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One of the four babies to which Mrs. John Barben gave birth on Saturday, died that afternoon.  The children are small but the others seem to be quite healthy.  Mrs. Barben is doing as well as could be expected.  This strange case has attracted attention all over the country already.  There have been no twins in their family before.  Mrs. Barben has given birth to six other children but they all came in singles.  So far as she knows no member of her family has ever before given birth to twins.  In Mr. Barben's family there was one pair of twins, but it was removed a couple of times from direct descent.  The case is unusual, but not without precedent.  It is said that women have been known to give birth to five children at one time.  However, four beats the record in this county.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Monday ~ October 28, 1907 ~ Page 3)


Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Kennedy announce the birth of a little son.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Tuesday ~ April 23, 1907 ~ Page 4)



Mrs. Sarah Bendaile, who enjoys the unusual distinction of having been born on February 29, and thus has to wait for Leap year to have a birthday, was the guest of honor at a very charming dinner given Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Luther Long.  Covers were laid for quite a number of relatives.  The talbe was prettily decorated with quantities of carnations, which, combined with ferns, made a very artistic effect.  "A three course dinner was served.  The out-of-town guests included Mrs. T. A. Pollock of Kansas City, and Miss Lillian Bunton of Pleansanton, Kans.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Monday ~ March 2, 1908 ~ Page 4)


Master William Engle was the host this afternoon at a very jolly party, given in celebration of his sixth birthday.  A number of his little boy friends were entertained after school and had a merry time playing games.  Light refreshments were served.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Tuesday ~ January 7, 1908 ~ Page 4)


Grandpa Davis gave a supper last night for little Andrew Hughes in honor of his third birthday.  A birthday cake with three candles occupied the center of the table.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Thursday ~ February 13, 1908 ~ Page 4)


The comrades and friends of J. F. Stone, celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday last evening with a dinner.  After the dinner a good time was had until a late hour.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Tuesday ` June 11, 1907 ~ Page 1)


Mr. and Mrs. E. Vancil have issued invitations to the little friends of their daughter, Bertha, for a birthday party Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5.
(Lawrence Daily Journal ~ Tuesday ~ April 30, 1907 ~ Page 1)


Mr. and Mrs. Russell Worley gave a surprise birthday party Monday evening in honor of the fourteenth birthday of their son, Charles.  After some indoor and outdoor games and opening of present, refreshments of cake, fruit salad and grape punch were served to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Summers and daughter, Shirley, Jack Norwood, Muriel Shackleford, Homer Leslie, Edith Carr, Jeraldine Holloway, Cornelia Welcher, June Steinmetz, Francis Richardson, Dorothy Chickfield, Clarence Rothwell, Thomas Garcia, Betty Crady, Charles Worley, Buddy Worley, Jack Worley, Betty Worley, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Worley.
(Lawrence Daily Journal-World ~ Wednesday ~ December 20, 1939 ~ Page 8)


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