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Kansas City Salvation Army Profits by the Killing of the Pests

Kansas City, Jan. 22---Through the efforts of the Salvation Army and the kindness of the business men of Abilene, Kan. Kansas City's poor are being served daily with fresh rabbit, a luxury on most any table at this season. Over 4,500 rabbits were received at the army headquarters at Kansas City at one day and all were distributed among needy families before nightfall.

"I received a letter from the business men of Abilene some days ago," said Maj. William H. Harris, "advising me that the citizens would make a round-up of rabbits in that vicinity and that they would send a load of them if they would be of any benefit to the poor. I answered the letter and this is the result."
(St. Albans Daily Messenger ~ January 22, 1910) Submitted by Lori DeWinkler

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