAGER, Henry M. MARTIN, Mary A., Mrs. November 29, 1910
WAKEFIELD, Margaret A. MACK, David C. September 7, 1892
WALLACE, Daniel A. CUSHMAN, Mary September 4, 1901
WALLNER, Victoria A. HASLOUER, John May 10, 1910
WALTERS, Zinnie A. LONG, Abraham L. February 1, 1894
WARBERTON, William A. WINTERS, Emma December 20, 1894
WARING, Charlotte A. BLEAKLEY, J. M. September 30, 1907
WATERSTRADT, A. W. DUFFY, Luttie October 14, 1903
WATT, John J. SCHNEIDER, Lydia A. October 27, 1911
WAYTS, H. A. HOGAN, Margaret January 14, 1903
WEBER, A. F. LENDEMAN, Louisa May 29, 1890
WEBER, B. A. (f) LUKER, F. W. March 29, 1894
WECKEL, M., Mrs. FOSTER, V. A. September 11, 1903
WELCH, A. Byron SCHAD, Louisa January 31, 1900
WESTRUP, Albert GUGLER, Lydia A. January 29, 1908
WESTRUP, Pearl A. FENGEL, Charles O. June 22, 1904
WESTRUP, Rose A. VOLKMANN, Edward W. January 15, 1908
WEYANT, Halsted R. THAYER, Maud A. June 28, 1896
WHALEY, Joseph H. MCINTYRE, Martha A. September 15, 1892
WHAN, Margaret SINCLAIR, Louis A. August 16, 1888
WHARTON, Emma A. EWING, Arthur P. March 30, 1899
WHEAT, Cora B. RICHARDS, Albert A. July 31, 1895
WHITE, Norman SMITH, Virgie A. June 26, 1911
WHITE, Ollie DUMM, Lewis A. October 30, 1893
WHITEHAIR, George A. FORSTR, Bertha G. April 25, 1911
WILKIE, James A. COCHRAN, Maggie December 20, 1887
WILLIAMS, Charles E. FERGUSON, Julia A. April 27, 1904
WILLIAMS, Harry A. WINDSOR, Verna Mae December 13, 1910
WILLIAMS, Henry A. CRAMER, Lula M. April 15, 1903
WILLIAMS, Lillian M. BELL, Jay A. May 20, 1903
WILLIAMS, Willis A. KINGERY, Louella February 17, 1892
WILLIAMSON, Emma GREGORY, Frank A. March 30, 1892
WILLIS, Orville A. POWELL, Etta Estella June 23, 1908
WILSON, Andrew AIMAN, Dora A. November 26, 1912
WILSON, Loretta GANTZ, D. A. December 28, 1898
WILSON, Lydia J. HARSHMAN, Frank A. March 25, 1891
WILSON, Margaret A. HUMBARGER, Levi G. December 24, 1898
WILSON, Nell A. BOONE, Owen S. June 26, 1910
WILVERT, Theodore G. JEFFCOAT, Nora A. August 16, 1904
WINDSOR, Verna Mae WILLIAMS, Harry A. December 13, 1910
WINGARD, Clara A. KEIM, Norman R. December 30, 1908
WINTERS, Emma WARBERTON, William A. December 20, 1894
WINTERS, Laura A. HARRISON, Jno. May 24, 1899
WORLEY, Lewis A. BICKMORE, Mabel M. October 1, 1909
WORTHINGTON, J. A. JONES, Eva A. April 21, 1907
WRIGHT, C. A. CLARK, Annie L. July 25, 1889
WRIGHT, Charles A. FINK, Sarah J. January 3, 1899
WRIGHT, Ella BUSHONG, Wm. A. May 20, 1892
WYAT, Milton A. WYATT, Fannie E. April 12, 1892
WYATT, Fannie E. WYAT, Milton A. April 12, 1892
WYSS, Rosie ENGLEMAN, Ruben A. April 25, 1910
YEAGER, Mary A. HAWBECKER, Fred May 10, 1893
YONALLY, Fred A. HARLON, Elba R. November 14, 1906
YONALLY, S. A. (f) MYERS, G. W. May 29, 1894
YOUNG, Alexander A. VICKERS, Cora October 29, 1891
YOUNG, J. A. ELLISON, Ursula S. December 23, 1899
YOUNG, Jno. A. ARMSTRONG, Annie October 20, 1897
YOUNG, Thomas A. CRYDERMAN, Abbie October 21, 1893
ZARN, Anna KRESS, Willett A. November 22, 1887
ZIEGLEMAN, Marie FORSTER, Jacob A. October 27, 1911
ZIEGLER, Elmer C. BASSLER, Rebecca A. January 9, 1894
ZOOK, Christian B. JONES, Flora A. July 18, 1899
ZOOK, Emma MILLER, James A. April 6, 1910


Tischhouser, Chris to Webber, Anna
- Mr. Chris Tischhouser led Miss Anna Webber to the hymenial altar a few days ago. Well, Chris, you surprised many of us, nevertheless, we all join in the wish that the step you have taken may rebound to your everlasting happiness.

Worthington, Louis to Reams, Ella


The Marriage Last Evening of L. H. Worthington and Miss Ella Reams

Last evening at the residence of Mrs. S. A. Reams occurred one of those pleasant affairs which are not only inportant in the lives of the principal parties but are of interest to the friends as well.

The ceremony was the uniting in marriage of Louis H. Worthington and Miss Ella Reams, both prominent young people of our city.  To the music of the immortal wedding march played by the sister of the bride, Miss Callie Reams, the bridal party entered the parlor at 8 o'clock.  They were made man and wife by Rev. Dr. J. L. McKeehan.  After the ceremony congratulations were in order and a bounteons request was served to the guests.

Mr. Worthington is bookkeeper for the Kansas Farmers' Insurance company and has long been a resident of the city.  Throughout his residence here he has enjoyed the fullest confidence of his associates.

Miss Reams is a graduate of the Abilene high school and  has been one of our successful teachers for the past four years.

The Reflector extends to the happy couple sincere congrautions and wishes for a long time of supreme happiness.
(Abilene Daily Reflector ~ Friday ~ June 29, 1888 ~ Page 4 ~ Submitted by Lori DeWinkler)

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